MLB Spring Breakout Series Schedule, Roster Analysis For Every Team


Image credit: Jackson Chourio (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Starting on March 14, Major League Baseball unveils its new Spring Breakout initiative. The purpose of the event, which will be spread over four days in Florida and Arizona, is to pit teams’ best prospects against one another in one-game (or two games for the Cardinals and Reds) exhibitions in Cactus and Grapefruit League stadiums.

The rosters are here, and they’re exquisite. Sixty-five members of BA’s Top 100 Prospects will be on display during these games, including Nos. 1 and 2 prospects Jackson Holliday and Jackson Chourio as well as well as five more members of the top 10 prospects in the game.


The Top 100 prospects who are not participating are largely among the group of players who are in strong consideration to make their team’s big league roster (though there are players like Holliday and Chourio who fit that definition and will still participate) or players like Ronny Mauricio, Andrew Painter and Nick Frasso who are injured.

Each club is well represented, and the event should provide fans of all 30 clubs a glimpse into the near and distant future. So sit back, grab your popcorn and take a gander at the players who could help lead your club to its next championship.

Thursday, March 14

Reds vs. Rangers, 6:05 p.m. ET
Orioles vs. Pirates, 7:05 p.m. ET

Friday, March 15

Marlins vs. Cardinals, 2:05 p.m. ET
Nationals vs. Mets, 3:10 p.m. ET
Padres vs. Mariners, 4:10 p.m. ET
White Sox vs. Cubs, 5:05 p.m. ET
Giants vs Athletics, 7:05 p.m. ET

Saturday, March 16

Braves vs. Red Sox, 1:05 p.m. ET
Phillies vs. Tigers, 1:05 p.m. ET
Blue Jays vs. Yankees, 4:05 p.m. ET
Rays vs. Twins, 4:05 p.m. ET
Dodgers vs. Angels, 7:10 p.m. ET
Guardians vs. Reds, 7:05 p.m. ET
D-backs vs. Rockies, 7:10 p.m. ET

Sunday, March 17

Astros vs. Cardinals, 10:05 a.m. ET
Brewers vs. Royals, 4:05 p.m. ET

Cincinnati Reds at Texas Rangers

When: March 14, 6:05 p.m. ET

Where: Surprise Stadium, Surprise, Ariz.

What To Watch For: Even with outfielders Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford in big league camp, the Rangers should have plenty to get fans excited. Dynamic shortstop Sebastian Walcott tops the list, and he’s buttressed by a glut of breakout prospects, including infielder Echedry Vargas, first baseman Abimelec Ortiz and righthander Aidan Curry. Cincinnati can counter with college-tested pitchers, including 2023 draftees Rhett Lowder and Ty Floyd. Their lineup includes speedsters like Carlos Jorge and Hector Rodriguez, intriguing hitters Cam Collier and Sal Stewart and DSL standout catcher Alfredo Duno.

CAlfredo DunoCLiam Hicks
CMat NelsonCJesus Lopez
CCade Hunter
CMichael Trautwein
1BCam Collier1BAbimelec Ortiz
2BCarlos Jorge2BCameron Cauley
SSEdwin ArroyoSSSebastian Walcott
3BSal Stewart3BJustin Foscue
INFVictor AcostaINFEchedry Vargas
INFCarlos SanchezINFJonathan Ornelas
INFTyler CallihanINFGleider Figuereo
INFAustin Callahan
LFHector RodriguezLFDustin Harris
CFJacob HurtubiseCFYeison Morrobel
RFJay Allen IIRFAaron Zavala
OFEthan O’DonnellOFAnthony Gutierrez
OFEsmith PinedaOFMarcos Torres
PRhett LowderPBrock Porter
PTy FloydPJack Leiter
PJulian AguiarPOwen White
PHunter ParksPEmiliano Teodo
PRyan CardonaPJose Corniell
PCody AdcockPMitch Bratt
PAnyer LaureanoPAidan Curry
PAntoine Kelly
PMarc Church
PDane Acker
PIzack Tiger

Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates

When: March 14, 7:05 p.m. ET

Where: LECOM Park, Bradenton, Fla.

