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Advisers For The Top 10 Rounds

First Round

1 Nationals. Stephen Strasburg, rhp Boras Corp.
2 Mariners. Dustin Ackley, of Boras Corp.
3 Padres. Donavan Tate, of Boras Corp.
4 Pirates. Tony Sanchez, c ACES (Hank King & Mike Zimmerman)
5 Orioles. Matt Hobgood, rhp Wasserman Media Group (Lenny Strelitz)
6 Giants. Zack Wheeler, rhp Jet Sports Management
7 Braves. Mike Minor, lhp Bo McKinnis
8 Reds. Mike Leake, rhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Dan Horwits)
9 Tigers. Jacob Turner, rhp Boras Corp.
10 Nationals. Drew Storen, rhp CAA
11 Rockies. Tyler Matzek, lhp Legacy Sports Group (Greg Genske)
12 Royals. Aaron Crow, rhp Hendricks Sports Management (J.D. Smart)
13 Athletics. Grant Green, ss Boras Corp.
14 Rangers. Matt Purke, lhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
15 Indians. Alex White, rhp Career Sports (Keith Grunewald)
16 Diamondbacks. Bobby Borchering, 3b SFX (Troy Caradonna)
17 Diamondbacks. A.J. Pollock, of Icon Sports Management (Rob Martin)
18 Marlins. Chad James, lhp Icon Sports Management (Rob Martin)
19 Cardinals. Shelby Miller, rhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
20 Blue Jays. Chad Jenkins, rhp ACES (Hank King & Brandon O’Hearn)
21 Astros. Jiovanni Mier, ss Legacy Sports Group (Greg Genske)
22 Twins. Kyle Gibson, rhp Randy Rowley
23 White Sox. Jared Mitchell, of CAA
24 Angels. Randal Grichuk, of SFX (Tom Little)
25 Angels. Mike Trout, of Landis/Seal/Ware
26 Brewers. Eric Arnett, rhp Sterling Sports Management (Joe Speed)
27 Mariners. Nick Franklin, ss SportsMeter (David Meter)
28 Red Sox. Reymond Fuentes, of MDR Sports Management (Melvin Roman)
29 Yankees. Slade Heathcott, of Frontline Athlete Management (Darek Braunecker)
30 Rays. LeVon Washington, 2b Boras Corp.
31 Cubs. Brett Jackson, of CAA
32 Rockies. Tim Wheeler, of Frontline Athlete Management (Jim Lindell)

Supplemental First Round

33 Mariners. Steven Baron, c All Star Group (Francis Marquez)
34 Rockies. Rex Brothers, lhp Jet Sports Management
35 Diamondbacks. Matt Davidson, 1b CAA
36 Dodgers. Aaron Miller, lhp Moye Sports Associates (Mike Moye & Bill Rose)
37 Blue Jays. James Paxton, lhp Boras Corp.
38 White Sox. Josh Phegley, c ProStar (Joe Bick)
39 Brewers. Kentrail Davis, of Boras Corp.
40 Angels. Tyler Skaggs, lhp CAA
41 Diamondbacks. Chris Owings, ss ACES (Brandon O’Hearn)
42 Angels. Garrett Richards, rhp Octagon (Fred Wray)
43 Reds. Brad Boxberger, rhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Steve Rath)
44 Rangers. Tanner Scheppers, rhp Legacy Sports Group (Greg Genske)
45 Diamondbacks. Mike Belfiore, lhp CAA
46 Twins. Matt Bashore, lhp ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
47 Brewers. Kyle Heckathorn, rhp Career Sports (Victor Menocal)
48 Angels. Tyler Kehrer, lhp None
49 Pirates. Victor Black, rhp CAA

