Wilson’s 2023 A2K Lineup Offers Five Professional-Grade Gloves, Including New Outfielder Pattern

Image credit: Wilson Evoshield (John Barton)

Legendary Wilson glove designer Shigeaki Aso turned his full attention on the 2023 A2K lineup, offering updates to classic styles and an all-new 1810 outfield pattern.  

The fresh A2K lineup features five professional-level patterns, with an all-new 12.75-inch 1810 outfielder’s glove and updates to the 1786 and 1787 infield gloves, the D33 pitcher’s glove and M1D catcher’s mitt.  

Every Wilson A2K gets built in the brand’s Japanese factory with Pro Stock Select leather, the top 5% of all hides brought in by the company. Wilson adds double-palm construction, with an extra piece of leather in the palm to help with glove shaping and create a long-lasting pocket.  

Highlighting the 2023 lineup is the new outfield glove pattern, the 1810, which Aso designed to improve durability and fit security. The design includes a modified wrist strap and wider pinky finger stall.  

“With players now typically preferring to put two fingers in the pinky stall, the 1810 features a newly shaped wrist strap that better holds the back of a player’s hand,” Aso says. “The back pinky bends toward the player’s hand, holding it snug without feeling too tight.”  

A wider palm liner allows outfielders to wear the 1810 glove with two or even three fingers in the pinky, but still with control. A traditional wrist strap maintains a smooth shape across the back of the hand, but the newly designed 1810 strap is cut to better hold the back of the hand no matter how a player wears the glove, Aso says. The pattern includes a longer finger divider between the middle and ring finger stalls, extending lower into the palm liner to secure the fit without tightness.  

Aso says these changes “combine into one glove made for a better fit. When a player catches a ball at the top of the glove fingers, the glove will hold its shape better and it will not bend.”  

Wilson believes it can prolong the life of the 1810 by extending the felt layer all the way to the palm laces.

“It is designed to make it easier to close the glove while keeping its shape,” Aso says, adding it will improve the life of the pinky finger section of the glove.  

Tied off laces between the middle and ring fingers are designed to create a cushion between the fingers when outfielders close the glove.  

The 1786 11.5-inch infield glove features a shallow-pocket construction. The 2023 version includes black leather and SuperSkin to repel moisture, reduce weight and improve durability. The 11.75-inch 1887 infield glove features tan leather meant for a “timeless look.” The patented dimpled texture of the Spin Control Technology in the palm is designed to increase friction against the ball for improved command of the infield. The glove also comes in SuperSkin.  

Wilson has an 11.75-inch pitcher’s glove, the D33, with a closed pro-laced web and deep pocket to conceal pitch grips. The M1D 33.5-inch catcher’s mitt features leather and SuperSnakeSkin.  

Wilson says the 2023 line, which features a mixture of vintage tan, coal and black, was built to look “clean and classic.”  

Tim Newcomb covers gear and business for Baseball America. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.  

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