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Team-By-Team International Signing Tracker

The list below contains the signing agreements for all 30 teams. Just like any free agent, whether it's a major league free agent or an international amateur free agent, the signing agreements are all pending an officially signed contract, a physical and approval from the commissioner's office. At the request of several players' families and teams, with the exception of any record-breaking deals, we will not be reporting the signing bonuses for any Venezuelan players at this time. Baseball America will be updating the signing agreements throughout the day on this page. Scouting reports for the Top 50 prospects and other players who are signed today are available to BA subscribers at the links below. Note that a few of the Top 50 prospects are still 15 and are not eligible to sign until they turn 16, either later this month or in August. •
Where The Top 50 International Prospects Have SignedTop 50 International Prospects ListTop 50 International Prospect Scouting ReportsTeam By Team International Forecasts2016-17 International Bonus Pools/Slot ValuesTop 20 Cuban playersTop Cuban Player UpdatesSubscribe to Baseball America Arizona Diamondbacks Jorge Despaigne, rhp, Cuba Sandy Martinez, c, Dominican Republic, $225,000. Carlos Bustamante, rhp, Mexico Axel Andueza, c, Venezuela Jorge Bello, of, Dominican Republic Jean Carlos Selmo, of, Dominican Republic Yordeni Santana, of, Dominican Republic Atlanta Braves Kevin Maitan, ss, Venezuela (No. 1 prospect) Yunior Severino, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 8 prospect), $1.9 million. Abrahan Gutierrez, c, Venezuela (No. 15 prospect) Livan Soto, ss, Venezuela (No. 16 prospect) Yenci Pena, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 32 prospect), $1,000,050. Juan Contreras, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 41 prospect), $1.2 million. Guillermo Zuniga, rhp, Colombia Antonio Sucre, of, Venezuela Jefry Ramos, of, Dominican Republic Franger Carrillo, of, Venezuela Braulio Vasquez, inf, Dominican Republic Andres Adrianza, c, Venezuela Victor de Hoyos, c, Colombia Lisandro Santos, lhp, Dominican Republic Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Banned from international signings during the 2016-17 signing period. Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Josue Guerrero, of, Dominican Republic (No. 33 prospect), $1.1 million. Luis Mieses, of, Dominican Republic (No. 36 prospect), $428,000. Anderson Comas, of, Dominican Republic (No. 37 prospect), $450,000. Lenyn Sosa, ss, Venezuela Jenderson Caraballo, rhp, Venezuela Anthony Coronado, of, Venezuela Cincinnati Reds Alfredo Rodriguez, ss, Cuba, $7 million. Jayson Rijo, ss, Dominican Republic Cleveland Indians Marcos Gonzalez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 27 prospect), $250,000. Carlos Vargas, rhp, Dominican Republic, $275,000. Nehemias Celestin, 3b, Dominican Republic, $185,000. Gaspar Palacios, ss, Colombia, $150,000. Jeikol Contreras, 3b, Dominican Republic, $100,000. Jesus Maestre, 2b, Venezuela Makesiondon Kelkboom-Profar, ss, Curacao, $125,000. Luis Garcia, rhp, Venezuela Colorado Rockies Luis Noguera, lhp, Venezuela (No. 17 prospect) Yeikel Blandin, of, Venezuela (No. 21 prospect) Diego Blanco, rhp, Venezuela (No. 42 prospect) Yolki Pena, of, Dominican Republic, $600,000. Alfredo Garcia, lhp, Venezuela Detroit Tigers Wenceel Perez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 23 prospect), $550,000. Jhon Sandoval, of, Venezuela Enrique Batista, of, Dominican Republic Ernesto Adames, of, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Kendry Marte, ss, Dominican Republic Yerjeni Perez, ss, Dominican Republic Frank Veliz, ss, Venezuela Jimmy Mojica, ss, Dominican Republic, $255,000. Jhenrry