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Baseball America Prospect Report – August 6, 2018

featured_Peters, DJ 1802 (Mitchell).jpg
D.J. Peters (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

Sunday's Stars

DJ Peters, CF, Dodgers. Peters combination of speed, power and strikeouts has stayed largely true to form this year with his promotion to Double-A. Yesterday he went 4-for-5 with a double (his 19th), a home run (his 22nd) and a strikeout (his 153rd).

Bobby Dalbec, 3B, Red Sox. With Joey Gallo long gone to the big leagues, the minors needs another three true outcomes (walks, strikeouts and home runs) hero and Dalbec is stepping into the void. He hit his first two home runs for Double-A Portland yesterday and now has 28 for the season. Dalbec strikes out in more than 31 percent of his plate appearances. He walks in another 14 percent of his PAs and homers in 6.5 percent of his PAs. He now has 57 extra base hits and 34 singles.

Brendan McKay, 1B, Rays. McKay doubled and homered yesterday for high Class A Charlotte. It was a very good day at the plate, but it was also a reminder that McKay's bid to be a two-way player faces a significant hurdle--he's much better right now as a pitcher. On the mound, McKay misses tons of bats (12 K/9 for his career) and almost never walks anyone (1.44 BB/9). At the plate so far he's a career .228/.369/.367 hitter, which is far below the standard expected of first basemen. McKay does now have four home runs for Charlotte and is slugging .422 for them. The degree of difficulty of what McKay is doing is extremely high, but his overall .229/.326/.422 stat line for Charlotte is a reminder that his hitting is behind his pitching.

Joey Bart, C, Giants. Bart hit a pair of triples and stole a base yesterday. No, the catcher is not turning into Jarrod Dyson or Billy Hamilton, but it is a good reminder that the Giants first-rounder moves reasonably well for a catcher.

Jesus Sanchez, OF, Rays. Sanchez hit his first Double-A home run in his third game since being promoted. Sanchez is hitting .308 for Montgomery, which keeps up an impressive streak. Sanchez has hit .300 or better at every one of the six stops he's made while climbing through the Rays system.

Juan Soto, OF, Nationals. Soto went 0-for-2 yesterday, but with two more walks, which gives him 46 this season. Drawing walks is a skill that hitters usually improve in the major leagues as they get more experience. Soto has an exceptional batting eye as a 19-year-old. His .424 on-base percentage would be the best by a teenager in the major leagues since 1901. He's now 20 walks away from tying Mel Ott for the most walks in a season by a teenager as well.

Michael Kopech, RHP, White Sox. Kopech has had some ups and downs this year, but he's made strides that have put him much closer to being big league ready. He's improved his changeup and he's tamed his control troubles to an extent. Yesterday he allowed two runs on eight hits in seven innings. Most notably he didn't walk anyone while striking out nine. It was the second time in the past three starts that he didn't walk a batter and he's walked four in his past 31 innings. Before that he'd walked 58 in 82.1 innings this year.