Second Round

50 Nationals. Jeff Kobernus, 2b Steve Canter
51 Mariners. Rich Poythress, 1b ACES (Brandon O’Hearn)
52 Padres. Everett Williams, of Hendricks Sports Management (J.D. Smart)
53 Pirates. Brooks Pounders, rhp JBA Sports (John Boggs)
54 Orioles. Mychal Givens, ss Legacy Sports Group (Kenny Felder)
55 Giants. Tommy Joseph, c Gaylord Sports
56 Dodgers. Blake Smith, of Wasserman Media Group (Joel Wolfe)
57 Reds. Billy Hamilton, ss Nick Crawford
58 Tigers. Andrew Oliver, lhp Boras Corp.
59 Rockies. Nolan Arenado, 3b Beverly Hills Sports Council (Steve Rath)
60 Diamondbacks. Eric Smith, rhp ACES (Mike Zimmerman)
61 White Sox. Trayce Thompson, of Wasserman Media Group (Lenny Strelitz)
62 Rangers. Tommy Mendonca, 3b Beverly Hills Sports Council (Dan Horwits)
63 Indians. Jason Kipnis, of Octagon (Bobby Witt & Scott Pucino)
64 Diamondbacks. Marc Krauss, of Reynolds Sports Management (Matt Kinzer)
65 Dodgers. Garrett Gould, rhp Landis/Seal/Ware
66 Marlins. Bryan Berglund, rhp Elite Sports Group (Matt Kline)
67 Cardinals. Robert Stock, c Wasserman Media Group (Joel Wolfe)
68 Blue Jays. Jake Eliopoulos, lhp Spectrum Sports Group (Dan Lawson)
69 Astros. Tanner Bushue, rhp GPR Sports Management (Brian Grieper)
70 Twins. Billy Bullock, rhp Octagon (Bobby Witt)
71 White Sox. David Holmberg, lhp Barry Meister & Jim Bullinger
72 Mets. Steve Matz, lhp Icon Sports Management (Matt Cormier)
73 Brewers. Max Walla, of Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
74 Brewers. Cameron Garfield, c Gersh Agency (Joe Longo)
75 Phillies. Kelly Dugan, of Wasserman Media Group (Rich Aude)
76 Yankees. J.R. Murphy, c SFX (John Courtright)
77 Red Sox. Alex Wilson, rhp SFX (Tom Little)
78 Rays. Kenny Diekroeger, ss  
79 Cubs. D.J. LeMahieu, 2b TWC Management (Bobby Barad)
80 Angels. Pat Corbin, lhp None

Third Round

81 Nationals. Trevor Holder, rhp Allegiant Management (Bledsoe Brothers)
82 Mariners. Kyle Seager, 2b ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
83 Padres. Jerry Sullivan, rhp  
84 Pirates. Evan Chambers, of SFX (Reggie Jefferson)
85 Orioles. Tyler Townsend, 1b Gavin Kahn
86 Giants. Chris Dominguez, 3b Barry Meister & Jim Bullinger
87 Braves. David Hale, rhp Williams & Connolly (John Fetterolf)
88 Reds. Donnie Joseph, lhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
89 Tigers. Wade Gaynor, 3b Allegiant Management (Bledsoe Brothers)
90 Rockies. Ben Paulsen, 1b Jet Sports Management
91 Royals. Wil Myers, c/3b CAA
92 Athletics. Justin Marks, lhp ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
93 Rangers. Robbie Erlin, lhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
94 Indians. Joe Gardner, rhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
95 Diamondbacks. Keon Broxton, 3b SFX (Reggie Jefferson)
96 Dodgers. Brett Wallach, rhp  
97 Marlins. Marquise Cooper, of Sports Management Partners (Dave Stewart)
98 Cardinals. Joe Kelly, rhp ACES (Hank King)
99 Blue Jays. Jake Barrett, rhp Octagon (Alan Nero)
100 Astros. Telvin Nash, of Career Sports (Scott Barber)
101 Twins. Ben Tootle, rhp Bo McKinnis
102 White Sox. Bryan Morgado, lhp ACES (Mike Zimmerman)
103 Mets. Robbie Shields, ss SFX (Mark Pieper)
104 Blue Jays. Jake Marisnick, of Reynolds Sports Management
105 Brewers. Josh Prince, ss Bobby Straface
106 Phillies. Kyrell Hudson, of Frontline Athlete Management (Jim Lindell)
107 Red Sox. David Renfroe, ss ACES (Brandon O’Hearn)
108 Rays. Todd Glaesmann, of Select Sports Group (Gavin Wright)
109 Cubs. Austin Kirk, lhp Franklin-Frye Sports
110 Angels. Josh Spence, lhp
111 Astros. Jonathan Meyer, 3b Gersh Agency (Andy Shaw)