What To Watch For: This game has the potential to be the event’s jewel. It features No. 1 overall prospect Jackson Holliday on the Orioles side and righthander Paul Skenes—the game’s top pitching prospect—in the Pirates’ dugout. There’s plenty more, too. Baltimore’s lineup could potentially contain Top 100 prospects Samuel Basallo and Coby Mayo, who should hit toward the middle of a lineup that has the lightning-quick Enrique Bradfield Jr. at the top. The Pirates should be ready with a wealth of arms few in the game can match. That list include Top 100 prospect Bubba Chandler, as well as lefty Anthony Solometo, Thomas Harrington and Braxton Ashcraft. Termarr Johnson could provide some thump in the middle of the lineup too.

CSilas ArdoinCOmar Alfonzo
CCreed WillemsCAbrahan Gutierrez
CConnor PavolonyCAxiel Piaz
1BSamuel Basallo1BGarret Forrester
2BConnor Norby2BTermarr Johnson
SSJackson HollidaySSMitch Jebb
3BCoby Mayo3BJack Brannigan
INFMax WagnerINFTsung-Che Cheng
INFLeandro AriasINFYordany De Los Santos
INFFrederick BencosmeINFJesus Castillo
INFBilly CookINFJhonny Severino
INFINFTony Blanco
LFDylan BeaversLFTres Gonzalez
CFEnrique BradfieldCFLonnie White
RFJud FabianRFEstuar Suero
OFBraylin TaveraOFJase Bowen
OFThomas SosaOFShalin Polanco
OFJohn RhodesOF
OFMatthew EtzelOF
PCade PovichPPaul Skenes
PTrace BrightPAnthony Solometo
PKeegan GilliesPBubba Chandler
PYaqui RiveraPThomas Harrington
PNolan HoffmanPBraxton Ashcraft
PKade StrowdPHunter Barco
PPPatrick Reilly
PPDavid Matoma
PPTyler Samaniego
PPJC Flowers

Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals

When: March 15, 2:05 p.m. ET

Where: Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium, Jupiter, Fla.

What To Watch For: The Marlins scored big in the 2023 draft by landing the top prep righty and lefty. That duo, of course, is made up of Noble Meyer and Thomas White, whom Miami landed in the first and third rounds. Meyer got very favorable reviews in his early pro work, and White has outstanding stuff that needs more polish in the coming years. The Cardinals will counter with a nasty arm of their own in Tink Hence, who packs outstanding stuff into a quick-twitch frame. Of course, the best arm in the whole game might belong to Cardinals shortstop Masyn Winn, whose triple-digit throws from shortstop have become the stuff of legend in recent years. Leadoff man Victor Scott II could also slash and dash his way to an exciting afternoon atop the St. Louis lineup.

CJimmy Crooks IIICJoe Mack
CPedro PagésCWill Banfield
CLeonardo BernalC
CSammy HernandezC
1BChandler Redmond1BTroy Johnston
2BThomas Saggese2BJacob Amaya
SSMasyn WinnSSYiddi Cappe
3BCesar Prieto3BJacob Berry
INFRJ YeagerINFFabian Lopez
INFJeremy RivasINFBrock Vradenburg
INFNoah MendlingerINFJavier Sanoja
INFBryan TorresINF
LFChase DavisLFKemp Alderman
CFVictor Scott IICFVictor Mesa Jr.
RFJoshua BaezRFAndres Valor
OFWon-Bin ChoOFJose Gerardo
OFZach LevensonOFGriffin Conine
PTink HencePLuarbert Arias
PTekoah RobyPNoble Meyer
PCooper HjerpePThomas White
PSem RobbersePKarson Milbrandt
PMax RajcicPJacob Miller
PMichael McGreevyPAnthony Maldonado
PGordon GraceffoPPatrick Monteverde
PPete HansenPJuan De La Cruz
PAndres GranilloPIke Buxton
PBrycen MautzPNigel Belgrave
PMatt Pushard
PEvan Fitterer

Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets

When: March 15, 3:10 p.m. ET

Where: Clover Park, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

What To Watch For: The Nationals’ top three prospects pack a punch rivaled by few systems in the game. James Wood has had an outstanding early Grapefruit League campaign, while outfield-mate Dylan Crews was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2023 draft and was as tantalizing a college hitting prospect as scouts had seen in years. Resurgent third baseman Brady House rounds out the trio after a season showing his true talent following a return to the health that eluded him in 2022.

