RoboScout Top MLB Prospects At Every Level On May 26, 2024


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! This weekend traditionally kicks off summer with plenty of barbecues. It’s also, traditionally, a time for fantasy managers to take honest stock of whether their rosters are cooked, and if contention is in the cards this year. For dynasty managers, this might be the weekend that you decide that you will be rebuilding for the future.

Which prospects should you pick up to help restock your farm? Let RoboScout help.

Complex League Hitters (min 20 PA)

1Dameury PenaMIN100100
2Brailer GuerreroTBR8993
3Jeremy RodriguezNYM9992
4Starlyn CabaPHI8689
5Edgleen PerezNYY8488
6Robert CalazCOL9185
7Andruw MusettBOS7783
8Enrique JimenezDET8083
9Eduardo QuinteroLAD7982
10Demetrio CrisantesARI7582
11Larry MartinezTBR7481
12Filippo Di TuriMIL9680
13Leandro AriasBAL7480
14Franyerber MontillaDET7380
15Franklin AriasBOS7579
16Welbyn FranciscaCLE7177
17Edwin AmparoBAL7077
18Yassel SolerARI7176
19Brian SanchezNYY6976
20Richard RamirezPIT7575
21Felnin CelestenSEA8275
22Yeiker ReyesCOL7874
23Alexander AlbertusLAD6874
24Jhonny SeverinoPIT8074
25Mario BaezATL8473

The catching prospect renaissance continues. A pair of 18-year-old Venezuelan receivers find themselves in the top 10: Enrique Jimenez (Tigers No. 23 prospect) and Andruw Musett (Red Sox). Jimenez was a $1.25 million international signing for Detroit in 2023 on the strength of his switch-hitting gap power and athleticism behind the dish. The Red Sox signed Musett for only $90,000. So far in 2024, they are showing similar hitting profiles at the Complex League. 

They both have an OPS above .900, more walks than strikeouts, andmore concerninglygroundball rates above 50%. They’re also showing similar Statcast data: plus contact rates, plus swing decisions for the level, along with solidly average exit velocities and barrel rates. Tigers catching prospect Josue Briceno is an obvious comparison after dominating the FCL last year. But to put it in context, although Musett and Jimenez are performing at a level one standard deviation above the average Complex League hitter, neither have been as dominant as Briceno was in 2023. One interesting defensive note? Mussett has thrown out 55% of base stealers, though he has played first base as often as catcher. 

Two other 19-year-old middle infielders, Demetrio Crisantes (Diamondbacks) and Franyerber Montilla (Tigers), find themselves near the top of the rankings. They both have huge Statcast data and more walks than strikeouts. 

Crisantes may even be a better prospect than fellow D-backs prospect Yassel Soler, who we discussed last week. Amongst Complex League hitters with 40 plate appearances or more (over 170 hitters), Cristante has the 11th-highest contact rate and the 12th-highest barrel rate, with a Z-Swing% minus O-Swing%a proxy for swing decisionsof nearly 17% ranking 11th. That’s the trifecta of Statcast ingredients we look for: swing decisions, contact skills, and an ability to barrel the ball with authorityincluding a 90th percentile exit velocity above 104 mph. The Arizona prep product also has plus speed. Crisantes is one of the hitters I’m most eager to see promoted to full-season ball. He’s a target for me this week.

Meanwhile, we identified Montilla as a name to know outside the Tigers’ Top 30 prior to the season. He’s an athletic middle infielder with a plus arm and a solid hit tool. Although he repeated the DSL in 2023, improving his contact and barrel rates, he has really taken a step forward stateside, ranking 14th and 25th respectively for contact rate and barrel rate for Complex League hitters with 40 plate appearances or more. He has shown even better swing decisions than Crisantes and has already exceeded his 2023 maximum exit velocity on two occasions this year.

Despite being older, I would have both Crisantes and Montilla well ahead of Musett and Jimenez on any prospect list.

Angels LHP Sadiel Baro turned in the best pitching performance of the week, striking out 15 batters over 10.2 innings with only one walk. He has a 29% strikeout-minus-walk rate and a 68% groundball rate this year. 