Fourth Round

112 Nationals. A.J. Morris, rhp Hendricks Sports Management (Matt Laird)
113 Mariners. James Jones, of Hendricks Sports Management (Jim Murray)
114 Padres. Keyvius Sampson, rhp None
115 Pirates. Zack Dodson, lhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
116 Orioles. Randy Henry, rhp Hendricks Sports Management (Curtis Dishman)
117 Giants. Jason Stoffel, rhp TWC Management (Paul Cohen)
118 Braves. Mycal Jones, ss Sports One Athlete Management (Doug Rogalski)
119 Reds. Mark Fleury, c  
120 Tigers. Edwin Gomez, ss Wasserman Media Group (Paul Kinzer)
121 Rockies. Kent Matthes, of CAA
122 Royals. Chris Dwyer, lhp Jack Toffey Sports Management
123 Athletics. Max Stassi, c Legacy Sports Group (Brodie Scoffield)
124 Rangers. Andrew Doyle, rhp Franklin-Frye Sports
125 Indians. Kyle Bellows, 3b Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
126 Diamondbacks. David Nick, ss Gersh Agency (Andy Shaw)
127 Dodgers. Angelo Songco, of Orpheus Sports (Joe Rosen)
128 Marlins. Dan Mahoney, rhp SFX (Reggie Jefferson)
129 Cardinals. Scott Bittle, rhp Sports Pro Services (Dan Burgers)
130 Blue Jays. Ryan Goins, ss Octagon (Bobby Witt)
131 Astros. B.J. Hyatt, rhp Palmetto Sports (Lee Long)
132 Twins. Derek McCallum, 2b Sterling Sports Management (Joe Speed)
133 White Sox. Matt Heidenreich, rhp None
134 Mets. Darrell Ceciliani, of Northwest Sports Management (Nik Lubisich)
135 Yankees. Adam Warren, rhp Landis/Seal/Ware (Adam Groff)
136 Brewers. Brooks Hall, rhp Palmetto Sports (Lee Long)
137 Phillies. Adam Buschini, 2b Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
138 Red Sox. Jeremy Hazelbaker, of ProStar (Joe Bick)
139 Rays. Luke Bailey, c Jet Sports Management
140 Cubs. Chris Rusin, lhp Sports One Athlete Management (Ryan Gleichowski)
141 Angels. Wes Hatton, 2b Gaylord Sports