ARIAALeyba, Domingo 2B1000.286
ARIAAABrito, Socrates RF4121.3332B (27), BB (35)
ARIAAAQuerecuto, Juniel 2B5111.311
ARIAAAVargas, Ildemaro SS5131.305
ARIAAAWalker, Christian 1B5120.3063B (2)
ARIHiAChisholm, Jazz SS4000.311
ARIHiAEllis, Drew 3B4010.251
ARIHiAGrier, Anfernee CF3000.180BB (4), SB (2)
ARIHiASmith, Pavin 1B4220.2392B (16)
ARIRKennedy, Buddy 3B4221.340BB (17)
ARIRThomas, Alek CF5341.3912B (1)
ARISSMcCarthy, Jake CF2000.2762 BB (18), CS (3)
ARISSRose, Joey 3B4100.226
ARISSYerzy, Andy 1B4000.306
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF5032.381
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C4122.2503B (2), HR (2)
ATLAAAPeterson, Dustin LF4011.269
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B5010.275
ATLHiAWaters, Drew CF4110.143BB (2), SB (1)
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel LF3010.2232 BB (11), CS (1)
ATLLoAJenista, Greyson RF4101.333BB (10)
ATLLoALugbauer, Drew C4020.238BB (35)
ATLLoARamos, Jeffrey DH5021.2452B (20), 3B (6)
ATLMAJAcuna, Ronald LF5011.268
BALAADiaz, Yusniel RF4000.204
BALAAMountcastle, Ryan DH5111.3012B (15)
BALAARifaela, Ademar LF4122.2642B (18)
BALAAAMullins, Cedric CF4120.2672B (17), BB (22)
BALAAAStewart, DJ RF5121.2412B (21)
BALHiAReyes, Jomar 3B4031.2502 2B (23)
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B4011.291
BALLoAGrenier, Cadyn SS4000.181
BALMAJNunez, Renato 3B4020.253
BALMAJWynns, Austin C4123.275HR (3)
BALSSHays, Austin DH4000.189
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 3B3223.4442 HR (2), 2 BB (2)
BOSAAAOckimey, Josh 1B4113.273HR (2)
BOSAAATravis, Sam LF4110.258
BOSHiAChatham, C.J. SS4011.294
BOSHiANetzer, Brett 2B3011.293BB (31), CS (8)
BOSLoASuarez, Kervin CF4210.263BB (20)
CHCAABurks, Charcer LF3000.2412 BB (54)
CHCAAThompson, Keegan P0000.250
CHCAAAUnderwood, Duane P1000.158
CHCAAAVosler, Jason 3B4242.2762B (8), HR (6)
CHCAAAZagunis, Mark RF3223.276HR (6), 2 BB (58)
CHCHiAWilson, D.J. CF5020.242
CHCLoAAmaya, Miguel PH-C1000.261
CHCLoAHerron, Jimmy CF4000.171
CHCMAJBote, David 3B3020.3282B (5)
CHCMAJCaratini, Victor 1B-3B4000.259
CHCSSSierra, Jonathan RF3111.256BB (16), CS (3)
CHCSSVelazquez, Nelson LF-CF1000.2372 BB (16)
CHCSSWeber, Andy SS4120.5002B (1), BB (2)
CINAAAquino, Aristides DH2111.243HR (16), 3 BB (31)
CINAAFriedl, T.J. LF4000.288SB (14)
CINAALong, Shed 2B4000.257
CINAASiri, Jose CF5111.244HR (10)
CINAAALonghi, Nick 1B4110.280
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart LF1000.216
CINHiAIsabel, Ibandel DH5111.247HR (24), BB (29)
CINHiATrammell, Taylor CF5121.2772B (13), BB (51), SB (19)
CINLoAGarcia, Jose Israel SS3112.233HR (3), CS (8)
CINLoAIndia, Jonathan 3B4110.286
CINMAJErvin, Phillip LF4110.308
CINRRuiz, Victor DH4020.362
CINRSpillane, Bren RF3120.2592 BB (23)
CLEAAKrieger, Tyler LF4010.262
CLEAAMathias, Mark 2B3121.221HR (7)
CLEAAAAllen, Greg LF4220.287
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B5121.3332B (1)
CLEAAAChang, Yu SS3012.256BB (38)
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C4000.237
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar CF4010.1542B (1)
CLEHiACollins, Gavin C3000.220BB (12)
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B4000.182
CLELoABenson, Will PR-DH0100.160
CLELoAGonzalez, Oscar RF5030.2822B (18), SB (5)
CLERGonzalez, Marcos SS4210.328BB (8)
CLERRodriguez, Johnathan RF5112.2762B (7)
CLESSFreeman, Tyler PR0000.385