The Mets counter with Jett Williams, a dynamic talent who scooted his way to Double-A in his first full season as a pro. He brings a well-rounded skill set that could fit at the top of the lineup and in the middle of the diamond. He’s flanked by a quartet of trade acquisitions that include Drew Gilbert and Ryan Clifford (Astros), Luisangel Acuña (Rangers) and Marco Vargas (Marlins).

CKevin ParadaCDrew Millas
CRonald HernandezCIsrael Pineda
CVincent PerozoCMax Romero
1BRyan Clifford1BTrey Lipscomb
2BLuisangel Acuña2BDarren Baker
SSColin HouckSSKevin Made
3BJacob Reimer3BBrady House
INFJeremy RodriguezINFYohandy Morales
INFJesus BaezINFArmando Cruz
INFWilliam LugoINFTJ White
INFJunior TilienINF
INFMarco VargasINF
LFDrew GilbertLFElijah Green
CFJett WilliamsCFDylan Crews
RFAlex RamirezRFJames Wood
OFNick MorabitoOFDaylen Lile
OFRhylan ThomasOFRobert Hassell III
OFOFAndrew Pinckney
OFOFCristhian Vaquero
PBlade TidwellPJarlin Susana
PBrandon SproatPTravis Sykora
PDominic HamelPDJ Herz
PTyler StuartPJackson Rutledge
PNolan McLeanPMitchell Parker
PPaul GervasePCole Henry
PDaniel JuarezPDustin Saenz
PWilkin RamosPAndrew Alvarez
PBen SimonPLucas Knowles
PDedniel NunezPAndry Lara
PCalvin ZieglerP

San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners

When: March 15, 3:10 p.m. ET/1:10 p.m. local time.

Where: Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, Ariz. This is a standalone game not tied to any MLB spring training game.

What To Watch For: The Padres will feature the best player in each of the past two international amateur classes. Catcher Ethan Salas rocketed to Double-A in his pro debut in 2023. Now Leodalis De Vries will play in the breakout game before he makes his official pro debut. While San Diego has plenty of star power with Salas, De Vries, Jackson Merrill and Robby Snelling, the Mariners have one of the best lineups of the event thanks to Harry Ford, Cole Young, Colt Emerson and Lazaro Montes.

CEthan SalasCHarry Ford
CBrandon ValenzuelaCMatt Scheffler
CJ.D. GonzalezC
1BNathan Martorella1BTyler Locklear
2BGraham Pauley2BColt Emerson
SSJackson MerrillSSCole Young
3BMarcos Castanon3BBen Williamson
INFLeodalis De VriesINFFelnin Celesten
INFEguy RosarioINFTai Peete
INFNerwilian CedenoINFMichael Arroyo
INFINFRyan Bliss
INFINFLuis Suisbel
INFINFHogan Windish
LFJakob MarseeLFLazaro Montes
CFDillon HeadCFJonatan Clase
RFSamuel ZavalaRFJonny Farmelo
OFHomer Bush Jr.OFAidan Smith
OFOFAlberto Rodriguez
OFOFSpencer Packard
PRobby SnellingPJeter Martinez
PDylan LeskoPBrody Hopkins
PDrew ThorpePWalter Ford
PJairo IriartePLogan Evans
PAdam MazurPMichael Morales
PAustin KrobPTroy Taylor
PRyan BergertPTy Cummings
PCole PaplhamPJuan Burgos
PJayvien SandridgePPeyton Alford
PBradgley RodriguezP
PBraden NettP
PCarson MontgomeryP

Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs

When: March 15, 5:05 p.m. ET/3:05 p.m. local time

Where: Sloan Park, Mesa, Ariz.

What To Watch For: Quietly, the Cubs have assembled one of the nastier systems in the game. Righthander Cade Horton has emerged as one of the sport’s top pitching prospects, while infielders Matt Shaw and James Triantos, outfielders Owen Caissie and Kevin Alcantara and catcher Moises Ballesteros should form the nucleus of lineup that can wear out any and all comers. Look out for shortstop Jefferson Rojas, too. The teenager virtually skipped the Arizona Complex League and more than held his own in the Carolina League. The White Sox will answer with Colson Montgomery, a monster masher who can provide average and power while playing in the middle of the diamond. He’ll be complemented by third baseman Bryan Ramos, who can put a charge into a ball as well as anybody in the system.