Fifth Round

142 Nationals. Miguel Pena, lhp Icon Sports Management (Rob Martin)
143 Mariners. Tyler Blandford, rhp Octagon (Fred Wray)
144 Padres. Jason Hagerty, c Frontline Athlete Management (Alex Slattery)
145 Pirates. Nate Baker, lhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Steve Rath)
146 Orioles. Ashur Tolliver, lhp Frontline Athlete Management (Darek Braunecker)
147 Giants. Brandon Belt, 1b Hendricks Sports Management (J.D. Smart)
148 Braves. Thomas Berryhill, rhp Scott Siegel
149 Reds. Daniel Tuttle, rhp ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
150 Tigers. Austin Wood, lhp Sports Pro Services (Jason Rosas)
151 Rockies. Joseph Sanders, 3b True Gravity (Blake Corosky)
152 Royals. Louis Coleman, rhp  
153 Athletics. Steve Parker, 3b Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
154 Rangers. Nick McBride, rhp  
155 Indians. Austin Adams, rhp None
156 Diamondbacks. Ryan Wheeler, 1b CAA
157 Dodgers. J.T. Wise, c  
158 Marlins. Chase Austin, ss  
159 Cardinals. Ryan Jackson, ss Moye Sports Associates (Bill Rose)
160 Blue Jays. Ryan Schimpf, 2b Beverly Hills Sports Council (Wes Theriot)
161 Astros. Brandon Wikoff, ss None
162 Twins. Tobias Streich, c Jamie Brown
163 White Sox. Kyle Bellamy, rhp Legacy Sports Group (Mike Maulini)
164 Mets. Damien Magnifico, rhp  
165 Yankees. Caleb Cotham, rhp CAA
166 Brewers. D’Vontrey Richardson, of SFX (Reggie Jefferson)
167 Phillies. Matt Way, lhp  
168 Red Sox. Seth Schwindenhammer, of  
169 Rays. Jeff Malm, 1b Wasserman Media Group (Rich Aude)
170 Cubs. Wes Darvill, ss  
171 Angels. Casey Haerther, 1b Elite Sports Group (Matt Kline)

Sixth Round

172 Nationals. Michael Taylor, ss Team One Management (Rich Arena)
173 Mariners. Shaver Hansen, 3b Gaylord Sports
174 Padres. James Needy, rhp Gersh Agency (Andy Shaw)
175 Pirates. Zack Von Rosenberg, rhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Wes Theriot)
176 Orioles. Justin Dalles, c ACES (Hank King)
177 Giants. Matt Graham, rhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
178 Braves. Ryan Woolley, rhp  
179 Reds. Mark Serrano, rhp None
180 Tigers. Daniel Fields, ss SFX (John Courtright)
181 Rockies. Chris Balcom-Miller, rhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
182 Royals. Cole White, rhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
183 Athletics. Ryan Ortiz, c  
184 Rangers. Ruben Sierra Jr., of All Star Group (Francis Marquez)
185 Indians. Ben Carlson, 1b Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
186 Diamondbacks. Bradin Hagens, rhp None
187 Dodgers. Jan Vazquez, c Edwin Correa
188 Marlins. Dustin Dickerson, 1b Gaylord Sports
189 Cardinals. Virgil Hill, of  
190 Blue Jays. K.C. Hobson, of CAA
191 Astros. Enrique Hernandez, ss Edwin Rodriguez
192 Twins. Chris Herrmann, c  
193 White Sox. Justin Collop, rhp Sterling Sports Management (Joe Speed)
194 Mets. David Buchanan, rhp David Schwartz
195 Yankees. Rob Lyerly, 3b Palmetto Sports (Lee Long)
196 Brewers. Hiram Burgos, rhp None
197 Phillies. Steven Inch, rhp None
198 Red Sox. Branden Kline, rhp  
199 Rays. Devin Fuller, rhp None
200 Cubs. Brooks Raley, lhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
201 Angels. Danny Reynolds, rhp West Coast Sports (Bret Saberhagen)

