Welcome To Our New Home


Hello Baseball Americans,

Welcome to the new and improved Baseball America. 

It’s prettier.

It’s faster.

It’s better on your phone.

We now have a lot better ways to highlight the content you want to read that in the past often got buried somewhere on page five of a subpage.

Hey, we now have a working search function. If you’ve had trouble finding stories you want to read in the search engine on our site in the past, we completely understand. We’ve had the same issues. Thankfully that’s much improved.

But we also ask you to pardon our dust. If you’ve ever moved, you know the frustration and stress that comes anytime you load up a truck and pack everything into boxes.

You may be moving into a nicer house or apartment. It’s going to be great in the long-term, but the process of actually moving is something no one enjoys. We’re in the midst of that move.

So thank you for coming to our new home, and we’re glad you’ve come to look around. But we do also ask for your patience as we work through our punch list of final items that aren’t perfect yet. We’re working as fast and as hard as we can to resolve those issues.

Before long, we expect there will be nothing about the old site that is better than what we’re offering here. But we have run into a few hurdles we’re trying to clear up.

1. Customer login issues.

As part of our new Website, we also migrated to new customer service software. It seems to be working well for most, but we are working through some migration issues. If you are a subscriber who is having any problems logging into the site, please contact us at customerservice@baseballamerica.com. We cleared many of those issues today, we hope to have any remaining issues cleared up in the very near future. Feel free to also reach out directly to me, JJ Cooper, at jjcooper (at) baseballamerica.com if you need additional assistance.

2. Statistics

Stats are briefly unavailable as we roll out the new Website. We plan to have them back as quickly as we can, and we can promise our statistical offerings will be much improved before long. We were quite frustrated with the paucity of our stat offerings, and we are going to improve that as well as make them more in depth and easier to use for everyone. We apologize for this untimely delay and are working to get them back on the site in the near future.

3. Other Issues

If you have any other questions, we want to help. Again, you can email customerservice@baseballamerica.com or myself, JJ Cooper, at jjcooper (at) baseballamerica.com. We want to know what you think, what you like about the site, what you can’t find and what you think we should improve.

If you have any questions, we want to answer them. But our promise is that this is going to be the best BaseballAmerica.com we’ve ever had. It’s not just a fresh coat of paint. We now have the framing to add on features we couldn’t do before.

We’re excited to keep rolling out new features week after week as we keep improving the new site. The best is ahead of us.

Thank you for being a Baseball American.

JJ Cooper

Baseball America

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