Despite limited data, the Cuban has a quite interesting arsenal. He showed a six-pitch mix last year that didn’t seem overly impressive. He showed an 88 mph fastball from a high release point and extremely short extension and a 77 mph curveball that has some two-plane movement. RoboScout is exercising caution when folding in the Stuff+.

Low-A Hitters (min 45 PA)

1Colt EmersonSEA96100
2Lazaro MontesSEA100100
3Jeral PerezLAD8596
4Jonny FarmeloSEA8492
5Aidan SmithSEA9092
6Kevin McGonigleDET7789
7Jaison ChourioCLE7989
8Ralphy VelazquezCLE8386
9Alfredo DunoCIN8286
10Zyhir HopeLAD7185
11Josue BricenoDET7284
12Tai PeeteSEA7683
13Cristofer TorinARI7383
14Max ClarkDET7383
15Jesus BaezNYM7282
16Blake MitchellKCR7480
17Angel GenaoCLE6580
18Josue De PaulaLAD6378
19Aidan MillerPHI6777
20Marco VargasNYM6077
21Thomas SosaBAL6376
22Jean JosephTOR6175
23Bryce EldridgeSFG6675
24Yophery RodriguezMIL7775
25Michael ArroyoSEA7075

We’ve yet to call out Blue Jays outfielder Jean Joseph despite showing up on the Low-A hitting list the past few weeks. A 2022 international signee via the Dominican Republic, Joseph had good center field instincts and athleticism, but needed to develop power. He’s splitting time between right and center field this year and his 90th percentile exit velocities and barrel rates have improved improved each of the last three years. Couple that with his better-than-average swing decisions and plus contact rate and we have the ingredients for a potential outfield regular. In the interest of irresponsibility, below are a comparison of some key Statcast metrics between Joseph and another 19-year-old international outfielder: Lazaro Montes (Mariners No. 4 prospect).

 Contact%zContact%90thEV“Barrel”%Max EVChase%
L Montes71%75%104 mph18%108 mph24%
J Joseph77%85%102 mph17%107 mph17%

Yes, Montes outshines him in the power metrics but Joseph has a significant advantage in his swing decisions and contact ability. He’s an underrated outfielder in 2024.

Marco Vargas (Mets No. 17 prospect) was a standout in 2023 with the Marlins and finished the season with the Metsafter being traded for David Robertsonwith the third-highest on-base percentage in the FCL. With outstanding bat-to-ball skills, the concern has been about the second baseman’s ability to provide impact on contact. Well, in 2024, he’s improved even further on his hit tool, lowering his swinging strike rate to below 5% and ranking in the top five in contact rate at Low-A.

Still, the ISO is in the 20th percentile. Additionally, his groundball rate has ballooned to above 55% as he’s raised his pull rate to above 40% for the first time in his career. The scouting report remains the same: excellent bat control and swing decisions but questions continue about his ability to inflict damage. Having just turned 19 years old a few weeks ago, RoboScout still thinks the hit tool is strong enough to rank in the top 25 at the level.

Angel Genao (Guardians No. 12 prospect) continues to climb up the RoboScout Low-A rankings. He’s one of two 20-year-olds in the top 25Phillies No. 4 prospect Aidan Miller is the other. 

Prior to the year, it was unclear whether Genao could stick at shortstop or would inevitably slide to third base to take advantage of his arm strength. Genao appears to have improved defensively. Much like Vargas, Genao has precocious bat-to-ball abilitythough is much more of a free-swingerbut has significantly more power, with five home runs on the year already and a barrel rate that is 12th amongst hitters 20 or younger who have at least 100 plate appearances. 

Also like Vargas, Genao has a groundball rate that is above 50% but encouragingly has a much higher proportion of his balls in play fall between 10 and 30%actually higher than league averageindicating that there is much less of a launch angle concern with Genao. Having just left his teenage years a week ago, the arrow is way up on Genao, especially if he can stick at shortstop.