CMoises BallesterosCEdgar Quero
CPablo AliendoCAdam Hackenburg
CCMichael Turner
1BHaydn McGeary1BTim Elko
2BJames Triantos2BJacob Gonzalez
SSJefferson RojasSSColson Montgomery
3BMatt Shaw3BBryan Ramos
INFB.J. MurrayINFBrooks Baldwin
INFJosh RiveraINFJason Matthews
LFOwen CaissieLFDJ Gladney
CFBrennan DavisCFTerrell Tatum
RFKevin AlcantaraRFZack DeLoach
OFChristian FranklinOFJacob Burke
OFOFGeorge Wolkow
OFOFDuke Ellis
PCade HortonPMason Adams
PBrandon BirdsellPAlex Speas
PBrody McCulloughPJordan Leasure
PPorter HodgePPrelander Berroa
PMichael AriasPJared Kelley
PDrew GrayPAdisyn Coffey
PFrankie ScalzoPJohan Dominguez
PKohl FranklinPGil Luna
PRiley MartinP
PZac LeighP

San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics

When: March 15, 7:05 p.m. ET/5:05 p.m. local time

Where: Hohokam Stadium, Mesa, Ariz.

What To Watch For: The Giants’ top two prospects—lefty Kyle Harrison and shortstop Marco Luciano—are in big league camp, which means San Francisco’s contingent will be a bit of a youth movement. They’re led by slugger Bryce Eldridge, the former two-way talent who will focus exclusively on hitting as a pro. DSL standout Rayner Arias could give Giants fans a taste of the future too. On the mound, expect Hayden Birdsong to bring the heat while righthander Trevor McDonald will look to showcase the same form that led the Giants to put him on the 40-man roster. Oakland will answer with a pair of polished hitters in Jacob Wilson and Darell Hernaiz. The former was the team’s first-round pick in 2023 while the latter came to Oakland via a trade with Baltimore.

CDaniel SusacCAdrian Sugastey
CCesar GonzalezCOnil Perez
CCole ConnC
1BBrennan Milone1BBryce Eldridge
2BCooper Bowman2BDiego Velasquez
SSJacob WilsonSSWalker Martin
3BMyles Naylor3BCole Foster
INFDarell HernaizINFMaui Ahuna
INFBrett HarrisINF
INFMax SchuemannINF
LFLogan DavidsonLFVaun Brown
CFHenry BolteCFGrant McCray
RFColby ThomasRFRayner Arias
OFWill SimpsonOFVictor Bericoto
OFCaeden TrenkleOFHunter Bishop
OFOFJonah Cox
PSteven EchavarriaPHayden Birdsong
PCole MillerPJoe Whitman
PRoyber SalinasPLanden Roupp
PGunnar HoglundPCarson Seymour
PBrady BassoPTrevor McDonald
PRyan CusickPJosh Bostick
PTyler BaumPCarson Ragsdale
PBlake BeersPMat Olsen
PStevie EmanuelsPManuel Mercedes
PGrant HolmanPJuan Sanchez
PPedro SantosP

Atlanta Braves at Boston Red Sox

When: March 16, 1:05 p.m. ET

Where: JetBlue Park, Fort Myers, Fla.

What To Watch For: The Red Sox’s contingent boasts an enviable group of prospects who could make their big league debuts in 2024. That list is led by smooth shortstop Marcelo Mayer and backed by breakout outfielder Roman Anthony and powerful catching prospect Kyle Teel, who all could make life difficult for Atlanta’s stable of arms. Keep an eye out for tooled-up center fielder Miguel Bleis to open what fans will hope to be a rebound campaign after losing most of 2023 to injury. Atlanta will counter with 2023 Futures Gamer Spencer Schwellenbach and high-upside righty Owen Murphy on the mound and pesky infielder Ignacio Alvarez in the lineup.

