California League Top 20 Prospects Chat

Kyle Glaser: Hey everyone. Happy Friday to all and thanks for the questions. Let’s go rolling

J.P. (Springfield, IL): I see quite a few high ceiling guys didn't play enough in the CAL to qualify, so let's find out - where would Ortiz, Mendez, Bickford, Naylor and Tucker have ranked on this list, were they eligible? Thanks for chatting.
Kyle Glaser: No doubt a lot of the top guys in the league weren’t long enough to qualify. If they had been, 1 thru 4 would have been Luis Ortiz, Phil Bickford, Yohander Mendez and Kyle Tucker, in that order. Naylor would’ve been right around Yusniel Diaz, so that would be the back end of the top 10 in our adjusted rankings including those other top 4 guys

Roger (Washington DC): How close were Steven Duggar and Sam Coonrod to making the list? And what kept them off?
Kyle Glaser: Very close. Two of the final cuts and would have been on the list if we expanded to 25. Duggar was maybe my hardest omission. The concern was his speed doesn’t actually play well on the basepaths (15-29 in SB this year) and not many were convinced on his long-term power potential. If you’re going to be a fourth OF you have to be able to do one of those two things. Still, I like the overall package and think he gets to the majors. Coonrod’s main issue is his peripherals (5.9 K-3.1 BB/9 at HiA and 6.1 K/9-4.4 BB/9 in AA) and the fact he works up in the zone a lot. There’s a sense among evaluators that his combination of spotty control and lack of swing-and-miss offerings, combined with the fact he works belt up (see 0.91 GO/AO ratio this year), is going to get him crushed at higher levels. Still, he’s made it work for him so far and is worth keeping an eye on moving forward

Roger (Washington DC): What do you make of Shaw's struggles upon promotion to AA? Developmental bump in the road or indication of longer-term issues?
Kyle Glaser: Purely developmental bump and playing in Richmond, a very difficult park for hitters. If you break down his Double-A season, you can see he hit .208/.268/.327 in his first month there in July, made the necessary adjustments and hit .276/.343/.488 the rest of the way. He’s a quick learner with a lot of skills who excelled playing in a tough Double-A environment one year removed from college, aside from a one-month adjustment period when he first got there. He’ll be fine.

Ram (San Jose, CA): Is Reyes Moronta a late inning reliever in the majors? He's eligible to be selected in the Rule 5 draft this year, chances he gets selected if not protected by Giants?
Kyle Glaser: Lot of Giants questions. Where have you guys been all year? Lol. Anyway yes, Moronta absolutely does have the stuff to be a late inning reliever in the majors, although his 95-97 mph FB plays straight at times and gets hit (see: Cal-Carolina Lg All-Star Game). I think a guy with his pure stuff does get selected in Rule 5 if he isn’t protected, although there are a lot of other hard-throwing bullpen guys available so it’s hard to say for sure.

Roger (Washington DC): Dylan Davis went on a huge HR explosion upon promotion to Cal League. Is his power going to play at higher levels? Could there be an Adam Duvall type player there?
Kyle Glaser: Dylan Davis’ power is real, the problem is his defense is every bit as real in the wrong way. Its bad out there in the OF. Adam Duvall, which a lot of people don’t realize, is actually one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball (his 14 DRS was 8th among all ML outfielders this year, per Fangraphs, just behind Billy Hamilton and just ahead of Brett Gardner). Davis on the other hand has an arm, but otherwise is one of the worst defenders in the minors. He’s either going to have ENORMOUS steps forward in the outfield or end up an AL DH after a trade, which is the more likely scenario.

Dr (East coast.): Talk to me about Jason Martin. Still very young, put up some solid numbers (yeah, Lancaster). Seems to have solid tools across the board. Could he develop into a major league piece, or does he lack a carrying tool?
Kyle Glaser: Martin looks the part of an interesting undersized guy, but frankly the most optimistic evaluation I got on him was a NL-only 5th OF. Eighteen of his 23 HR came at either Lancaster or High Desert this year, and his slash line away from those two parks was .231/.317/.425. His hit and power grades are below average, and his speed is negligible in game situations (20 SB but 12 CS this year, 14 SB and 15 CS last year). He’s young and athletic so maybe there is hidden upside there, but he’s going to have to significant steps forward in how he translates some of his raw skills to on-field production.