Low-A Pitchers (min 15 IP)

1Matt WilkinsonCLE100100
2Jonah TongNYM9097
3Quinn MathewsSTL8495
4George KlassenPHI8092
5Santiago SuarezTBR7688
6Bishop LetsonMIL7788
7Alejandro RosarioTEX7386
8Didier FuentesATL7485
9Yujanyer HerreraMIL8385
10Franklin GomezNYM7682
11Luis SernaNYY7581
12Thomas WhiteMIA7080
13Manuel RodriguezMIL7580
14Michael ForretBAL7280
15Gary Gill HillTBR7579
16Welinton HerreraCOL6578
17Jace KaminskaCOL6878
18Barrett KentLAA6978
19Luis De LeonBAL7377
20Josh GroszNYY6677
21Kohl DrakeTEX7377
22Jarlin SusanaWSN6176
23Tyler GoughSEA5976
24Noble MeyerMIA6475
25Jedixson PaezBOS7575

Didier Fuentes ranked 23rd last week and thenpoof!he’s now eighth after dissecting Low-A Kannapoliks on Wednesday. He struck out 11 batters and walked none over five innings predominantly utilizing a two-pitch mix. The four-seam fastball sits 93 mph with an extremely flat VAA. He relies on it nearly two-thirds of the time, and why not? It generates whiffs over 35% of the time coming in with with high extension and an extremely low-release slot. The 83 mph slider has bullet spin and is a solid complement. On the season, the 19-year-old has a 29% strikeout rate and 7% walk ratebut over his last five starts, he has had a 34% strikeout rate.

Keep an eye on Rockies reliever Welinton Herrera. He’s the highest-ranked Low-A relief pitcher on the list, even despite getting dinged for having the lower future expected fantasy value of a bullpen arm. Herrera has a 47% strikeout rate, only a 5% walk rate, and a 71% groundball rate on the season. The lefthander has been even more unhittable recently with a 0.49 WHIP and 0.00 ERA over his last nine appearances spanning 15 innings. 

The 20-year-old reliever has a 94 mph four-seam fastball that comes in extremely flat from a low release, leading to a 49% whiff ratemore than double the average whiff rate for a Low-A four-seam fastball. His slider comes in at 83 mph and has bullet spin, getting slightly below-average whiffs but that he lands for strikes. From a movement and velocity point of view, his slider comps quite closely to Samuel Aldegheri (Phillies No. 12 prospect) which we have graded as a 50. The only other three pitchers who were in their age-20 season or younger and posted a higher strikeout minus walk rate in Low-A with at least 10 innings pitched since 2006 were Craig Kimbrel (2008), Chris Paddack (2016) and Jaime Melendez (2021). Strong company.

High-A Hitters (min 50 PA)

1Luke KeaschallMIN100100
2Carter JensenKCR9696
3Sal StewartCIN8787
4Alex FreelandLAD8084
5Xavier IsaacTBR8184
6Yohendrick PinangoCHC7781
7Jefferson RojasCHC7779
8Ethan SalasSDP9278
9Mike BoeveMIL7278
10Luke AdamsMIL7678
11Cam CollierCIN8077
12Jay Allen IICIN8277
13Thayron LiranzoLAD7877
14Sebastian WalcottTEX8877
15Samuel ZavalaCHW7476
16Hector RodriguezCIN7175
17C.J. KayfusCLE7275
18Henry BolteOAK7974
19Nate FurmanCLE6774
20Ricardo OlivarMIN6772
21Joe MackMIA7271
22Hendry MendezPHI6870
23Pedro RamirezCHC6969
24Rubel CespedesMIN6067
25Will SimpsonOAK6167

Rangers prospect Sebastian Walcott is quietly getting hot after a slow start. He has three home runs, three steals and a 119 wRC+ in his last 100 plate appearances after posting a 38 wRC+ in his first 50 plate appearances. He chased 25% of the time entering May, but has cut it to an excellent 15% this month, bringing his season rate down to a one-standard-deviation-better-than-average 20.5% on the year. We all know about his incredible powerhe has had more than seven balls off the bat recorded at over 106 mphand boasts the highest 90th percentile exit velocity and max exit velocity among teenagers in High-A, including Cam Collier.

