Future Projection Episode 65: The State Of NL East Farm Systems

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Image credit: Dylan Crews (Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

Ben and Carlos hop on the podcast and talk about the Marlins and Kim Ng splitting up—or more accurately Kim Ng deciding that she wanted no part in the Marlins hiring someone above her after one of the organization’s most successful seasons in recent memory. 

The two talk about the state of the Marlins and whether or not the team has an optimistic future outlook, look at the state of the farm system and the team’s recent draft history and then attempt to line up the various states of the NL East—all of whom are now done for the year with the Phillies falling to the D-Backs in the NLCS.

Conversation about the teams’ various farm systems becomes a conversation about the relative strength of the top prospects in baseball at the moment, before the two move to World Series talk and then take a few listener questions. How much weight is placed on offense vs. defense when evaluating prospects? Which top 100 prospects do Ben and Carlos expect to be the high man on for 2024? 

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