Mark (Colorado): Castellani must have REALLY impressed this year. I knew people liked him, but now hes being talked about as a top-of-the rotation starter. I thought he was considered a 3rd or 4th starter?
Kyle Glaser: Castellani did really impress this year, from stuff to durability to maturity. That said, he probably still is more of a low-end No. 2 or No. 3 starter. His standing at No. 1 in the Cal League this year has more to do with the lack of top-end eligible prospects for the league top 20.

J.P. (Springfield, IL): Are you in the mood to give Javier Guerra a mulligan for next year? This isn't the guy we heard about last year - do you believe he can turn things around? And was he in your next list of names (21-30)?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, he’s young and athletic and frankly a good kid I enjoyed talking to and interacting with in the locker room during my time out there. He’s got to make significant adjustments to his swing path, approach, load, pitch recognition, and focus defensively, but I think he gets it and will put in the work. For now though, given what he showed, he would have maybe been the No. 29 or 30 prospect. Scouts who saw him this year have him consistent 40 overall grades, which is that of a full-time bench guy. We’ll see if he makes the adjustments this offseason to get back to the 50-55 future grades he was given before.

Sam (Oakland): Can Mikey White be a serviceable shortstop, or is he strictly a 2B?
Kyle Glaser: He can be, but we saw pretty clearly the A’s pecking order is to have Martin at SS, and as long as he is in the system White is going to have to probably climb as a 2B/utility guy

Allen (GA): Urias has Schimpf and Asuaje in front of him. Who do you think ends up being the everyday 2b in SD a couple years from now?
Kyle Glaser: Urias. That’s not to disrespect the other two guys and their legitimate major league talents. It’s just a reflection of how good Urias can be, a perennial batting title contender playing really, really good defense.

Dave (San Francisco, CA): What can you tell us about Nolan Arenado's little bro, and if he brings more to the table than just power? Was he close to this list?
Kyle Glaser: Not really no. Just wasn’t any semblance of him controlling the strike zone and the general sense he’s going to get picked apart by pitchers at higher levels, rendering his power moot.

Jake (Phoeniz, AZ): I know power isn't his strong suit, but can Victor Reyes' hitting abilities carry him to the bigs in the coming years?
Kyle Glaser: It’s possible because he’s a switch-hitter who can truly hit from both sides and is getting better at playing all three outfield positions. He’s going to have to continue to grow, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

Coach (California): More of a comment than question ...shocked that Jason Martin didn't make your list given the numbers ....3rd in HR, 2nd in SLG, overall, top 10 in 7 categories, only one of 3 prospects in all of minors to have a 20-20 season (I believe) all at age 20. Including post season had 5 two HR games (4 more HR), Defense solid.
Kyle Glaser: Check out the answer to Martin above. Look a little deeper and it becomes clear his season wasn’t actually that impressive. Which is what the scouts saw when they overwhelmingly turned him in as a minor leaguer with 5th OF ceiling. He has big, big improvements on a lot of fronts to be made.

a.j. (las vegas): Wow, what a down year for the Cal league. Castellani is probably not a top 100 prospect or top 10 in the Rockies system. Where would he fit into a Rockies rotation with Gray, Hoffman, Freeland, Marquez and Senzatela already ahead of him?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, it was a very down year for the league. Castellani actually will be a top 100 guy though (probably 85-100 range) and in the Rox top 10. The Rockies have a lot of good arms that make their rotation tough to crack, but even talking to Rox people and opposing evaluators there is a sense Castellani is good enough to crack it, probably at No. 3 or 4 behind Hoffman and Gray and alongside Marquez. Lot of development still to get there, however.

Greg (Indiana): Of the Astros' under-the-radar guys (Stubbs, Martin, Duarte, Armenteros, Deetz), who has the best chance of surprising us and becoming a productive major-leaguer?
Kyle Glaser: Stubbs. He’s already a near major league ready catcher with his defense, hits from the left side handling any velocity and gets on base a ton. He’ll be in the big leagues as a solid backup for a long time, size be darned.

Jake (Chicago, IL): Hi Kyle, thanks for chatting with us today! Chris Shaw didn't perform as well in the Eastern League as the Cal League this season, what happened? Also, did Cal League managers and scouts have any concerns about his ability to handle lefthanders? Finally, do you anticipate Shaw returning to the Eastern League to start next season?
Kyle Glaser: My pleasure. I would refer you to the Shaw comment above, about how his overall EL numbers are pulled down by an adjustment period his first month there but he actually hit really well after that. Regarding handling lefthanders, he actually hit .260/.338/.466 against them this year and concern about that was never raised in my discussions with evaluators and opposing managers about him. I think it’s likely he does start next year in the EL, but don’t be surprised if he gets to Sacramento quickly.