Seventh Round

202 Nationals. Dean Weaver, rhp Career Sports (Victor Menocal)
203 Mariners. Brian Moran, lhp Moye Sports Associates (Scott Sanderson)
204 Padres. Miles Mikolas, rhp  
205 Pirates. Trent Stevenson, rhp Gaylord Sports
206 Orioles. Aaron Wirsch, lhp JBA Sports (John Boggs)
207 Giants. Nick Liles, 2b  
208 Braves. Robby Hefflinger, of  
209 Reds. Josh Fellhauer, of Beverly Hills Sports Council (Steve Rath)
210 Tigers. Jamie Johnson, of Gaylord Sports
211 Rockies. Erik Stavert, rhp Northwest Sports Management (Nik Lubisich)
212 Royals. Buddy Baumann, lhp Frontline Athlete Management (Darek Braunecker)
213 Athletics. Ian Krol, lhp SFX (Mark Pieper)
214 Rangers. Braxton Lane, of Legacy Sports Group (Kenny Felder)
215 Indians. Jordan Henry, of ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
216 Diamondbacks. Matt Helm, 3b Gaylord Sports
217 Dodgers. Brandon Martinez, rhp Sosnick & Cobbe
218 Marlins. Josh Hodges, rhp Platinum Sports (Nick Brockmeyer)
219 Cardinals. Kyle Conley, of Beverly Hills Sports Council (Jose Cruz Jr.)
220 Blue Jays. Egan Smith, lhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
221 Astros. Dallas Keuchel, lhp Frontline Athlete Management (Darek Braunecker)
222 Twins. Brad Stillings, rhp SFX (John Courtright)
223 White Sox. Justin Jones, lhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
224 Mets. Darin Gorski, lhp Jeff Randazzo
225 Yankees. Sean Black, rhp ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
226 Brewers. Khris Davis, of Octagon (Alan Nero)
227 Phillies. Brody Colvin, rhp CAA
228 Red Sox. Madison Younginer, rhp SFX (Troy Caradonna)
229 Rays. Cody Rogers, of  
230 Cubs. Blair Springfield, ss None
231 Angels. Jon Karcich, ss None

Eighth Round

232 Nationals. Roberto Perez, ss MDR Sports Management (Melvin Roman)
233 Mariners. Jimmy Gilheeney, lhp Octagon (Alan Nero)
234 Padres. Nate Freiman, 1b Jason Cook
235 Pirates. Colton Cain, lhp Franklin-Frye Sports
236 Orioles. Devin Harris, of Diakon Baseball Group (Joe Kohm)
237 Giants. Karl Benusa, of None
238 Braves. Kyle Rose, of  
239 Reds. Juan Silva, of Edwin Correa
240 Tigers. Craig Fritsch, rhp SFX (Mike Milchin)
241 Rockies. Rob Scahill, rhp Total Care Sports Management (Marc Kligman)
242 Royals. Dusty Odenbach, rhp  
243 Athletics. Rob Gilliam, rhp None
244 Rangers. Braden Tullis, rhp Northwest Sports Management (Nik Lubisich)
245 Indians. Cory Burns, rhp Gaylord Sports
246 Diamondbacks. Paul Goldschmidt, 1b None
247 Dodgers. Jonathan Garcia, of Jose Texidor
248 Marlins. Stephen Richards, lhp None
249 Cardinals. Jason Stidham, ss  
250 Blue Jays. Brian Slover, rhp Total Care Sports Management (Marc Kligman)
251 Astros. Brandt Walker, rhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
252 Twins. Brian Dozier, ss  
253 White Sox. Ryan Buch, rhp Jeff Randazzo
254 Mets. Taylor Freeman, c  
255 Yankees. Sam Elam, lhp Hendricks Sports Management (Matt Laird)
256 Brewers. Chad Stang, of Total Care Sports Management (Marc Kligman)
257 Phillies. Jonathan Singleton, 1b Sosnick & Cobbe (Adam Karon)
258 Red Sox. Shannon Wilkerson, of Palmetto Sports Council (Jeff Cordova)
259 Rays. Brett Nommensen, of None
260 Cubs. Robert Whitenack, rhp Barry Meister & Jim Bullinger
261 Angels. Carlos Ramirez, c Beverly Hills Sports Council