CKyle TeelCDrake Baldwin
CNathan HickeyCTyler Tolve
CBrooks BrannonC
CJohanfran GarciaC
1BBlaze Jordan1BBryson Horne
2BNick Yorke2BLuke Waddell
SSMarcelo MayerSSIgnacio Alvarez
3BAntonio Anderson3BSabin Ceballos
INFYoeilin CespedesINFDiego Benitez
INFNazzan ZanetelloINFKeshawn Ogans
INFChase MeidrothINFCade Bunnell
INFEddinson PaulinoINFAmbioris Tavarez
INFINFGeraldo Quintero
LFRoman AnthonyLFCody Miligan
CFCeddanne RafaelaCFLuis Guanipa
RFMiguel BleisRFIsaiah Drake
OFAllan CastroOFKevin Kilpatrick
OFKristian CampbellOF
PWikelman GonzalezPSpencer Schwellenbach
PRichard FittsPOwen Murphy
PHunter DobbinsPRolddy Munoz
PAngel BastardoPHayden Harris
PIsaac CoffeyPPatrick Halligan
PLuis GuerreroPDomingo Gonzalez
PZach PenrodPShay Schanaman
PDalton RogersPJared Johnson
PDavid SandlinP
PChris TroyeP

Philadelphia Phillies at Detroit Tigers

When: March 16, 1:05 p.m. ET

Where: Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland, Fla.

What To Watch For: Philadelphia’s group will be led by righthander Mick Abel, who has premium stuff but needs to refine his command to throw a higher volume of quality strikes. If he can do that, he could see Citizens Bank Park in 2024. He’ll be backed by speedy outfielder Justin Crawford, who ran roughshod over the Class A levels, and 2023 first-rounder Aidan Miller. The wild cards in this group are DSL standouts Starlyn Caba and Eduardo Tait, who could give Phillies fans a taste of the future. Detroit’s bunch is led by the terrific duo of 2023 draftees Max Clark and Kevin McGonigle and 2022 first-rounder Jace Jung, while righthanders Ty Madden and Wilmer Flores should provide some firepower on the mound.

CDillon DinglerCEduardo Tait
CJosue BricenoCCaleb Ricketts
CEliezer AlfonzoCKehden Hettiger
1BJake Holton1BCarlos De La Cruz
2BHao-Yu Lee2BDevin Saltiban
SSKevin McGonigleSSStarlyn Caba
3BJace Jung3BAidan Miller
INFMax AndersonINFBryan Rincon
INFWenceel PerezINFWilliam Bergolla
INFCristian SantanaINFNikau Pouka-Grego
LFJustice BigbieLFEmaarion Boyd
CFMax ClarkCFJustin Crawford
RFRoberto CamposRFGabriel Rincones
OFBrady AllenOFTayshawn Walton
OFBrett CallahanOFRaylin Heredia
OFSeth StephensonOF
PTy MaddenPMick Abel
PTroy MeltonPGriff McGarry
PWilmer FloresPSamuel Aldegheri
PBrant HurterPAlexis De La Cruz
PAdam WolfPGeorge Klassen
PAndrew MagnoPAndrew Baker
PJake HigginbothamPJean Cabrera
PMax AlbaPEstibenzon Jimenez
PRJ PetitPTommy McCollum
PTroy MeltonPWesley Moore
PPMicah Ottenbreit
PPAndrew Walling

Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees

When: March 16, 4:05 p.m. ET

Where: George M. Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, Fla.

What To Watch For: The Yankees should enter this contest with two of the most tooled-up prospects in the Grapefruit League. Spencer Jones has done well this spring to reduce his swing-and-miss concerns and shortstop Roderick Arias was a revelation at the front of a loaded Florida Complex League team. They should have plenty of prospect power on the mound, too, led by top prospect Chase Hampton and backed by high-upside arms Henry Lalane and Carlos Lagrange. The Blue Jays will answer with shortstop Arjun Nimmala, who opened eyes in a brief pro sample after the 2023 draft, and also should get contributions from polished hitters like Damiano Palmegiani and Alan Roden. Righthander Yosver Zulueta is a candidate to bring the heat in relief.