Another slow starter, Samuel Zavala (White Sox No. 7 prospect) has also turned it on in May. After hitting an anemic .185/.254/.296 in his first 60 plate appearances with only one home run, the former Padre has a 108 wRC+ in his last 100 plate appearances. Although the batting average is still just barely above the Mendoza lineheretofore referred to as the “Gallo line”Zavala raised his contact rate from 70% in his first 60 plate appearances to 75% on the year.

More encouragingly, in 2023 over 515 plate appearances, Zavala had a maximum exit velocity of just over 106.7 mph (with a 90th percentile exit velocity of 101 mph). Already in 2024, the outfielder has had nine instances of balls of the bat exceeding 105 mph and set a new maximum exit velocity of 111 mph. A once-highly ranked fantasy prospect, it will be interesting to see how the rest of 2024 plays out, but so far the results have been encouraging.

Ricardo Olivar (Twins) didn’t make our Twins Top 30 but is showing a solidly red Statcast profile. In 2023, he had above-average marks for contact rate, barrel rate, chase rate, and 90th percentile exit velocity. In 2024, he’s met or exceeded each of these metrics while adding more velocity. Playing approximately two-thirds of his games behind the dish, and one-third split between left field or DH, the Venezuelan is showing an intriguing power bat profile who will pose an interesting Rule 5 decision quandary for the Twins as he will be eligible at the end of the season, along with Rubel Cespedes. RoboScout thinks the Twins should probably add both to the 40-man roster.

Finally, two players in the High-A Top 10 have slumped significantly: Jefferson Rojas (Cubs No. 5 prospect) has zero home runs and only a 66 wRC+ in his last 115 plate appearances and Cam Collier (Reds No. 3 prospect) has a .186/.243/.335 slash line, though with three home runs, over that same time period.

High-A Pitchers (min 13 IP)

1Noah SchultzCHW99100
2Luis PeralesBOS9899
3Owen MurphyATL10098
4Zebby MatthewsMIN8890
5Jaden HammDET9689
6Chase DollanderCOL8789
7Brett WichrowskiMIL8484
8Winston SantosTEX8184
9Moises ChaceBAL7982
10Sean SullivanCOL9481
11Trevor MartinTBR8580
12Edgar PortesBAL7680
13Quinn MathewsSTL7980
14Nolan McLeanNYM7479
15Andry LaraWSN8676
16Alessandro ErcolaniPIT7076
17Juan Daniel EncarnacionBOS7475
18Jake BlossHOU7175
19Andrew MorrisMIN8275
20Peter HeubeckLAD7474
21Rhett LowderCIN7874
22Juan NunezBAL7174
23Joseph MontalvoTEX7573
24Cam SchlittlerNYY7073
25Mitch BrattTEX8173

Red Sox RHP Luis Perales ranked fifth last week, then exploded for a 12-strikeout performance at the beginning of the week that Josh Norris happened to catch and write about here. Perales has the highest swinging strike rate among all High-A pitchers since April 20 who have accrued at least 11 innings, the fourth-highest strikeout rate, and has managed to keep his walk rate below 9% during that span of 21 innings.

Rangers No. 29 prospect Joseph Montalvo has crept into the top 25 after performing like a top-five pitcher in the last month. This past week, the 24-year-old Puerto Rican righthander hurled 11 innings, striking out 17 hapless batters while only walking one. The 2021 20th-round draft pick has a three-pitch mix headlined by an 80 mph slider that has over 13 inches of horizontal break and gets over 40% whiffs while limiting damage against it to the tune of a .150 xwOBA.

