Top 50 International Prospects For July 2

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These are Baseball America’s rankings for the top 50 international prospects eligible to sign on July 2.

Players with the best combination of tools, baseball skills and positional value rise toward the top of the list. The top three players separated themselves as the elite players in the class, with the top five all earning widespread praise for their well-rounded combination of tools and game skills.

While there are thousands of players looking to sign with teams and at least 600 or so who sign annually, every player is on this list because there were scouts who liked them. The lower you go down the list, the thinner the spread in talent becomes. Some teams prefer premium athletes with loud tools and raw skills, while others place a higher value on players with more present feel for the game, instincts and hitting ability, even if the tools don’t stand out as much. Then there are players who combine the best of both worlds but had a lower profile and managed to fly under the radar, like Victor Robles, who end up being huge bargains.

Projecting the futures of players who are 15 and 16 involves a tremendous amount of risk and failure, with significant disagreements among scouts on players who are often evaluated in private workouts and can look different from one month to the next. This year, one of the most challenging aspects in putting together this list is that many of these players reached oral agreements to sign with teams last year—some even before July 2 last year—and haven’t been seen as much recently. A player’s signing bonus is not necessarily his value on July 2, but what a team felt he was worth at the time they reached an agreement.

Due to the unique circumstances of Cuban players and how they become available to sign with major league teams, we have not included them in these rankings. We have covered those players in our rankings of the top Cuban players before they left the country, with follow-up reports elsewhere on BA about their progress since then, with many players still waiting for MLB to clear them to sign.

Rank, Player
Pos. Country Video
1. Kevin Maitan ss Venezuela Link
2. Luis Almanzar ss Dominican Republic Link
3. Luis Garcia ss Dominican Republic Link
4. Gabriel Arias ss Venezuela Link
5. Freudis Nova ss Dominican Republic Link
6. Jeisson Rosario of Dominican Republic Link
7. David Garcia c Venezuela Link
8. Yunior Severino ss Dominican Republic Link
9. Jose Sanchez ss Venezuela
10. Victor Garcia of Venezuela Link
11. Yorbin Ceuta ss Venezuela Link
12. Francisco Morales rhp Venezuela
13. Marcos Brito ss Dominican Republic Link
14. Yasel Antuna ss Dominican Republic Link
15. Abrahan Gutierrez c Venezuela Link
16. Livan Soto ss Venezuela
17. Luis Noguera lhp Venezuela
18. Diego Infante of Venezuela
19. Brayan Gonzalez ss Venezuela Link
20. Jean Carlos Carmona ss Dominican Republic
21. Yeikel Blandin of Dominican Republic Link
22. Alison Quintero c Venezuela
23. Wencel Perez ss Dominican Republic Link
24. Yerdel Vargas ss Dominican Republic Link
25. Roancy Contreras rhp Dominican Republic
26. Yefri Del Rosario rhp Dominican Republic Link
27. Marcos Gonzalez ss Dominican Republic Link
28. Justin Lopez ss Venezuela
29. Luis Veloz of Dominican Republic Link
30. Ricardo Mendez of Venezuela
31. Roimer Bolivar of Venezuela
32. Yenci Pena ss Dominican Republic Link
33. Josue Guerrero of Dominican Republic Link
34. Tirso Ornelas of Mexico Link
35. Carlos Soler of Dominican Republic
36. Luis Mieses of Dominican Republic Link
37. Anderson Cosma of Dominican Republic Link
38. Leuri Mejia of Dominican Republic Link
39. Kevin Richards of Dominican Republic Link
40. Angel Macuare rhp Venezuela
41. Juan Contreras rhp Dominican Republic Link
42. Diego Blanco of Venezuela
43. Nerio Rodriguez c Dominican Republic Link
44. Pablo Abreu of Dominican Republic
45. Nicolas Torres ss Venezuela
46. Deurys Carrasco ss Dominican Republic Link
47. Juan Aparicio c Venezuela
48. Michell Miliano rhp Dominican Republic Link
49. Alexander Campos ss Venezuela Link
50. Yordy Barley ss Dominican Republic Link


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