Future Projection Episode 87: Breaking Down Our First 2024 Top 100 MLB Prospects Update

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Image credit: Jared Jones (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Ben and Carlos hop on the show to primarily break down the big movers on our first in-season Top 100 MLB Prospects update of the 2024 season. Before jumping into that, the two marvel at Georgia slugger Charlie Condon’s continued home run pace and wonder whether or not teams should start giving him the Barry Bonds treatment—if not, will he get to the 40-homer mark?

Carlos asks Ben about this year’s Top 100 update process and the challenges of that so early in the season and the two then get into some of the big movers, including two pitchers trending down: Blue Jays lefthander Ricky Tiedemann and Padres righthander Dylan Lesko. 

Next, the two talk about a few up-arrow pitchers who are doing big things at the big league level, including Mets righthander Christian Scott and Pirates righthander Jared Jones. That leads to a discussion about the Pirates farm system depth with arms and pitching strategy in general, as well as a bit more talk about Paul Skenes.

Next, they get into a few more hitters who are on the rise or showing productive seasons so far in 2024 including: Dodgers catcher Dalton Rushing, Mariners outfielder Lazaro Montes and A’s shortstop Jacob Wilson. That turns into a conversation about the Padres-Marlins Luis Arraez trade and the two disagree over whether or not the package was a compelling return for a player like Arraez.

Finally, talk turns to power-hitting top prospects Junior Caminero, James Wood and Dylan Crews and how they’re viewing each of the three and why they aren’t too worried about Woods’ current lack of home run production. 

The show closes with a mailbag segment, which includes questions about a Rays international prospect with size and power, a draft signing bonus logistics question, the differences between command and control and a question about lefthanders in the 2025 draft class.

Time Stamps

(1:30) Charlie Condon
(6:45) New Top 100 update
(10:40) Ricky Tiedemann and Dylan Lesko
(16:30) Christian Scott
(20:30) Jared Jones
(25:00) Pirates pitching strategy
(34:00) Dalton Rushing
(39:00) Lazaro Montes
(46:00) Jacob Wilson
(52:00) Luis Arraez Trade
(1:06:00) Junior Caminero, James Wood & Dylan Crews
(1:16:00) Mailbag

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