His four-seam fastball is “only” 92 mph but he has over six and a half feet of extension on it, leading it to play up and generate above average whiffs. Interestingly, two weeks ago, he hadn’t hit 93 mph on the gun yet, but has reached 94 mph in the last two weeks. The concern with Montalvo has been his ability to command his pitches, and his 38% ball% on the season for his fastball shows it’s still a work-in-progress. However, judging from his 6% walk rate over his last 24 innings, he is making progress and has put himself in a better position to become a back-of-the-rotation starter.

Double-A Hitters (min 50 PA)

1Agustin RamirezNYY100100
2Carson WilliamsTBR9696
3Emmanuel RodriguezMIN9592
4Alex FreelandLAD8790
5Matthew LugoBOS8988
6Moises BallesterosCHC8286
7Harry FordSEA8686
8Cole YoungSEA8184
9Roman AnthonyBOS7781
10Jett WilliamsNYM7579
11Zac VeenCOL7974
12Samuel BasalloBAL7974
13Deyvison De Los SantosARI8271
14Jacob WilsonOAK7171
15Dylan BeaversBAL7571
16Colby ThomasOAK6770
17Marcelo MayerBOS6669
18James TriantosCHC6469
19Mike BoeveMIL6169
20Brady HouseWSN7969
21Tyler LocklearSEA6869
22Brooks BaldwinCHW6868
23Nacho Alvarez Jr.ATL6768
24Benjamin CowlesNYY6567
25Edgar QueroCHW6367

On April 20, Mariners top prospect Cole Young had no home runs and an 87 wRC+ in 57 plate appearances. It appeared on the surface that perhaps being assigned to Double-A Arkansas at 20 years old was too aggressive. Since then, however, in just under 120 plate appearances, he’s hit four bombs while stealing four bases and chipped in a wRC+ of 120. As one of only seven players who are 20 years old or younger in Double-A, Young is in the 90th percentile for avoiding strikeouts and RoboScout sees him as a hitter with above-average batting average and on-base ability, 20 home run power at peak and 10 to 15 stolen bases. Add in the fact that he also plays solid up-the-middle defense and you have an easy top-50 fantasy prospect.

Alex Freeland (Dodgers No. 27 prospect) has not stopped hitting since being promoted to Double-A at the end of April. He has a 185 wRC+, three home runs and six stolen bases at the level with more walks than strikeouts. Continuing to show his excellent swing decisions, and maintain the incredible halving of his whiff rate from 2023, Freeland is one of the top breakouts of 2024 for me.

After beginning the Double-A season as the youngest hitter in the league, Nelson Rada (Angels No. 2 prospect) started off abysmally slow with a 32 wRC+ in his first 53 plate appearances. Since then, the Angels outfielder has a 116 wRC+ with 15 stolen bases in just over 100 plate appearances. As a reminder, he is the youngest hitter in the league and on the season has a lower strikeout rate than Carson Williams (Rays No. 2 prospect), Emmanuel Rodriguez (Twins No. 2 prospect) and Roman Anthony (Red Sox No. 1 prospect) while having a higher on-base percentage than James Triantos (Cubs No. 10 prospect) and Samuel Basallo (Orioles No. 2 prospect). 

There are certainly valid concerns. Rada has a 58% groundball rate. His exit velocities are much improved from last year: His 90th percentile exit velocity is higher than Kyle Teel (Red Sox No. 3 prospect) for example, and a maximum exit velocity that is nearly 6 mph higher than Jett Williams (Mets No. 1 prospect). But his 6% barrel rate speaks to his inability to actualize his hardest hit balls at the ideal launch angles. Although he is not currently on the season rankings on account of his slow start, his solid May would have him firmly in the top 20 Double-A rankings if RoboScout ignored the first three weeks of the season.

