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Baseball America Spring Training Prospect Report -- March 4, 2020

Tuesday's Stars

Dylan Carlson, OF, Cardinals — The Cardinals may have incentives to keep Carlson back in the minors for a short stretch for service time reasons (the Kris Bryant grievance result ends almost any hope a player has of winning a case for such a decision violating the CBA). But Carlson is doing everything he can to show he's ready to step into the lineup on Opening Day. Carlson, BA's No. 10 prospect, went 1-for-3 with two runs scored and his second double of the spring.

Shane McClanahan, LHP, Rays — McClanahan struck out three of the four batters he faced yesterday. It's part of a trend--he's now recorded five strikeouts in only two innings of work.

Jose Urquidy, RHP, Astros — Urquidy's second spring outing was outstanding. He allowed two hits and no walks in three scoreless innings while striking out four. His strike-throwing was especially impressive -- he threw 31 strikes in 39 pitches.

Forrest Whitley, RHP, Astros — Whitley's second outing of the spring was much better than his first. Where he allowed three runs in only 1.2 innings in his first appearance, he worked a drama-free inning yesterday. After an error allowed the first batter of the inning to reach, Whitley worked back from a 3-1 count to catch Justin Williams looking and induced Oscar Hernandez into a pop-up. He did walk Max Schrock, but he then struck out Lane Thomas swinging to end the inning. It was a step forward, but Whitley's control and command continues to need to improve.

Matthew Liberatore, LHP, Cardinals — Take everything we said about Whitley and double it when talking about Liberatore. Liberatore's first spring outing was a rough hello -- he allowed five runs and recorded two outs. Tuesday was much more like what he wants to do -- three batters, three outs and one strikeout.