COLAAHilliard, Sam CF5000.267
COLAAMundell, Brian LF-1B3001.258
COLAANunez, Dom DH4010.230BB (38)
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 3B2110.3262B (26)
COLAAAHampson, Garrett 2B5120.315
COLAAAHoward, Sam P0000.077
COLAAAPatterson, Jordan 1B1000.269
COLAAARodgers, Brendan 3B-SS4021.3042B (2)
COLHiABoswell, Bret 2B4112.304HR (2)
COLHiAFernandez, Vince RF5011.2872B (24)
COLHiANevin, Tyler 3B4100.316BB (20)
COLHiAWelker, Colton DH3123.3202B (26), BB (36)
COLLoAVilade, Ryan SS4210.272BB (39)
COLMAJMcMahon, Ryan PH1000.221
COLMAJMurphy, Tom C3000.227BB (3)
COLRLavigne, Grant 1B3010.3602 BB (21)
COLRMontano, Daniel CF4000.282BB (9)
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander CF4000.241
CWSAACall, Alex RF4010.2793B (1)
CWSAACollins, Zack DH4010.243
CWSHiAGonzalez, Luis CF4000.294
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B4020.417SB (1)
CWSHiASheets, Gavin 1B3010.289
CWSHiAYrizarri, Yeyson RF3000.245
CWSLoAWalker, Steele DH3110.100BB (1)
CWSRDelgado, Lency SS4011.240
CWSRRobert, Luis DH4110.389SB (3)
CWSRSosa, Lenyn SS4010.301
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio 2B5220.280
DETAACameron, Daz RF5121.3052B (8)
DETAACastro, Willi SS5122.2512B (23), HR (6)
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B4000.298
DETAARogers, Jake C4011.2042B (10)
DETAAAGreiner, Grayson C4012.2662B (8)
DETAAALugo, Dawel 2B3121.268BB (8)
DETAAAStewart, Christin DH3113.2562B (17), BB (46)
DETHiAHill, Derek CF3021.2332 SB (31), CS (10)
DETHiAMontgomery, Troy DH4010.350
DETLoAClemens, Kody 2B4010.2712B (8)
DETMAJGerber, Mike RF4020.333
DETMAJReyes, Victor CF3000.217
DETSSMcMillan, Sam C3100.165BB (17)
DETSSPerez, Wenceel SS3100.2632 BB (3), SB (4)
HOUAADawson, Ronnie CF5000.250
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF4100.202BB (12)
HOUAAAReed, AJ DH5033.2622B (20)
HOUAAAStraw, Myles CF6220.2632 SB (21)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle RF5000.303BB (38), SB (15)
HOUHiAArauz, Jonathan SS5132.1722B (9), 3B (2)
HOUHiABeer, Seth LF4100.158BB (1)
HOUHiAMatijevic, J.J. DH4314.261HR (12), 2 BB (23)
HOUMAJDavis, J.D. 3B3000.192
HOURNova, Freudis SS3000.305BB (4), CS (2)
HOUSSPena, Jeremy SS5000.254
KCAADuenez, Samir 1B4011.269BB (21)
KCAAGutierrez, Kelvin 3B5122.274HR (4)
KCAAADewees, Donnie DH3010.221
KCAAAGallagher, Cam C2000.263BB (21)
KCAAAHernandez, Elier RF3000.375
KCAAALopez, Nicky 2B4000.290
KCHiAPerkins, Blake CF3010.241BB (76), SB (24)
KCHiARivera, Emmanuel 3B4000.268
KCHiAViloria, Meibrys C4010.2472B (10)
KCLoAIsbel, Kyle CF3000.288BB (7)
KCLoAMelendez, M.J. C3001.238
KCLoAPratto, Nick 1B4010.252CS (4)
KCMAJDozier, Hunter PH-1B1010.213SB (1)
KCMAJO'Hearn, Ryan 1B3000.125
KCMAJPhillips, Brett CF4000.192
KCRCole, Eric RF2010.289BB (11)
KCRVallot, Chase DH4000.264
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B5125.2572B (5), HR (2)
LAAAALund, Brennon CF4100.263BB (42)
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B5112.2812B (20)
LAAAAAWard, Taylor 3B4111.351BB (32)
LAAHiATodd, Jonah CF3000.209BB (47)
LAALoAHunter, Torii CF4111.2613B (8)
LAALoAMenendez, Kiki 1B4213.200HR (1), BB (2)
LAALoAPina, Keinner C2110.2632B (8)
LAALoARivas, Leonardo SS5111.227
LAAMAJFletcher, David 2B5010.270
LAAMAJOhtani, Shohei DH4021.2712B (14)
LAARAdams, Jordyn CF5011.111
LAARDeveaux, Trent CF3121.2132B (4)
LAAREnglish, William DH3120.209
LAARJackson, Jeremiah SS5120.158SB (1)