Moreno, of, Venezuela Joseph Salazar, rhp, Venezuela Cleiverth Perez, lhp, Venezuela Ricardo Silva, lhp, Venezuela Francarlos Dacosta, rhp, Venezuela Houston Astros Freudis Nova, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 5 prospect), $1.2 million. Yorbin Ceuta, ss, Venezuela (No. 11 prospect) Angel Macuare, rhp, Venezuela (No. 40 prospect) Nerio Rodriguez, c, Dominican Republic (No. 43 prospect), $450,000. Deury Carrasco, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 46 prospect), $480,000. Jeury Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic Jairo Solis, rhp, Venezuela Jose Alvarez, c, Venezuela Angel Ortega, rhp, Venezuela Ronny Garcia, rhp, Dominican Republic Sean Mendoza, ss, Venezuela Leonardo Gonzalez, of, Venezuela Jose Luis Bravo, rhp, Mexico Juan Pablo Lopez, lhp, Mexico Kansas City Royals Daytan Biegel, of, Curacao Randor Vargas, of, Dominican Republic Los Angeles Angels Adderlin Santana, ss, Dominican Republic, $150,000. Jose Natera, rhp, Venezuela Yogeiry Villar, rhp, Dominican Republic Edwin Bisay, c, Venezuela Andersson Espinal, lhp, Dominican Republic Los Angeles Dodgers Albert Suarez, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Edward Cuello, rhp, Dominican Republic Yariel Puello, rhp, Dominican Republic Edwin Uceta, rhp, Dominican Republic Esmerlyn Cespedes, rhp, Dominican Republic Miami Marlins Albert Guaimaro, c, Venezuela. (Previously signed with Red Sox, No. 15 international prospect in 2015) Arquimedes Cumana, c, Venezuela Milwaukee Brewers Jean Carlos Carmona, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 20 prospect), $725,000. Pablo Abreu, of, Dominican Republic (No. 44 prospect), $800,000. Francis Tolentino, of, Dominican Republic, $500,000. Anderson Melendez, of, Venezuela Victor Maria, ss, Dominican Republic, $375,000. Jean Carlos Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic Roberto Molina, c, Venezuela Brayan Salaya, rhp, Venezuela Antonio Pinero, ss, Venezuela (previously signed with Red Sox) Minnesota Twins Wander Valdez, 3b, Dominican Republic, $495,000. Jesus Feliz, ss, Dominican Republic. $260,000. Stamy Gabriel Urena, ss, Dominican Republic. $130,000. Victor Heredia, c, Venezuela Francisco Martinez, of, Dominican Republic Prelander Berroa, rhp, Dominican Republic Junior Navas, rhp, Venezuela Michael Montero, rhp, Venezuela New York Mets Sebastian Espino, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Ezequiel Pena, of, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Jose Peroza, 3b, Venezuela Luis Santana, 2b/cf, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Jean Carlos Soto, of, Dominican Republic, $150,000. Moises Gonzalez, of, Venezuela Daison Acosta, rhp, Dominican Republic Luis Santana, ss, Dominican Republic Wilmy Valdez, 1b, Dominican Republic Wilfred Astudillo, c, Venezuela New York Yankees Roancy Contreras, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 25 prospect) Saul Torres, c, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Jose Devers, ss, Dominican Republic Oswald Peraza, ss, Venezuela Asdrubal Alvarez, ss, Venezuela Jesus Severino, of, Venezuela Carfred Espana, rhp, Venezuela Christian Andrade, of, Venezuela Wellington Diaz, rhp, Dominican Republic Eduardo Torrealba, ss, Venezuela (previously signed with Red Sox) Jonathan Capellan, of, Dominican Republic Oakland Athletics Lazaro Armenteros, of, Cuba, $3 million. Marcos Brito, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 13 prospect), $1.1 million. Yerdel Vargas, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 24 prospect), $1.5 million. Kevin Richards, of, Dominican Republic (No. 39 prospect), $600,000. George Bell, ss, Dominican Republic, $500,000. Philadelphia Phillies Francisco Morales, rhp, Venezuela (No. 12 prospect) Brayan Gonzalez, ss, Venezuela (No. 19 prospect) Nicolas Torres, ss, Venezuela (No. 45 prospect) Juan Aparicio, c, Venezuela (No. 47 prospect) Jose Tortolero, ss, Venezuela Luiggi Mujica, ss, Venezuela Simon Muzziotti, of, Venezuela (previously signed with Red Sox, No. 24 international prospect in 2015) Pittsburgh Pirates Pedro Castillo, of, Dominican Republic, $170,000. Santiago Florez, rhp, Colombia, $150,000. Francisco Acuna, inf, Colombia Luis Arrieta, rhp, Colombia St. Louis Cardinals Jonatan Machado, of, Cuba Johan Oviedo, rhp, Cuba, $1.9 million. Victor Garcia, of, Venezuela (No. 10 prospect) Carlos Soler, of, Dominican Republic (No. 35 prospect), $600,000. Franklin Soto, inf, Dominican Republic, $550,000. Carlos Soto, c, Mexico Allinson Benitez, rhp, Venezuela Diomedes Del Rio, of, Venezuela Roy Garcia, rhp, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Luis Montano, of, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Yowelfy Rosario, ss, Dominican Republic Alexander Samuel, of, Dominican Republic, $100,000. Joyser Garcia, c, Venezuela Rodard Avelino, rhp, Dominican Republic Erik Pena, ss, Venezuela San Diego Padres Adrian Morejon, lhp, Cuba, $11 million. Luis Almanzar, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 2 prospect), $4 million. Gabriel Arias, ss, Venezuela (No. 4 prospect) Jeisson Rosario, of, Dominican Republic (No. 6 prospect), $1.85 million. Alison Quintero, c, Venezuela (No. 22 prospect) Justin Lopez, ss, Venezuela (No. 28 prospect) Tirso Ornelas, of, Mexico (No. 34 prospect), $1.5 million. Michell Miliano, rhp, Dominican Republic (No. 48 prospect), $450,000. Yordy Barley, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 50 prospect), $1 million. Jose Manuel Guzman, rhp, Dominican Republic, $400,000. Carlos Batista, of, Dominican Republic, $400,000. Tucupita Marcano, ss, Venezuela Carlos Luis, ss, Dominican Republic, $200,000. Juan Vasquez, c, Dominican Republic, $100,000. Martin Carrasco, rhp, Mexico Augustin Ruiz, of, Mexico Luis Patino, rhp, Colombia Wen-Hua Sung, rhp, Taiwan San Francisco Giants Ghordy Santos, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Andrew Caraballo, ss, Venezuela Rafael Martinez, rhp, Venezuela Ismael Alcantara, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Keyberth Mejias, c, Venezuela Enoc Watts, ss, Panama Samuel Jorge, 3b, Dominican Republic Luilly Pichardo, of, Dominican Republic Alexander Canario, of, Dominican Republic Yovanny Moronta, rhp, Dominican Republic Seattle Mariners Luis Veloz, of, Dominican Republic (No. 29 prospect) Alexander Campos, ss, Venezuela (No. 49 prospect) Juan Then, rhp, Dominican Republic Tampa Bay Rays Diego Infante, of, Venezuela (No. 18 prospect) Roimer Bolivar, of, Venezuela (No. 31 prospect) Abiezel Ramirez, ss, Dominican Republic Angel Lopez, ss, Venezuela Luis Arcendo, ss, Dominican Republic, $100,000. Dewins Verbel, ss, Colombia, $100,000. Texas Rangers David Garcia, c, Venezuela (No. 7 prospect) Danny Drullard, of, Domninican Republic, $100,000. Angel Aponte, of, Venezuela Jember Gutierrez, ss, Venezuela Emir Velasquez, 2b, Venezuela Daniel Quiceno, of, Colombia Toronto Blue Jays Joseph Reyes, 3b/of, Dominican Republic, $300,000. Kenny Mauricio, ss, Dominican Republic, $110,000. Moises De La Cruz, rhp, Dominican Republic Emanuel Vizcaino, rhp, Dominican Republic Otto Lopez, ss, Dominican Republic Naswell Paulino, lhp, Dominican Republic Hugo Cardona, ss, Venezuela Roither Hernandez, rhp, Dominican Republic Washington Nationals
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Luis Garcia, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 3 prospect), $1.3 million. Yasel Antuna, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 14 prospect), $3.9 million. Ricardo Mendez, of, Venezuela (No. 30 prospect) Israel Pineda, c, Venezuela Johan Adon, rhp, Dominican Republic

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