Dan (Baltimore): Did Steven Duggar qualify? I heard an eastern league coach drop a Steve Finley comp on him. Seems like a high contact, low power, solid D center fielder. Do the Giants have something with him?
Kyle Glaser: I like Duggar but Finley is way high and out of reach with what most evaluators are turning in out here at least. Finley had four 30 HR seasons and finished with 304 career HRs and 320 SBs. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks Duggar gets to even half of that in his career. Still, he’s a good player with good defense and approach that will get to the big leagues

Danny V (Hartford): Hi Kyle. 3B Edwin Rios showed good power in his time at Rancho Cucamonga. Did the former Dodgers 6th rounder come close to cracking the top 20? Thanks!
Kyle Glaser: At first I thought he would but my discussions with evaluators and even folks within the Dodgers system canned that pretty quick. His Cal Lg run was amazing, but many believe it was a fluke fueled by playing largely against younger players in hitters environments. Rios’ .254/.304/.454 slash line at Double-A is more indicative of what evaluators largely believe he’ll be, a low average guy with some pop you don’t want playing everyday, and probably has more years in Triple-A than the majors

Jonathan (Syracuse, NY): Castellani's fastball velocity seemed to fluctuate this year, with some observers seeing a plus pitch and others seeing a pedestrian one. Did scouts and managers reach a consensus as to what the pitch will look like at maturity?
Kyle Glaser: Yes. The consensus was 93-96 at maturity with nasty two-seam bite.

Eric (Houston): Hey, where would you have ranked Kyle Tucker and what does he have more of between power and speed? thanks
Kyle Glaser: As discussed before Tucker would have been No. 4 overall and the No. 1 position player prospect in the league if he qualified. Has way more speed than power now, but over time that gap should close. He’s a good one

Skrip (Chicago): Thanks for the chat! Can you please tell me more about Chris Shaw? What type of ceiling does he have? Do you have a good comp for him?
Kyle Glaser: Ceiling is an above average everyday 1B, settling in 260-270 with 25-30 HR annually

Sam (Dodger Town): Is Tim Locastro some one on the Dodgers radar? He steals bases and hit for a good average in the Cal League before being promoted to AA. He also was assigned to the AFL.
Kyle Glaser: Yes. He needs to get better playing SS in order to lock down a utility role long term, but guys who get on base with speed should never be discounted from winning a bench job, especially in the NL. Just needs to keep getting reps at short (his 57 games there this year were the most he’s ever played there in one season) and growing, because you’re not going to win an INF utility role if you can’t play short

Adam (Las Vegas): Is Josh Naylor's prospect stock trending downwards?
Kyle Glaser: A little bit, but keep in mind he is three weeks younger than Luis Urias, got traded and bumped a level at the same and had a lot to deal with in terms of joining a new org, adjusting to the jump, all for a guy who was in HS a year ago. At the same time, the stabbing incident and his 9 HR in a home-run friendly park at Greensboro raise a few eyebrows. So it’s dropped a bit, but not tremendously

GPT (San Francisco, CA): Sam Coonrod's performance seems a bit odd for a guy with his stuff. Hard to hit, but poor strikeout rate. What does he project as?
Kyle Glaser: Check out my comment on Coonrod above. Right now, he projects as a guy who gets rocked in Triple-A because of his flaws. That said, maybe he beats the odds again and gets a cup of coffee in the majors. Hard to find many who think there’s more beyond that though

Adam (Las Vegas): What is the most realistic ceiling for Michael Gettys? Is a Mike Cameron-type profile a probable comparison?
Kyle Glaser: Cameron is a little optimistic in terms of the power. Most evaluators think Gettys is more of a 10-15 HR type of guy because of his struggles to make consistent contact, while Cameron topped 20 HR 8 times in his 11-season prime. But, hitting ..250 with lots of Ks, great defense and some SBs – that’s not far off. There is a sense that Gettys is a future everyday guy, its just more in that .250, 15 HR, 25 SB range with great D – valuable and solid, but not All-Star levels

Adam (Las Vegas): How far has Javier Guerra's stock fallen this season? Where do you see him beginning 2017?
Kyle Glaser: It’s fallen a lot. He was getting consistent 50-55 overall grades before the year (first division regular), now its consistent 40 overall grades (pure backup). He has to start back in Lake Elsinore. Maybe even Fort Wayne if the Padres really want to build him back up. He’s got a lot of work to do before he is even Double-A ready, let alone major league ready, and it’s doubtful he’ll make that jump in four months of offseason workouts before spring training.