Ninth Round

262 Nationals. Taylor Jordan, rhp X Factor Sports (Corey Goldfarb)
263 Mariners. Trevor Coleman, c Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
264 Padres. Chris Fetter, rhp Sterling Sports Management (Joe Speed)
265 Pirates. Brock Holt, 2b None
266 Orioles. Ryan Berry, rhp None
267 Giants. Evan Crawford, of ProFormance (Andrew Lowenthal)
268 Braves. Matt Weaver, ss  
269 Reds. Brian Pearl, rhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Steve Rath)
270 Tigers. John Murrian, c Benchmark Sports Advisors (Tracy Paul Hunt)
271 Rockies. Wes Musick, lhp Select Sports Group (Peter Vescovo)
272 Royals. Ben Theriot, c Hendricks Sports Management (J.D. Smart)
273 Athletics. Myrio Richard, of Sports Management Partners (Dave Stewart)
274 Rangers. Jabari Blash, of SportsMeter (David Meter)
275 Indians. Preston Guilmet, rhp Sports One Athlete Management (Ryan Gleichowski)
276 Diamondbacks. Chase Anderson, rhp Gaylord Sports
277 Dodgers. Bryant Hernandez, ss  
278 Marlins. Jobduan Morales, c  
279 Cardinals. Nick McCully, rhp  
280 Blue Jays. Aaron Loup, lhp Beverly Hills Sports Council (Dan Horwits)
281 Astros. Ben Orloff, ss None
282 Twins. Nick Lockwood, ss  
283 White Sox. Matt Hopps, rhp None
284 Mets. Jeff Glenn, c None
285 Yankees. Gavin Brooks, lhp Boras Corp.
286 Brewers. Jon Pokorny, lhp  
287 Phillies. Aaron Altherr, of None
288 Red Sox. Kendal Volz, rhp Hendricks Sports Management (Matt Laird)
289 Rays. Kevin James, lhp Drana Group (Stefano Bando)
290 Cubs. Richard Jones, c Benchmark Sports Advisors (Tracy Paul Hunt)
291 Angels. David Carpenter, rhp None

Tenth Round

292 Nationals. Paul Applebee, lhp Steve Schneider
293 Mariners. Vinnie Catricala, 3b None
294 Padres. Ryan Hinson, lhp SFX (Mike Milchin)
295 Pirates. Joey Schoenfeld, c None
296 Orioles. Jacob Cowan, rhp Hendricks Sports Management (Curtis Dishman)
297 Giants. Jeremy Toole, rhp Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
298 Braves. Aaron Northcraft, rhp  
299 Reds. Tucker Barnhart, c Beverly Hills Sports Council (Wes Theriot)
300 Tigers. Chris Sedon, 2b None
301 Rockies. Charlie Ruiz, rhp Alex Hauger
302 Royals. Geoff Baldwin, 1b Sosnick & Cobbe (Jonathan Pridie)
303 Athletics. Sam Dyson, rhp SFX (Mark Pieper)
304 Rangers. Thomas Lemke, rhp Randy Rowley
305 Indians. Brett Brach, rhp Big League Management (Brian Charles)
306 Diamondbacks. Tyson Van Winkle, c None
307 Dodgers. Andy Suiter, lhp Steve Canter
308 Marlins. Matt Montgomery, rhp Gersh Agency (Andy Shaw)
309 Cardinals. Hector Hernandez, lhp Edwin Correa
310 Blue Jays. Yan Gomes, c Moye Sports Associates (Bill Rose)
311 Astros. Erik Castro, 3b Page Odle
312 Twins. Blake Dean, of Jet Sports Management
313 White Sox. Nick Ciolli, of None
314 Mets. Nick Santomauro, of  
315 Yankees. Tyler Lyons, lhp Icon Sports Management (Rob Martin)
316 Brewers. Tyler Roberts, c Coby Robinson
317 Phillies. Josh Zeid, rhp Brian McCafferty
318 Red Sox. Brandon Jacobs, of Jet Sports Management
319 Rays. Derek Dennis, ss Frontline Athlete Management (Darek Braunecker)
320 Cubs. Charles Thomas, 3b  
321 Angels. Jake Locker, of

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