CPhil ClarkeCAgustin Ramirez
CEdward DuranCRafael Flores
CMaykel MinosoC
1BSpencer Horwitz1BBen Rice
2BLeo Jimenez2BJorbit Vivas
SSArjun NimmalaSSRoderick Arias
3BAddison Barger3BEnmanuel Tejeda
INFDamiano PalmegianiINFGeorge Lombard Jr.
INFJosh KasevichINFJared Serna
INFTucker TomanINFKeiner Delgado
INFManuel BeltreINFRoc Riggio
INFSam ShawINFCaleb Durbin
INFINFJesus Rodriguez
LFAlan RodenLFJohn Cruz
CFDasan BrownCFSpencer Jones
RFEnmanuel BonillaRFEverson Pereira
OFJace BohrofenOFAnthony Hall
OFYhoangel AponteOF
OFGabriel MartinezOFJace Avina
PBrandon BarrieraPChase Hampton
PAdam MackoPWill Warren
PYosver ZuluetaPHenry Lalane
PKendry RojasPBrock Selvidge
PLanden MaraudsPKyle Carr
PConnor CookePJack Neely
PCJ Van EykPCarlos Lagrange
PFernando PerezP

Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins

When: March 16, 4:05 p.m. ET

Where: Hammond Stadium, Fort Myers, Fla.

What To Watch For: Tampa Bay’s group is led by two Top 100 prospects—Carson Williams and Xavier Isaac. The former provides Gold Glove-caliber defense and shortstop along with plenty of power, while the latter is a pure masher who can lose balls to any sector of any park this side of the Polo Grounds. Minnesota will counter with five-tool top prospect Walker Jenkins, who had scouts’ full attention in his pro debut and is a candidate to be the top overall prospect in the game at this time next year. He’s complemented by polished infielder Brooks Lee, selective masher Emmanuel Rodriguez. On the mound, look out for electric righthander Charlee Soto, who combines athleticism and standout stuff.

CDominic KeeganCRicardo Olivar
CKenny PiperCJose Rodriguez
CCNoah Cardenas
1BXavier Isaac1BAndrew Cosetti
2BBrayden Taylor2BLuke Keaschall
SSCarson WilliamsSSBrooks Lee
3BWilly Vasquez3BTanner Schobel
INFTre’ MorganINFBrandon Winokur
INFAdrian SantanaINFYunior Severino
INFCooper KinneyINFDanny De Andrade
INFINFJose Salas
LFColton LedbetterLFGabriel Gonzalez
CFChandler SimpsonCFEmmanuel Rodriguez
RFMason AuerRFWalker Jenkins
OFShane SasakiOFAustin Martin
OFRyan CermakOFKala’i Rosario
OFDru BakerOF
PTrevor MartinPDavid Festa
PMarcus JohnsonPMarco Raya
PAustin VernonPCharlee Soto
PHaden ErbePZebby Matthews
PKeyshawn AskewPAJ Labas
PAlfredo ZarragaPCody Laweryson
PEvan ReifertPMiguel Rodriguez
PDrew SommersPAlejandro Crisistomo
PPJuan Mendez
PPJackson Noble

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels

When: March 16, 7:10 p.m. ET/5:10 local time

Where: Tempe Diablo Stadium, Tempe, Ariz.

What To Watch For: The Dodgers just keep churning out talented prospects, and this year is no different. Their catching tandem of Thayron Liranzo and Dalton Rushing could haunt pitchers’ dreams, and their big blasts are likely to drive home Josue De Paula, who could hit toward the top of the order. New acquisition Jackson Ferris could showcase his nasty fastball on the mound as well. The Angels can match De Paula with their own teenaged talent, Nelson Rada, who also skipped the Arizona Complex League and spent his first season stateside in Low-A. He brings a leadoff hitter’s skill set. Keep your eyes peeled for high-upside righties Caden Dana and Barrett Kent, too.

CDario LaverdeCThayron Liranzo
CJuan FloresCJesus Galiz
C/OFAlberto RiosC
1BSam Brown1BDalton Rushing
2BAdrian Placencia2BYeiner Fernandez
SSKyren ParisSSTrey Sweeney
3BDenzer Guzman3BJake Gelof
INFCapri OrtizINFAustin Gauthier
INFTucker FlintINFAlexander Albertus
INFCole FontenelleINFNoah Miller
INFINFAlex Freeland
LFJorge RuizLFZyhir Hope
CFNelson RadaCFKendall George
RFJadiel SanchezRFJosue De Paula
OFAnthony ScullOFJose Ramos
OFDavid CalabreseOFSamuel Munoz
OFOFDamon Keith
PCaden DanaPJackson Ferris
PBarrett KentPJustin Wrobleski
PJack KochanowiczPRonan Kopp
PWalbert UrenaPPatrick Copen
PCamden MinacciPJared Karros
PJorge MarchecoPEdgardo Henriquez
PJoel HurtadoPJohn Rooney
PKelvin CaceresPJuan Morillo
PHayden SeigPJoel Ibarra
PWalbert UrenaPAlec Gamboa
PBryce Osmond
PFrancis Texido
PNick Jones

Cleveland Guardians at Cincinnati Reds

When: March 16, 7:05 p.m. ET/5:05 p.m. local time

Where: Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, Ariz.