LAARKnowles, D'Shawn RF5020.476CS (2)
LAARMaitan, Kevin 3B5231.252HR (4)
LAARSoto, Livan 2B4231.303BB (18), SB (8)
LAARWilliams, Nonie LF5111.1692B (8)
LADAAJackson, Drew 2B4001.267
LADAALux, Gavin SS4110.412BB (1)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF5243.2402B (19), HR (22)
LADAARobinson, Errol 3B4111.243
LADAARuiz, Keibert C3111.238BB (20)
LADAAAFarmer, Kyle C5121.2932B (20)
LADAAALocastro, Tim 2B-LF4020.2912B (16), CS (2)
LADAAARios, Edwin 1B5122.294HR (8)
LADAAAVerdugo, Alex RF5110.339
LADHiAKendall, Jeren CF4111.221
LADHiASantana, Cristian DH5011.244
LADHiAWong, Connor C5231.2652B (16), CS (2)
LADLoAMann, Devin 2B-1B5110.254
LADMAJBuehler, Walker P2000.111
MIAAADugger, Robert P3010.125
MIAAADunand, Joe SS5001.147
MIAAAHarrison, Monte CF5220.235
MIAAALee, Braxton LF3100.2402 BB (15)
MIAAAMiller, Brian RF5100.274
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B4130.2942 BB (9)
MIAHiABrigman, Bryson SS4010.091
MIAHiAMahan, Riley DH3100.234
MIAHiANelson, James 3B3000.228
MIALoAJones, Thomas CF3000.233
MIALoAPompey, Tristan DH2000.314BB (16)
MIALoASoto, Isael RF2000.226BB (27)
MIALoATorres, Chris SS3020.440CS (1)
MIAMAJAnderson, Brian RF5030.288
MIAMAJSierra, Magneuris CF3000.222
MIARBanfield, Will C1000.256
MIARFortes, Nick DH3000.000
MIARJohnson, Osiris SS4010.3012B (8)
MIARScott, Connor CF4010.223CS (5)
MIASSBird, Corey CF3111.3332B (1), 2 BB (2)
MIASSHernandez, Brayan LF5111.234SB (6)
MILAAErceg, Lucas 3B4010.259
MILAAGrisham, Trent LF4010.209
MILAAHiura, Keston 2B4000.286
MILAARay, Corey CF4111.253HR (23)
MILHiAFeliciano, Mario C3100.207BB (9)
MILLoAHarrison, K.J. 1B4110.212SB (2)
MILLoAHenry, Payton C3111.264HR (10), BB (27)
MILLoALutz, Tristen LF2113.251HR (12), BB (38)
MILRBello, Micah CF4100.270BB (15)
MILRGray, Joe LF3200.1892 BB (13), SB (6)
MILRMcClanahan, Chad 3B3001.301
MILRTurang, Brice SS3010.400BB (4)
MINAAArraez, Luis 3B3121.2772 BB (8)
MINAARaley, Luke LF3111.2312 BB (5)
MINAARooker, Brent 1B3111.2792 BB (43)
MINAAAGordon, Nick 2B4112.205BB (10)
MINHiABlankenhorn, Travis 2B4000.237
MINHiAKirilloff, Alex RF5020.377
MINHiALewis, Royce SS3010.3042 BB (13)
MINLoABaddoo, Akil CF5022.251
MINLoABechtold, Andrew 3B3000.218BB (45)
MINLoAJeffers, Ryan C4211.356HR (3)
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel DH4122.2782 2B (12)
MINLoAMiranda, Jose 2B4010.277BB (26)
MINLoAPearson, Jacob LF4220.2612B (10)
MINMAJGarver, Mitch C4000.259
MINRCelestino, Gilberto CF5021.440SB (4)
MINRLarnach, Trevor DH4200.291BB (10)
MINRSeverino, Yunior SS4010.288BB (10)
NYMAAGimenez, Andres SS2111.3042B (4), BB (4)
NYMAANido, Tomas C4100.290
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B2112.2952B (5), 2 BB (10)
NYMAAAAlonso, Peter 1B3000.230BB (22)
NYMHiABrodey, Quinn CF5010.213SB (2)
NYMHiACarpio, Luis PR-2B1100.232
NYMHiASanchez, Ali C0000.291
NYMRKelenic, Jarred CF5011.174
NYMRVientos, Mark 3B4122.297HR (9), BB (16)
NYMSSCortes, Carlos 2B4132.277HR (2)
NYYAAAFord, Mike DH4220.2442B (12)
NYYAAAWade, Tyler RF4000.267
NYYLoACabrera, Oswaldo 2B4111.233
NYYMAJAndujar, Miguel 3B5010.291
NYYMAJTorres, Gleyber 2B2001.2772 BB (24)
NYYMAJVoit, Luke 1B2000.000BB (1)
NYYSSBreaux, Josh C4010.2612B (2)
OAKAAMartin, Richie SS4210.292BB (36)
OAKAARamirez, Tyler LF4221.287CS (3)
OAKAAABoyd, B.J. LF4010.263
OAKAAAFowler, Dustin CF5220.331
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS4010.237
