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Family Ties And Famous Relatives In The 2019 MLB Draft

Image credit: Bobby Witt (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Allsport)

Fair or not, bloodlines play a role every year in the draft. Sometimes it’s a player talented enough to be drafted on his own that gets a boost from being the son of a prominent former player. Other times it’s a son or relative of a front office member who gets taken as a courtesy selection.

More than 50 players with athletic relations were selected in the 2019 draft, ranging from the sons of ex-major leaguers to the grandsons of prominent coaches to the cousins and nephews of Hall of Fame athletes in other sports.

Here is the list of players drafted this year who have a famous or notable relative, either inside the game or or outside of it.

Orioles first-round pick Adley Rutschmann is the grandson of Ad Rutschman, the only college coach in any division to win national titles in both football and baseball. He led Linfield (Ore.) to the NAIA baseball championship in 1971 and to NAIA football championships in 1982, 1984 and 1986.

Royals first-round pick Bobby Witt Jr. is the son of former Rangers pitcher Bobby Witt.

Giants first-round pick Hunter Bishop is the younger brother of Mariners outfielder Braden Bishop.

A’s first-round pick Logan Davidson is the son of former Twins and Astros outfielder Mark Davidson.

Pirates compensation round A pick Sammy Siani is the younger brother of Reds outfield prospect Mike Siani.

Red Sox second-round pick Matthew Lugo is a nephew of nine-time All-Star outfielder Carlos Beltran.

Astros second-round pick Grae Kessinger is the grandson of Cubs six-time All-Star shortstop Don Kessinger.

D-backs compensation round B pick Dominic Fletcher is the younger brother of Angels infielder David Fletcher.

Giants third-round pick Grant McCray is the son of former White Sox and Mets outfielder Rodney McCray, best known for crashing through an outfield wall.

Dodgers third-round pick Jimmy Lewis is the son of former Astros and Indians minor league pitcher Jim Lewis, a second round pick in 1990.

Tigers fourth-round pick Ryan Kreidler is the son of former ESPN columnist Mark Kreidler.

Giants fourth-round pick Tyler Fitzgerald is the son of former Cardinals first baseman Mike Fitzgerald.

Rangers fourth-round pick Cody Freeman is the younger brother of Indians shortstop prospect Tyler Freeman.

Mets fourth-round pick Jake Mangum is the son of former Chicago Bears cornerback John Mangum and the nephew of former Carolina Panthers tight end Kris Mangum. His grandfather, John Mangum Sr., played defensive tackle for the then-Boston Patriots in 1966-67.

D-backs fourth-round pick Glenallen Hill Jr. is the son of 13-year major league outfielder Glenallen Hill.

Indians fourth-round pick Christian Cairo is the son of 17-year major league infielder Miguel Cairo.

Red Sox fifth-round pick Jaxx Groshans is the older brother of Blue Jays 2018 first-round pick Jordan Groshans.

Royals sixth-round pick Dante Biasi is the younger brother of Mariners pitching prospect Sal Biasi, who was originally drafted by the Royals in 2017.

Nationals sixth-round pick Jackson Cluff is the son of former Brigham Young and independent league infielder Paul Cluff.

Pirates seventh-round pick Blake Sabol is a cousin of former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu.

Red Sox seventh-round pick Brock Bell is the son of former Pirates and D-backs All-Star infielder Jay Bell and the brother of Reds second base prospect Brantley Bell.

Marlins eighth-round pick Tevin Mitchell is the son of former Kansas track and field athletes Raymond and Angela Mitchell.

Nationals ninth-round pick Todd Lott is a cousin of NFL Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott.

Athletics 10th-round pick Patrick McColl is the son of former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Milt McColl and the grandson of College Football Hall of Fame and Chicago Bears end Bill McColl.

Astros 10th-round pick C.J. Stubbs is the younger brother of Astros catcher Garrett Stubbs.

Mets 12th-round pick Antoine Duplantis is the son of former Louisiana State All-American pole vaulter Greg Duplantis and LSU volleyball player and hepathlete Helena Duplantis (née Hedlund). His older brother Armand is a world champion pole vaulter.

Mariners 12th-round pick Antoine Mistico is the son of Cubs minor league hitting coach Michael Carter, a third-round pick in 1990, and the half-brother of Angels outfielder Michael Hermosillo. He is also a cousin of former Cubs outfielder Roosevelt Brown.  

Rays 12th-round pick Nick Sogard is a cousin of Blue Jays infielder Eric Sogard and a nephew of former major leaguers Steve Sax and Dave Sax.

Rangers 13th-round pick Ben Anderson is the twin brother of Braves pitching prospect Ian Anderson.

Nationals 13th-round pick Jake Randa is the son of former Royals and Pirates third baseman Joe Randa.

Indians 13th-round pick Micah Pries and Yankees 24th-round pick Jake Pries are brothers. Their father is Yankees 1984 first-round pick Jeff Pries.

Orioles 14th-round pick Mason Janvrin is the son of former U.S. Olympic decathlete Kip Janvrin.

Cubs 14th-round pick Ryan Reynolds is the son of former Astros pitcher Shane Reynolds.

