Scouting Reports For Top International Prospects For July 2

These are Baseball America's rankings and scouting reports for the top international prospects eligible to sign on July 2. In the next few days, we will be adding more rankings and scouting reports to this list.

Players with the best combination of tools, baseball skills and positional value rise toward the top of the list. The top three players separated themselves as the elite players in the class, with the top five all earning widespread praise for their well-rounded combination of tools and game skills.

While there are thousands of players looking to sign with teams and at least 600 or so who sign annually, every player is on this list because there were scouts who liked them. The lower you go down the list, the thinner the spread in talent becomes. Some teams prefer premium athletes with loud tools and raw skills, while others place a higher value on players with more present feel for the game, instincts and hitting ability, even if the tools don't stand out as much. Then there are players who combine the best of both worlds but had a lower profile and managed to fly under the radar, like Victor Robles, who end up being huge bargains.

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