Adam (Las Vegas): What are the odds that Luis Urias can keep this level of production? Is he the type of player that eventually gets overpowered at the next level?
Kyle Glaser: He keeps it up because he hits any velocity already and tracks breaking balls really well. No concern he gets overpowered whatsoever from anyone. The concern is that he’ll be a 0-HR type as opposed to a 6-10 HR type, which does take his stock down, especially with the power surge we’ve seen from second baseman in the majors this year.

Ram (San Jose, CA): Coming into the year, Jordan Johnson was one of the most interesting arms in the league, but he had a middling season (solid K/BB rates, too many HRs), what if anything have you heard about him?
Kyle Glaser: To be honest he didn’t come up even once in discussions about top prospects in the league, and probably more than 75 guys were discussed in my conversations with scouts, front office personnel, league managers and coaches and players even. Not really considered a prospect by anyone, just a guy

Adam (Las Vegas): Is Dinelson Lamet a starter or a reliever for you?
Kyle Glaser: Starter now that he’s developed that changeup. Still has to fine tune it and get more consistent with his control on it as well as his slider, but I believe he will and eventually become a very good mid-rotation starter

Adam (Las Vegas): How much of a surprise was Franchy Cordero's season at CF and do you think he can keep up this level of production as he advances?
Kyle Glaser: It was a surprise to everyone, Padres organization front office types included. The defense and speed are real and will get him to the majors. I don’t think we’ll see him hitting .290 against ML pitching like we did this season in the minors, but even if he can just keep improving on controlling the strike zone more and get up to .250 that makes him a valuable guy you keep on an ML roster

Falket (Palmdale Ca): Do u think the Modesto Nuts now the Lancaster Jethawks will do better on their new turf???
Kyle Glaser: Offensive numbers will go deceptively up, pitching numbers will go deceptively down. So Rox fans, don’t freak out when Riley Pint comes in there and has a 5.25 ERA…it’ll be ok

Chris (San Diego): What sort of ceiling does Luis Urias have? What is a realistic expectation for him at the major league level?
Kyle Glaser: Best case scenario is Placido Polanco type – not much power, not much speed, but controls the zone well enough and hits well enough he’s still a top of the order stalwart for 10-15 years on playoff contenders. Taking down a notch, maybe more Omar Infante, another low power/speed guy (well, most of the time) who bounced back and forth between bench and starting and still ended up playing 15 years. The absolute worst projection I got from an evaluator was a .270-.280 everyday second baseman in the big leagues. He’s a good one folks and the real deal

Jason Mitchell (Portland, OR): Two Mariner farmhands (Moore & Jackson) made the list but Bakersfield had a great squad this year. How close were Joe Decarlo, Zach Littel, Osmer Morales, & Darrin Gillies to making the cut?
Kyle Glaser: Hey there Jason. Long time since we were talking back in forth when I was in Victorville on the HD Mavs beat. 🙂 To answer your question, Littell was in the 21-25 range and was close. Morales is a super sleeper fave of mine personally but wasn’t close to this list b/c he’s 23 and tops out in the high 80s. DeCarlo and Gillies frankly weren’t really in the conversation, but they have their respective strengths and are worth keep tabs on

Proswagonist (Liberl): Did any Lancaster pitchers nearly make the cut?
Kyle Glaser: Not really no. A mention of Armentarios here and there, a note on Brock Dyxxhorn or two, but nothing anyone saw that gave them reason to be ranked top 20, or even top 30 truthfully. Even taking Lancaster’s conditions into account, the pitching staff there really wasn’t that impressive this year from long-term evaluation standpoint

Dave (Mpls): Where did Steven Duggar end up and how do you see his future? I was pretty surprised not to see him in the CAL or EAS lists after his performance at each level.
Kyle Glaser: I refer you to the Duggar questions and answeres earlier. He’s in the 20-25 range, someone worth keeping an eye on but not a guy many feel are an impact everyday big leaguer

Proswagonist (Liberl): Were there any positive reports on Drew Ferguson? He led the league in OPS and continued to hit in AA.
Kyle Glaser: Not really because he turned 24 in August and older RHH hitters putting up big numbers in the Cal League aren’t generally thought much of. That said, his continued production AA (small sample size I know) makes him worth evaluating a little closer next year if he can keep it up.