Double-A Pitchers (min 13 IP)

1Zebby MatthewsMIN97100
2Yilber DiazARI10098
3Chandler ChamplainKCR9995
4Carson PalmquistCOL9494
5Tink HenceSTL9992
6Ben CaspariusLAD8791
7Blade TidwellNYM8691
8Spencer SchwellenbachATL9790
9Ian SeymourTBR10090
10Miguel UllolaHOU8488
11Justin WrobleskiLAD8688
12Zach PenrodBOS9487
13Brandon YoungBAL9587
14Braxton AshcraftPIT8786
15Kyle McGowinCHC8485
16Jackson JobeDET7985
17Mason AdamsCHW9485
18Mason BarnettKCR8884
19Ian MejiaATL9084
20Tyler StuartNYM8583
21Ty MaddenDET8883
22Jake BlossHOU8083
23Cameron WestonBAL8681
24Tyler WoessnerMIL9580
25Doug NikhazyCLE8280

Braves righty Spencer Schwellenbach has made a big impression at Double-A despite only making two appearances at the level. He debuts at eighth after striking out 39% of batters and walking just 2% through 13 innings. The 24-year-old throws a 95 mph four-seam and an 86 mph slider that’s two ticks faster than 2023. Both get above-average whiffs and an above-average xwOBA against both (compared to league average for both offerings). He also adds in a curveball and an effective changeup. Injury risk was the concern for the former two-way player and so far in 2024 he seems to be showing excellent durability, going six innings and seven innings respectively in his last two starts. For more details on the pitch mix, read Geoff’s Friday Intel piece here

Another 24-year-old Braves pitcher popping recently in Double-Aand was promoted to Triple-A earlier this weekis Ian Mejia, who famously was part of a no-hitter last week, striking out 11 over seven innings and only walking two. Primarily a fastball/slider mix with a changeup thrown in for good measure, Mejia doesn’t have eye-popping stuffhis fastball only averages 92 mphbut he commands its above-average ride characteristics and it has limited opposing quality of contact in 2024.

In his first 14.1 innings to start the year, preseason revelation Logan Evans (Mariners No. 7 prospect) had a 4.6 K/9, walked more than he struck out and only managed to get hitters to swing and miss at 7% of his pitches. Since that time, the 12th-round pick has a 0.87 WHIP, an identical 0.87 ERA, and a 53% groundball rate over his last 31 innings as he is starting to command and sequence his six-pitch mix better.

Triple-A Hitters (min 45 PA)

1James WoodWSN100100
2Heston KjerstadBAL8689
3Coby MayoBAL8387
4Jackson HollidayBAL8587
5Jose FerminSTL8086
6Kyle ManzardoCLE7583
7Miguel VargasLAD7379
8Jonah BrideMIA7177
9Niko KavadasBOS6975
10Andy PagesLAD6974
11Joey LoperfidoHOU7373
12Tyler BlackMIL6672
13Addison BargerTOR6371
14Javier SanojaMIA6271
15Junior CamineroTBR6770
16Ji Hwan BaePIT6570
17Jonatan ClaseSEA6267
18Caleb DurbinNYY6667
19Chase MeidrothBOS5767
20Isaac CollinsMIL5567
21Daniel SchneemannCLE6066
22Heliot RamosSFG5565
23Orelvis MartinezTOR6564
24Jordan BeckCOL5764
25Enmanuel ValdezBOS5263

Marlins No. 21 prospect Javier Sanoja is interesting. He’s one of six Triple-A hitters in their age-21 season or younger, and fits the Jose Fermin (Cardinals), Marco Vargas (Mets No. 17 prospect) and Chase Meidroth (Red Sox No. 12 prospect) mold of excellent bat-to-ball skills but not much oomph. In just over 120 plate appearances at the highest level of the minors, Sanoja hit his first home run yesterday and has only three stolen bases. But he’s striking out at a sub-6% clip, the second-lowest rate behind Fermin. Despite playing against pitchers who are six years older than him on average, Sanoja has managed to increase his 90th percentile exit velocity, reduced his chase rate, and increased his contact and barrel rates from 2023 when he spent most of the year in Low-A. 