What To Watch For: In the 2023 Arizona Fall League, Chase DeLauter and Kyle Manzardo were the deans of the desert. Now, the duo is at the head of Cleveland’s talented Spring Breakout group. The pair should provide plenty of power in the middle of the lineup, and each could push for a spot in the big leagues by year’s end. Its lefties ahoy on the hill, where the Guardians can send out Alexander Clemmey, Jackson Humphries and Will Dion (whose delivery is basically a Clayton Kershaw carbon copy). This will be the Reds’ second Spring Breakout game, and they have a group led by Rhett Lowder and Ty Floyd at the top and a lineup that could feature hitters like Alfredo Duno, Sal Stewart and Cam Collier.

CAlfredo DunoCBryan Lavastida
CMat NelsonCCooper Ingle
CCade HunterCKody Huff
CMichael Trautwein1BKyle Manzardo
1BCam Collier2BRafael Ramirez
2BCarlos JorgeSSKahlil Watson
SSEdwin Arroyo3BAngel Genao
3BSal StewartINFJake Fox
INFVictor AcostaINFJose Devers
INFCarlos SanchezINFAlex Mooney
INFTyler CallihanINF
INFAustin CallahanINF
LFHector RodriguezLFJaison Chourio
CFJacob HurtubiseCFChase DeLauter
RFJay Allen IIRFPetey Halpin
OFEthan O’DonnellOFCJ Kayfus
OFEsmith PinedaOF
PRhett LowderPAlex Clemmey
PTy FloydPJackson Humphries
PJulian AguiarPParker Messick
PHunter ParksPAndrew Walters
PRyan CardonaPWill Dion
PCody AdcockPJustin Campbell
PAnyer LaureanoPDoug Nikhazy
PPRyan Webb

Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies

When: March 16, 7:10 p.m. ET/5:10 local time

Where: Salt River Fields, Scottsdale, Ariz.

What To Watch For: The Rockies boast one of the better potential offensive groups among the entire Spring Breakout field, including the lightning-thunder combo of Adael Amador and Yanquiel Fernandez, with other top talents like Sterlin Thompson and Jordan Beck sprinkled in as well. This game could also give righthander Chase Dollander his first showcase in purple and white. The D-backs will answer their Salt River Field cohorts with a group that includes a wellspring of middle-diamond talent that includes Jordan Lawlar, Tommy Troy, Jansen Luis, Druw Jones and Cristofer Torin. That group will serve nicely for a pitcher like Yu-Min Lin, whose arsenal should coax plenty of worm burners.

CChristian CerdaCDrew Romo
CCaleb RobertsCCole Carrigg
CAlberto BarrigaCBraxton Fulford
1BIvan Melendez1BHunter Goodman
2BTommy Troy2BRyan Ritter
SSJordan LawlarSSAdael Amador
3BGino Groover3BWarming Bernabel
INFCristofer TorinINFDyan Jorge
INFJansel LuisINFKyle Karros
INFRuben SantanaINF
LFJorge BarrosaLFYanquiel Fernandez
CFDruw JonesCFJordan Beck
RFA.J. VukovichRFSterlin Thompson
OFJack HurleyOFZac Veen
OFJakey JosephaOFBenny Montgomery
OFKristian RobinsonChase Dollander
PYu-Min LinPSean Sullivan
PDylan RayPJoe Rock
PCristian MenaPCarson Palmquist
PYilber DiazPJack Mahoney
PRicardo YanPJaden Hill
PLandon SimsPZach Agnos
PBlake WalstonPAngel Chivilli
PSam KnowltonPIsaiah Coupet
PConor GrammesPCole Denton
PChristian Mondes de OcaPSeth Halvorsen
PZane RussellPJuan Mejia
PPJoe Rock

Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals

When: March 17, 10:05 a.m. ET

Where: Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium, Jupiter, Fla.