Warren (New London): Was Ryan Castellani #1 on this list mostly because someone had to be, or is he a genuine stud?
Kyle Glaser: Mostly because someone had to be. As discussed in earlier postings he would’ve been No. 5 behind Luis Ortiz, Phil Bickford, Yohander Mendez and Kyle Tucker if those guys had been eligible. That said, he is a legitimately promising prospect with a major league future ahead of him

Dave (Mpls): What are Leyba's chances of sticking at SS? He becomes a hot commodity if he can stick at SS!
Kyle Glaser: No one I talked to thinks he will. Arm just isn’t enough.

Tony (Los Angeles): Where Is Josh Morgan on the prospect radar? His offensive #s improved as the year went and I hear good scouting reports on his hit tool. On the flip, the numbers aren't great and he doesn't seem to have a defensive home. Any sense of his future?
Kyle Glaser: The Rangers listed him as a catcher on their instructional league roster this year, so it looks like they’re going to try that route with him again (they played around with it shortly after drafting him.) I got to know Josh a bit covering him at my old job in southern California and think he absolutely is a good contact hitter and great makeup guy who is a legitimate prospect, but until he finds a defensive home it’s hard to really evaluate his future upside

Dustin (Plano): Richie Martin has really struggled at the plate. Does he ever hit enough to be an everyday player for the Athletics?
Kyle Glaser: Haven’t found anyone who thinks he will, no. He did have a good final month at the plate in Stockton and his spring training knee injury has to be taken into account, but until he actually shows he can hit well over a long stretch its hard to say he will

Norm (Chicago): Surprised that Zach Littell didn't make the list (8-1 2.51 ERA 1.15 WHIP pitching in the Cal League at age 20.
Kyle Glaser: Littell just missed it. Generally folks were still skeptical of the stuff (its 87-91, 92 on a good day, altho the CB is really good) and pitchability righthanders generally need to prove their stuff plays at higher levels before getting ranked (case in point, Andrew Moore). He’s good and will have a prominent place in the Mariners top 30, which I’m doing for our prospect handbook, but in the case of this list not enough evaluators were convinced his stuff plays long term

Will (Birmingham): Forrest Wall, what happened to him this year? He started extremely hot and then just slumped and made a small recovery at the end. Where does he project now?
Kyle Glaser: To be honest, the report on Forrest Wall has been consistent for two years now: Can run, that’s about it. He tinkered with his swing and got some good results early but they didn’t last, and he made a lot of errors on routine plays. Amateur scouts loved him in the draft, but speaking with pro scouts now they ask aloud “how the heck was this guy is supplemental 1st rounder”. He’s just not showing much of anything, hit or otherwise, and frankly I know a lot of organizations now consider him an outright non-prospect with a 20 or 30 overall grade.

Larry (Ft. Worth): What was your impression of Richie Martin?
Kyle Glaser: Hard to tell because the knee injury affected him. I will say for a guy who’s defense is supposedly his calling card he didn’t impress many, with other high-error guys like Drew Jackson and Javier Guerra getting a lot more defensive plaudits than Martin. I think we need to see him fully healthy, but the initial impressions – mine and others way more experienced than me – were not great.

Chris (San Diego): Does Javier Guerra still have elite upside or are his strikeouts too high for him to be more than a good fielding backup with some pop?
Kyle Glaser: Love the enthusiasm Chris. I’m going to try and answer all your questions here in order Upside on Guerra is there but there is very little chance he gets to it b/c of his offensive shortcomings. I’m willing to give him another year before burying him fully, but right now most evaluators don’t even have him as a good fielding backup with pop, but just a plain defensive backup b/c his hitting shortcomings will be ruthlessly exploited by ML pitchers, so you’ll never actually see the pop.

Chris (San Diego): What Padres pitcher impressed the most in the Cal league? Strange seeing more than one pitcher in the organization pitch at three levels this year.
Kyle Glaser: Dinelson Lamet as a starter and Phil Maton as a reliever. Expect to see both in the majors next year and stick there.

