RoboScout Rule 5 Draft Targets: Keep An Eye On RHP Justin Slaten

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With the addition of Dylan White to the team at Baseball America, one of the many benefits is access to the RoboScout tool and Stuff+ scores for minor league prospects. RoboScout does an excellent job of objectively identifying high-performance prospects while balancing age to level performance among each player and their peers. 

When researching Rule 5 picks, models like RoboScout or Stuff+ allow us to cut through the noise and look at players on a somewhat even footing. We used RoboScout and Stuff+ to create charts of the top available players and listed each below. We have included the Top 20 players with the highest Roboscores among position players, the Top 20 players among available pitchers and the Top 20 Stuff+ scores among available pitchers. 

In a moment of unity between the Roboscout and the industry, the robot identified Justin Slaten as the top available player in the Rule 5 draft. He has the second-highest Roboscore, the highest among players who reached the high minors and the third highest Stuff+ score. Over the last week, Slaten’s name has been the buzziest of potential picks. Slaten was also one of five pitchers with intriguing stuff from the Arizona Fall League we identified last month.

You can find our full Rule 5 preview here.

Top 20 Available Hitters 

There’s a list of names familiar to prospect hounds in the Dodgers’ Yeiner Fernandez, the Yankees’ Jared Serna, the Tigers’ Roberto Campos, the Guardians’ Aaron Bracho and the Red Sox’ Allan Castro. Among that group, Bracho has the best chance of hearing his name selected but his bat is not likely enough to carry his lack of defensive value. 

Jorge MendezCPHI81
Isaac CollinsLF/2B/3BMIL78
Yeiner FernandezC/2B/3BLAD76
Ricardo OlivarC/LF/2BMIN74
Nick Podkul1B/3BPHI74
Omar AlfonzoC/1BPIT74
Aaron Bracho2B/1B/3BCLE73
Allan CastroCF/LF/RFBOS71
Eric Wagaman1B/3B/LFNYY71
Andrew NavigatoSS/2B/LFDET70
Gustavo CamperoC/LFLAA70
Jeral Toledo2B/SS/3BPIT70
Christian CerdaCARI69
Jose MezaRF/LF/CFLAD68
Javier SanojaCF/SS/2BMIA68
Omar MartinezC/1BNYY68
Trenton BrooksLF/RF/1BSFG68
Jake Holton1BDET67
Roberto CamposCF/RF/LFDET67
Jared Serna2B/SS/3BNYY67

Top 20 Available Pitchers 

While Angel Jimenez leads the group at the top, the Rockies righthander spent the entire season at the Arizona Complex League. Following Jimenez, we see a group of pitchers already covered in our Rule 5 previews in Slaten, Coleman Crow, Luarbert Arias and a few others. Among the high minors players identified by the robot there’s several realistic potential Rule 5 selections. 

Angel JimenezSPCOL94
Justin SlatenRPTEX88
Edgar PortesSP/RPBAL85
Sauryn LaoRPLAD81
Lazaro EstradaSP/RPTOR79
Coleman CrowSPNYM79
Carson RagsdaleSPSFG77
Luis ReyesRPWAS76
Nelson L. AlvarezRPTBR74
Luarbert AriasRPMIA74
Yorlin CalderonRP/SPNYY74
Leonardo TaverasRPSTL72
Grant WolframRPTEX72
Benony RoblesRPLAD71
Jean CabreraSPPHI71
Stephen KolekRPSEA71
Matt SauerSPNYY70
Trevor BrigdenRPTBR70
Mikell ManzanoSPSFG70
Samuel ValerioRPKC69

Top 20 Full Arsenal Stuff+ Scores 

Rangers righty Justin Slaten once again rates highly ranking third in overall Stuff+ score. This is looking purely at the quality of each arsenal across the board. While most of the pitchers will not be selected there are a handful of probable picks in the mix. 

Jonah DipotoRPKCR124
Justin EvansRPMIA124
Justin SlatenRPTEX122
Alex MauricioRPNYY122
Carlos De Los SantosRPLAD122
Jarod BaylessRPSEA121
Natanael GarabitosRPSEA121
Justin YeagerRPMIL121
Braxton RoxbyRPCIN120
Ryan MillerRPBOS119
Ryan HarbinRPPIT119
Barrett LosekeRPNYY118
Dan HammerRPBAL118
Juan BurgosRPSEA118
Ryan ZeferjahnRPBOS118
Luis MeyRPCIN117
Jake ReindlRPCHC117
Lazaro EstradaSP/RPTOR116
Rolddy MunozSP/RPATL116
Josh GessnerSP/RPTEX116
Sean MooneySP/RPMIN116
Nelson L. AlvarezRPTBR115

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