Family Ties And Famous Relatives In The 2020 Draft

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Baseball is a game passed down from generation to generation, sometimes literally.

All it takes is a quick glance at major league rosters to see just how many sons of former big leaguers are currently in MLB today, with names like Bichette, Guerrero, Biggio, Quantrill and Tatis familiar to anyone who grew up watching baseball in the 1990s.

Last year, more than 50 players with baseball or other athletic bloodlines were picked in the draft. With the draft shortened to five rounds this year, that number is obviously smaller in 2020.

Still, there were nearly two dozen players taken in the 2020 draft who have ties to professional baseball or other famous relatives. Below is a list of players who have such ties.

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Orioles first-round pick Heston Kjerstad is the younger brother of former Royals and Marlins minor leaguer Dexter Kjerstad.

Angels first-round pick Reid Detmers is the son of former Cardinals minor league pitcher Kris Detmers.

D-backs first-round pick Bryce Jarvis is the son of 12-year major league starter and current Angels scout Kevin Jarvis.

Mets first-round pick Pete Crow-Armstrong is the son of actress Ashley Crow, who played the mom of the lead character in the 1994 baseball movie “Little Big League.”

Nationals first-round pick Cade Cavalli is the son of former Angels minor league catcher Brian Cavalli.

Indians first-round pick Carson Tucker is the younger brother of Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker, a first-round pick in 2014. They are the ninth set of brothers to each be first-round picks.

Athletics first-round pick Tyler Soderstrom is the son of former Giants pitcher Steve Soderstrom, the sixth overall pick in the 1993 draft. They are the tenth father-son duo to both be drafted in the first round.

Indians compensation round A pick Tanner Burns is the son of former Astros minor league first baseman Mike Burns.

Athletics second-round pick Jeff Criswell’s father, Brian, was drafted by the A’s in the 17th round in 1984. Brian Criswell pitched five seasons in the A’s system and reached Double-A.

Pirates second-round pick Jared Jones is a cousin of former major league relievers Ron and Randy Flores. His father, Keith Jones, was a 22nd-round pick of the D-backs in 1997 and played two seasons in the minors.

Brewers second-round pick Freddy Zamora is the son of former Nicaraguan professional baseball player Freddy Zamora Sr.

Dodgers second-round pick Landon Knack is the brother-in-law of Pirates first base prospect Will Craig.

Marlins compensation round B pick Kyle Nicolas is a nephew of former Penn State and NFL quarterback Todd Blackledge.

Tigers third-round pick Trei Cruz is the son of former Blue Jays and Dodgers outfielder Jose Cruz Jr. and the grandson of former Astros all-star outfielder Jose Cruz Sr. His uncles, Tommy Cruz and Hector Cruz, also played in the majors.

Orioles third-round pick Anthony Servideo is the grandson of former Orioles outfielder Curt Blefary, the 1965 American League Rookie of the Year.

Mariners third-round pick Kaden Polcovich is the son of former Pirates shortstop Kevin Polcovich.

Tigers fourth-round pick Gage Workman is the son of former Padres and Dodgers minor league pitcher Widd Workman.

Indians fourth-round pick Milan Tolentino is the son of former Astros first baseman and current Angels Spanish-language broadcaster Jose Tolentino. Milan’s brother, Patric Tolentino, was an Indians minor league catcher from 2011-12.

Pirates fifth-rounder Logan Hofmann is a relative of former NHL forward Cliff Koroll, who scored 208 goals over 11 years with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Phillies fifth-rounder Baron Radcliff is the son of former Royals minor league outfielder Vic Radcliff, a fourth-round selection in 1995. His mother, Nikki Keyton, was an all-Big Ten power forward on the Ohio State women’s basketball team and led the Buckeyes to the 1992-93 national championship game.

Red Sox fifth-rounder Shane Drohan is the son of former Royals minor league pitcher Bill Drohan.

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