What To Watch For: This is the second of two Spring Breakout games for St. Louis. This version’s lineup could be fronted by infielder Thomas Saggese, who was acquired from the Rangers in the trade that sent Jordan Montgomery to the eventual World Series winners. He could be flanked by 2023 first-round Chase Davis and talented Panamanian backstop Leonardo Bernal. On the mound, look for deceptive lefty Cooper Hjerpe to potentially carve the competition. Houston’s group features a pair of dynamic outfielders in Jacob Melton and Luis Baez, as well as massive power threat Zach Dezenzo, who can impact balls as well as anyone in the game. Infielder Will Wagner, a star in the 2022 Arizona Fall League, could also start his comeback story in this game after losing the bulk of the 2023 season to injuries.

CLeonardo BernalCCollin Price
CJimmy Crooks IIICJohn Garcia
CSammy HernandezC
CCarlos LinarezC
1BChandler Redmond1BMiguel Palma
2BThomas Saggese2BJoey Loperfido
SSJeremy RivasSSBrice Matthews
3BCesar Prieto3BZach Dezenzo
INFRJ YeagerINFWill Wagner
INFLizandro EspinozaINFWaner Luciano
INFNoah MendlingerINFCamilo Diaz
INFNick DunnINFAlberto Hernandez
LFChase DavisLFZach Cole
CFVictor Scott IICFJacob Melton
RFWon-Bin ChoRFLuis Baez
OFJoshua BaezOFKenedy Corona
OFZach LevensonOFColin Barber
OFOFKenni Gomez
PZach ShowalterPSpencer Arrighetti
PAdam KloffensteinPRhett Kouba
PIan BedellPJake Bloss
PBrycen MautzPMichael Knorr
PQuinn MatthewsPAndrew Taylor
PPete HansenPA.J. Blubaugh
PEdwin NunezPJose Fleury
PTekoah RobyPTrey Dombroski
PCooper HjerpePMiguel Ullola
PMax RajcicPAlimber Santa
PGordon GraceffoPTyler Guilfoil
PTink HenceP

Milwaukee Brewers at Kansas City Royals

When: March 17, 4:05 p.m. ET/2:05 local time

Where: Surprise Stadium, Surprise, Ariz.

What To Watch For: The Brewers have the No. 2 system in the game, and a great deal of the talent that helped it them earn that ranking will be in the lineup. The group is led by No. 2 overall prospect Jackson Chourio and flanked by backstop Jeferson Quero, who boasts big-time power in his bat and can control the running game with a double-plus throwing arm. Quero will catch—among others—righthander Jacob Misiorowski, whose pure stuff is among the very best in the minors. The dynamic duo of Luis Lara and Yophery Rodriguez could make the outfield a no-fly zone.

Kansas City will answer with a trio of intriguing catching prospects, led by top prospect Blake Mitchell and flanked by Carter Jensen and Ramon Ramirez. Fireballing righty Blake Wolters could make an appearance as well, and massive shortstop Austin Charles could provide a jolt in the middle of the lineup.

CJeferson QueroCBlake Mitchell
CWes ClarkeCCarter Jensen
CCRamon Ramirez
1BTyler Black1BCayden Wallace
2BLuke Adams2BPeyton Wilson
SSCooper PrattSSDaniel Vazquez
3BBrock Wilken3BAustin Charles
INFEric Brown Jr.INFTrevor Werner
INFEric BitontiINFBrett Squires
INFMike BoeveINF
INFJadher AreinamoINF
INFDaniel GuilarteINF
LFLuis LaraLFJavier Vaz
CFJackson ChourioCFGavin Cross
RFYophery RodriguezRFTyler Gentry
OFDylan O’RaeOFCarson Roccaforte
PJacob MisiorowskiPMason Barnett
PRobert GasserPChandler Champlain
PLogan HendersonPBlake Wolters
PJosh KnothPBen Kudrna
PBishop LetsonPFrank Mozzicato
PPatricio AquinoPWill Klein
PBradley BlalockPNoah Cameron
PCarlos RodriguezPHunter Owen
PShane SmithPEric Cerantola
PJustin YeagerPHiro Wyatt
PHenry Williams
PSteven Zobac
PAndrew Hoffmann
PAnderson Paulino

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