Giants 15th-round pick Carter Aldrete is the son of former Giants minor league first baseman Rich Aldrete and the nephew of former Giants and A’s outfielder/first baseman Mike Aldrete.

Twins 15th-round pick Louie Varland is the younger brother of A’s pitching prospect Gus Varland.

Nationals 15th-round pick Davis Moore is the son of Phillies national scouting coordinator Bill Moore.

Pirates 16th-round pick Eli Wilson is the son of former Mariners All-Star catcher Dan Wilson.

Indians 16th-round pick Jordan Jones is the younger brother of Astros first base prospect Taylor Jones.

Giants 18th-round pick Connor Cannon is the son of former Angels minor league pitcher Scott Cannon.

Red Sox 18th-round pick Oraj Anu is the son of former Bahamian Olympic sprinter Oralee Fowler.

Orioles 19th-round pick Jensen Elliott is the younger brother of White Sox pitching prospect Jake Elliott.

Marlins 19th-round pick Nate Rombach is the son of Braves national crosschecker Deron Rombach.

Rockies 20th-round pick Yorvis Torrealba is the son of former Rockies and Giants catcher Yorvit Torrealba.

Yankees 20th-round pick Jack Leiter is the son of former Yankees, Mets, Blue Jays and Marlins lefthander Al Leiter.

Mets 21st-round pick Branden Fryman is the son of five-time All-Star third baseman Travis Fryman.

Royals 22nd-round pick Jake Means is the younger brother of Orioles lefthander John Means.

Cubs 24th-round pick Grayson Byrd is the son of 14-year major league pitcher Paul Byrd.

Cardinals 25th-round pick Alex McFarlane is the son of former U.S. Virgin Islands Olympic taekwondo athlete Tami Noel. 

Marlins 27th-round pick Casey Combs is the son of former Phillies pitcher Pat Combs.

Tigers 29th-round pick Elliott Cary is the son of former Tigers and Yankees pitcher Chuck Cary.

Dodgers 29th-round pick Brelyn Jones is the son of former Rockies and Mets pitcher Bobby Jones.

Rays 30th-round pick Michael Carpentier is the son of former Dodgers minor league infielder Mike Carpentier.

Royals 31st-round pick Mikey Filia is the younger brother of Mariners outfield prospect Eric Filia.

White Sox 32nd-round pick Jonathan Allen is the grandson of former Cubs and Cardinals outfielder Don Landrum.

Blue Jays 32nd-round pick Braden Halladay is the son of late two-time Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay.

Rays 32nd-round pick Kody Huff is the son of former Blue Jays minor league pitcher and current Red Sox major league scout Tim Huff.

Dodgers 32nd-round pick Danny Sinatro is the son of former Braves and Mariners catcher Matt Sinatro.

D-backs 34th-round pick Luke Bell is the son of D-backs farm director Mike Bell.

Red Sox 34th-round pick Ryan Berardino is the grandson of eight-time Glove Glove-winning Red Sox outfielder Dwight Evans.

Royals 35th-round pick Jonah Dipoto is the son of Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto.

Giants 35th-round pick Brooks Lee is the son of former Angels minor leaguer and current Cal Poly coach Larry Lee.

D-backs 35th-round pick Ramsey David is the son of former Georgia and Canadian Football League quarterback Drew David.

Rockies 35th-round pick Cade Hunter is the son of Mariners amateur scouting director Scott Hunter.

Royals 36th-round pick Andy Martin is the younger brother of Indians outfielder Leonys Martin.

Blue Jays 36th-round pick Scott Bradley is the son of former Mariners catcher Scott Bradley and the nephew of U.S. Men’s National Soccer team manager Michael Bradley.

D-backs 37th-round pick Mason Greer is the son of former Rangers outfielder Rusty Greer.

Nationals 37th-round pick Trei Cruz is the son of former Mariners and Blue Jays outfielder Jose Cruz Jr. and the grandson of former Astros and Cardinals outfielder Jose Cruz Sr.

Yankees 37th-round pick Bryce Jarvis is the son of former Reds and Padres pitcher Kevin Jarvis.

Astros 37th-round pick Max Dias is the son of Astros VP of communications Gene Dias.

Nationals 38th-round pick Tyler LaRue is the son of former Reds, Cardinals and Royals catcher Jason LaRue.

Padres 38th-round pick Cole Roberts is the son of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

Astros 38th-round pick J.C. Correa is the younger brother of Astros shortstop Carlos Correa.

Padres 39th-round pick Dylan Hoffman is the son of Padres third base coach Glenn Hoffman and the nephew of Hall of Fame closer Trevor Hoffman.

Cardinals 39th-round pick T.J. McKenzie is the younger brother of Indians pitching prospect Triston McKenzie.

Tigers 40th-round pick Gianluca Dalatri is the son of Brooklyn Nets strength and conditioning coach Rich Dalatri.

Twins 40th-round pick Logan Steenstra is the son of former Cubs pitcher Kennie Steenstra.

Dodgers 40th-round pick Ty Haselman is the son of 13-year big league catcher Bill Haselman, who previously managed Dodgers Triple-A affiliate Oklahoma City.


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