Chris (San Diego): What sort of offensive profile does Josh Naylor have? Will he hit enough to make him a viable 1B?
Kyle Glaser: Offensive profile is still .280 with 25-30 HR. Needs a full year with no distractions (aka stabbing suspensions, getting traded and bumped a level at the same time) before we can downgrade his potential fully.

Chris (San Diego): Sleeper prospect from the Lake Elsinore Storm?
Kyle Glaser: I’ll give you two – Brad Wieck and Trey Wingenter. Two massive relievers who know how to use their size and have the stuff to be valuable bullpen guys in the majors.

Chris (San Diego): How good is Michael Gettys? Has he fixed his hit tool enough to become a viable major leaguer?
Kyle Glaser: Michael Gettys is very, very good. He still needs to get more reliable and consistent making contact, but no doubt he’s gotten better at doing that and is trending up. I wouldn’t say he’s done enough yet at this very moment to be an everyday MLer, but he’s trending up and you can see him making the progress to get there.

Chris (San Diego): Any prospects in the Cal League look like candidates for the Rule V draft?
Kyle Glaser: Don’t know yet because teams have a lot of 40-man roster moves still to be made between now and then. The Rule 5 draft pool is far from established

Chris (San Diego): Franmil Reyes a legit MLB prospect?
Kyle Glaser: Not a guy you say yes definitely but not a guy you say no definitely either. Very much a we’ll see. Big, strong, has power and is a smart kid based on my interactions with him so there are things to like, but his performance in the hitter-friendly Cal League was pretty far beyond what he’s shown in the past and he needs to do it again at AA before people buy in

Chris (San Diego): How good is Ty France?
Kyle Glaser: He’s fine. Nothing special. Lot of guys in the minors just like him. College RHH with decent pop and a good eye for the zone. Defense needs work. Basically, he’s a just a guy until further notice

Dan (Augusta, ME): Any good reports on Ronnie Jebavy? Thanks!
Kyle Glaser: He’s a good athlete but a lot more raw than what a 22-year old college fifth-rounder should be. He’s a plus defender with a plus arm, but his offensive profile as it presently stands isn’t enough really to even get him to the majors as a 5th OF. Even his baserunning, with 24 SB but also 14 CS, is a lot more raw than what it should be

Bobby (Newport): What kind of reports were you getting on Ramon Laureano, other than what's already said in the top 20 write-up?
Kyle Glaser: That’s pretty much it, what’s in the writeup. Solid-average at everything, great at nothing. Pretty consistent. That said, ability to control the zone and hit your pitch goes a long way towards producing at the major league level, which at the end of the day is all that really matters, and he’s got a good track record and skillset for that.

Sam (Arizona): Can you tell a die-hard--but currently suffering--fan of the D-backs about Justin Donatella? He is on their top--30 list of prospects despite being drafted outside of the 10th round. Do you think he's for real?
Kyle Glaser: Well he’s a San Diego guy so I’m bound to like him :). In all seriousness though he’s a good sinkerballer without explosive stuff, which plays well in the Cal Lg with younger hitters and parks where you need to keep the ball on the ground to excel. At the same time, he’s probably going to have to add a little giddyup to his repertoire to have it play consistently at higher levels with more advanced hitters who will lay off the sinker and wait for Donatella to come to them. He’s worth watching to see how he develops

Bill (Los Angeles): Lancaster or not, Martin still managed to put the bat on the ball. Lots of potential there.
Kyle Glaser: That’s actually kind of the point, he didn’t really. Hit .231 outside of Lancaster and High Desert, and it’s a red flag. I agree there is potential there, but he’s got work to do before climbing prospect lists

Dan (Statesboro,GA): He missed a lot of time due to injury but curious to know your thinking on C Aramis Garcia?
Kyle Glaser: Great defensive catcher, not a lot of faith he’ll hit enough at higher levels. Maybe he gets to the majors as a defensive-oriented backup, but when you look at other defense-first future backup types like Jose Trevino, they’re ahead of him

Phillip (New New York): Any Angels even stiff the top 30?
Kyle Glaser: Looks like this is the last question in the que. The answer is yes, David Fletcher would have been in the 27-30 range. Line drive hitter, can play both 2b and SS, good speed and uses it well…most would say future utility guy, but the Angels were starting Johnny Giovatella at 2b for awhile and Fletcher is certainly better than that, so you never know.

Kyle Glaser: Thanks for the questions guys. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend

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