ARIMAJSmith, Pavin LF1000.273
ATLMAJBall, Bryce PH-DH0000.111BB (2)
ATLMAJJenista, Greyson RF1000.143
ATLMAJLangeliers, Shea C1010.429
ATLMAJShewmake, Braden SS2000.200
ATLMAJWaters, Drew LF1000.250
BALMAJDiaz, Yusniel CF2000.143BB (4)
BALMAJMcCoy, Mason 2B1000.000
BALMAJMcKenna, Ryan RF1000.000
BALMAJMountcastle, Ryan LF4010.333
BALMAJRutschman, Adley PH-DH1000.000
BOSMAJChatham, C.J. SS1000.000BB (1)
BOSMAJDalbec, Bobby 1B1000.250
BOSMAJDowns, Jeter SS1000.167
BOSMAJDuran, Jarren RF2000.125
CHCMAJAmaya, Miguel C2000.188
CHCMAJHoerner, Nico SS4130.3572B (1)
CHCMAJRivas, Alfonso 1B4221.375
CHCMAJShort, Zack PR-SS1010.200CS (1)
CLEMAJBradley, Bobby PH-DH1000.333
CLEMAJChang, Yu PR-SS1100.143
CLEMAJClement, Ernie 2B1000.231
COLMAJFuentes, Josh PH0001.583
COLMAJHilliard, Sam LF2000.250
COLMAJVilade, Ryan PH-DH1000.222
COLMAJWelker, Colton 3B2022.3332B (2)
CWSMAJCollins, Zack C1010.286BB (5)
CWSMAJGonzalez, Luis CF2000.417
CWSMAJMadrigal, Nick 2B3011.143
CWSMAJMendick, Danny SS3000.125
CWSMAJRobert, Luis CF2110.385BB (2), SB (2)
CWSMAJRutherford, Blake PR-RF1000.143
CWSMAJSheets, Gavin 1B2000.200BB (3)
CWSMAJVaughn, Andrew 1B1111.4552B (2)
DETMAJAzocar, Jose CF1000.125
DETMAJCastro, Willi SS1000.333
DETMAJClemens, Kody 2B2111.444HR (1)
DETMAJParedes, Isaac 3B2000.000
DETMAJRogers, Jake C1000.500
HOUMAJToro, Abraham PR-1B1000.111
KCMAJGutierrez, Kelvin PR-3B1000.091
KCMAJHeath, Nick PR-LF-CF1100.100
KCMAJIsbel, Kyle LF0000.143
KCMAJLee, Khalil PH-LF-RF2000.357
LAAMAJAdell, Jo RF2110.182
LAAMAJJones, Jahmai 2B3011.300
LAAMAJKnowles, D'Shawn PH-CF1000.222
LAAMAJWalsh, Jared PR-DH0100.250BB (2)
MIAMAJBleday, JJ PH1010.429
MIAMAJChisholm, Jazz SS3000.286
MIAMAJDevers, Jose SS0000.222
MIAMAJDiaz, Lewin 1B1000.182
MIAMAJEncarnacion, Jerar RF1010.500CS (1)
MIAMAJHarrison, Monte LF0100.222BB (3)
MIAMAJMesa, Victor Victor CF2011.222
MIAMAJSanchez, Jesus PH-RF1110.500
MILMAJHenry, Payton PH-DH1000.250
MILMAJRay, Corey CF1000.125
MINMAJJeffers, Ryan C1000.167
MINMAJKirilloff, Alex RF1000.500
MINMAJRooker, Brent PR-LF1011.1822B (1)
NYMMAJGimenez, Andres SS2010.3752B (2)
NYYMAJFlorial, Estevan CF2000.111
OAKMAJAllen, Austin PH-DH2000.278
OAKMAJBarrera, Luis LF3000.211BB (1), SB (1)
OAKMAJBolt, Skye RF2110.2143B (1)
OAKMAJBrown, Seth 1B4010.316
OAKMAJDeichmann, Greg RF3000.200
OAKMAJHeim, Jonah C3131.4172B (1)
OAKMAJMateo, Jorge SS4132.333SB (3)
OAKMAJNeuse, Sheldon 3B1000.294
OAKMAJReed, Buddy PR-LF0100.000BB (2), SB (2)
SDMAJArias, Gabriel SS0100.333BB (2)
SDMAJCronenworth, Jake 1B1000.286
SDMAJTrammell, Taylor RF1000.333
SFMAJBart, Joey PR-C1000.556
SFMAJDavis, Jaylin CF0000.2732 BB (2)
STLMAJCarlson, Dylan LF3210.3752B (2)
STLMAJGorman, Nolan PH-DH1000.176
STLMAJMontero, Elehuris 3B1000.182
STLMAJThomas, Lane CF4000.214
STLMAJWilliams, Justin LF1000.000
TBMAJArozarena, Randy CF1000.667BB (4)
TBMAJWalls, Taylor SS1001.182
TEXMAJApostel, Sherten 3B1000.182BB (3)
TEXMAJGarcia, David C10101.000
TEXMAJSolak, Nick CF3000.214
TEXMAJTejeda, Anderson 2B2113.556HR (1), BB (2)
WASMAJGarcia, Luis SS1000.500
WASMAJKieboom, Carter 3B2020.273


ARIMAJGinkel, Kevin0.22221127.00
CLEMAJKarinchak, James10001110.80
COLMAJDoyle, Tommy1000023.00W (1-0)
COLMAJGoudeau, Ashton2522104.50
DETMAJFunkhouser, Kyle11110116.20
DETMAJGarcia, Bryan1100000.00
HOUMAJUrquidy, Jose3200040.00
HOUMAJWhitley, Forrest1000120.00
KCMAJStaumont, Josh1000120.00
LAAMAJYan, Hector1000020.00
MIAMAJDugger, Robert3100210.00
MIAMAJGarrett, Braxton1100210.00
MILMAJBrown, Zack2000046.75
MILMAJSmall, Ethan0.2111225.40
MINMAJColina, Edwar1000004.91
MINMAJDobnak, Randy3100021.50W (1-0)
NYYMAJSchmidt, Clarke2211132.25
SDMAJBachar, Lake1000010.00
SFMAJWebb, Logan2.1311124.15
STLMAJLiberatore, Matthew10000127.00
TBMAJBanda, Anthony1.2211023.38
TBMAJFleming, Josh2200024.50
TBMAJMcClanahan, Shane1100030.00
WASMAJBourque, James1000020.00
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