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Editor's Note: This Year, Our MLB Draft Coverage Goes Even Deeper

I really miss baseball, and as a reader of Baseball America I’m sure you do too. While much of the world—and all of sports—has virtually stopped because of the novel coronavirus, it has given us time to appreciate the little things. Health, family, food, education and, of course, sports.

Sports are much more than the games themselves. They are about the personalities, experiences and the sense of community they create. I’ve often said that sports are a microcosm of society, and that’s more apparent than ever today. Baseball is woven into the fabric of our society and not being able to go to the ballpark or field in your community has really hit home over the last few months. It has made us realize that sports are not only an escape, they also are an important part of us. And now a big part is missing.

We don’t know when baseball will return, but we will appreciate the game a lot more when it does. People often ask me if we at Baseball America are lacking for things to write about with all sports on pause, and I tell them all the same thing—not by a longshot. So, what have we been doing during this time and what are our plans for the coming months with a return to play uncertain? I’m glad you asked.

In addition to covering the latest news—and there has been a lot of it—and ramifications of the stoppage in play at all levels, JJ Cooper has been all over the on-going PBA negotiations between MLB and MiLB. There is a lot of change coming and we know that at least 42 minor league teams will be contracted in some way. There will be more significant changes to the minor leagues and their relationship with MLB. Continue to follow JJ’s reporting for the latest developments.

The other big thing we’re staying on top of is the draft. At Baseball America, the draft is our Super Bowl. We cover it from all angles and nearly all of the top the draft prospects have been on our radar for years. We released the BA 500 of the top 500 eligible draft prospects regardless of level earlier than in past years and have been adding in-depth scouting reports every week. With videos, scouting reports, positional rankings and more you’ll find the most comprehensive draft content in the pages of BA and on

This year we’re going even deeper. We’ve partnered with a technology company in North Carolina on an innovative piece of software that uses key words to comb through thousands of scouting reports in seconds to find comps of current draft prospects and players of the past. Pramana, led by CEO Corey Patton, has created Draftpoint with decades of historical Baseball America scouting reports along with this year’s BA 500. This new technology will enable us to provide deeper and more detailed coverage than ever before.

When baseball does return, we’ll be ready with the same in-depth coverage and analysis that you’ve been accustomed to at every level. Like many things in this country, there will be many changes when we come out on the other side of the coronavirus, and baseball will have its share of them in the short-term and long-term. From high school and travel ball, college, international and the pros we’ll be on top of it all.

More importantly, we’ll be ready to celebrate the game we love so much in a number of ways on and off the field. Until then, I’ll be counting the days until I can write the cover line “BASEBALL IS BACK!”

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