His 112 wRC+ at 21 years old in Triple-A implies he should be an above-average hitter in the majors with batting averages that could get as high as .280 to .290. He might not be any more impactful than 10 to 12 home runs and 10 to 12 stolen bases, but for those who value the potential Luis Arraez types in fantasy, that looks to be his ceiling, with Nick Madrigal as the likelier profile. With a 5.6% strikeout rate, Sanoja has the 10th-lowest strikeout rate since 2016 amongst hitters age 23 or younger with over 70 plate appearances and the second lowest amongst 21 year olds. Just to put it into perspective, in 2019 Arraez was 22 years old in Triple-A and had a 2.7% strikeout rate while Madrigal was 22 years old in Triple-A in and had a 3.7% strikeout rate.

Old friend alert! Pedro Leon has always shown loud tools but his below-average hit tool has hampered his performance since he arrived on the scene in 2021. The Astros prospect has never posted a strikeout rate below 28% in the minors. Now 26, it seemed like Leon may never actualize his potential as a center fielder with a huge arm. But so far in 2024, his 23% strikeout rate is the lowest of his professional career and he owns a .301/.386/.568 slash line with 10 home runs and 12 stolen bases. 

In his first 80 plate appearances in 2024, it looked like more of the same song: he had a 27% strikeout rate and only one home run. Since then, however, he’s had a 150 wRC+ and hit nine home runs over 124 plate appearances, adding eight bags. Comparing his Statcast year over year, he’s reduced his chase rate by six percentage points and added 3 mph to his 90th percentile exit velocity while holding most of the other metrics at his career norms. Whether the swing-decision improvements and newly-consistent hard contact holds is still up for debate, but for the fun of it, let’s compare his statcast data to Owen Caissie (Cubs No. 4 prospect), who it should be noted is five years younger than the Cuban:

 Contact%zContact%90thEV“Barrel”%Max EVChase%
P Leon70%79%109 mph17%114 mph23%
O Caissie70%80%108 mph13%115 mph24%

The Astros have just gotten Chas McCormick back from injury and Jake Meyers has been hitting well too, so it’s not clear whether Leon will get a playing time opportunity this year. But if he does, RoboScout expects per plate appearance performance in the Sam Hilliard and (pre-2024) Dylan Moore mold: above-average power and speed while trading off batting average and conducive to streaks.

Triple-A Pitchers (min 12 IP)

1Paul SkenesPIT100100
2Christian ScottNYM9292
3Jack LeiterTEX9089
4Cade PovichBAL8980
5Matt ManningDET7678
6David FestaMIN8378
7Louie VarlandMIN7876
8Chayce McDermottBAL7576
9Brant HurterDET7675
10Mason BlackSFG7274
11Tobias MyersMIL6974
12Elieser HernandezLAD7072
13Carson SpiersCIN6972
14Robert GasserMIL6771
15Will WarrenNYY6671
16Alek ManoahTOR7471
17Quinn PriesterPIT8171
18Chad PatrickMIL7171
19Gerson GarabitoTEX7169
20Osvaldo BidoOAK7069
21Albert SuarezBAL7368
22Jacob WaguespackTBR7768
23Joe RockTBR7768
24Shaun AndersonTEX7067
25Jhonathan DiazSEA7967

The two hottest pitchers in Triple-A the last five weeks have been Chayce McDermott (Orioles No. 7 prospect) and David Festa (Twins No. 5 prospect) who have put up near identical lines (through Friday’s games) with the notable exception of their groundball rates:

Chayce McDermott2640.3%9.2%16.5%4.322%
David Festa21.240.4%9.0%16.4%4.243.5%

They both have above-average four-seam, slider and changeup arsenals that each elicit an above-average whiff rate compared to league averageand both mix in the occasional curveball.The surprise of the week belongs to Chad Patrick (Brewers) who struck out 12 batters over five innings, while walking only two and finds himself in the Top 15 as a result. Originally viewed as a depth arm when acquired from the Athletics for Abraham Toro, Patrick has a cutter with high IVB that is his best pitch per Stuff+ and an ultra-flat 93 mph four-seam that generates plus whiffs. Hitters have an xwOBA one standard deviation worse than league average against it. Not a pitcher on my radar even as recently as last week, RoboScout thinks he could very well be a positive contributor in a rotation this year. That’s the stuff we love RoboScout for!

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