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon 3B5032.255
OAKHiADeichmann, Greg LF4000.200
OAKLoAAllen, Nick SS4020.216BB (31)
OAKLoAArmenteros, Lazaro LF3112.276HR (6)
OAKLoABeck, Austin CF4111.2882B (22)
OAKMAJLaureano, Ramon CF4131.333SB (1)
OAKSSBrito, Marcos 2B5110.220SB (3)
OAKSSEierman, Jeremy SS4010.215SB (5)
OAKSSRivas, Alfonso 1B3120.2642 2B (11), 2 BB (23)
PHIAARandolph, Cornelius LF5121.2352B (16)
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B4110.125
PHIHiAGamboa, Arquimedes SS3000.217BB (43)
PHILoAMuzziotti, Simon CF4000.272
PHILoAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF2000.2172 BB (23)
PHILoAVierling, Matt LF4031.2862B (10), CS (2)
PHIMAJAlfaro, Jorge C3010.257
PHIMAJKingery, Scott SS0000.227
PHIMAJQuinn, Roman CF1000.333
PHISSGuzman, Jonathan SS5110.222
PITAAAlemais, Stephen 2B3100.274BB (37)
PITAACraig, Will 1B4121.254SB (5)
PITAAHayes, Ke'Bryan 3B3112.284HR (7), BB (45)
PITAAReynolds, Bryan CF4120.2773B (2)
PITAATucker, Cole SS4000.248
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 2B3110.302BB (32)
PITAAAMartin, Jason CF5000.250
PITAAAMoroff, Max 3B4210.240
PITAAANewman, Kevin SS5010.298
PITLoAMitchell, Calvin RF4000.285
PITMAJLuplow, Jordan PH1000.167
PITMAJMoran, Colin 3B2000.264
PITRMartin, Mason 1B5112.273HR (7), BB (27)
PITSSSwaggerty, Travis CF5010.282
SDAAAllen, Austin C4020.301
SDAANaylor, Josh LF5010.304
SDAAAMejia, Francisco DH4130.3822B (2)
SDAAAUrias, Luis 2B4010.2722B (22)
SDHiAOna, Jorge RF3011.2482B (22), BB (28)
SDHiAPotts, Hudson 3B4010.2842B (35)
SDLoAAlmanzar, Luis DH4010.176
SDLoAArias, Gabriel SS3110.2282B (16), BB (32)
SDLoARosario, Jeisson CF4000.277
SDLoARuiz, Esteury 2B4112.253HR (11)
SDRBarley, Jordy 2B4121.198BB (13)
SDREdwards, Xavier SS4431.4032B (4), 2 BB (13), SB (12)
SDSSLittle, Grant CF4000.245
SDSSMiller, Owen SS3031.335BB (15)
SEAAAFilia, Eric RF3000.283BB (29)
SEAAALewis, Kyle DH2001.192BB (4)
SEAAAAMiller, Ian CF3010.2782B (13)
SEAAAAVogelbach, Daniel 1B3111.304HR (18), BB (64)
SEAHiALiberato, Luis CF3000.224BB (18)
SEAHiARizzo, Joe DH4000.245
SEALoAAdams, Johnny SS3111.224HR (10)
SEALoARosa, Joseph DH4011.219
SEARIzturis, Cesar SS4320.242BB (9), SB (4)
SEASSRaleigh, Cal C5222.2932 2B (5)
SEASSStowers, Josh CF4121.2982B (10), 2 BB (21)
SFAAHinojosa, C.J. SS4111.268HR (2), BB (21)
SFAAHoward, Ryan 2B4110.266
SFAAAGomez, Miguel 2B4122.2712B (7)
SFAAAShaw, Chris DH4020.2643B (2)
SFHiAFabian, Sandro RF4121.209HR (8)
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B4111.2382B (17)
SFLoAZiegler, Malique CF3000.2692 BB (14), SB (6)
SFMAJSlater, Austin LF4010.315
SFRCanario, Alexander CF5024.2753B (2)
SFSSBart, Joey C5221.3462 3B (2), SB (2)
STLAAEdman, Tommy DH4110.300
STLAAAGarcia, Adolis RF4000.269
STLAAASchrock, Max DH4000.260
STLAAASosa, Edmundo SS3100.250SB (4)
STLAAAWilliams, Justin LF3011.375BB (1)
STLHiACapel, Conner DH4020.313CS (1)
STLHiACarlson, Dylan RF4000.258
STLHiAHurst, Scott LF3000.000BB (2)
STLLoABaker, Luken DH3123.275HR (1), BB (3)
STLMAJBader, Harrison CF4000.271
STLMAJMunoz, Yairo RF1000.293
STLRGil, Mateo SS4010.252BB (17)
STLRGorman, Nolan 3B4122.346CS (3)
STLRHerrera, Ivan DH4022.381BB (8)
STLRMachado, Jonathan CF4000.281
STLSSDunn, Nick 2B5000.247
STLSSPerez, Delvin SS4000.233
STLSSYnfante, Wadye CF4000.205
TBAACronenworth, Jake 2B3100.2402 BB (34), SB (18)
TBAAFox, Lucius SS2011.143
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF5121.308HR (1)
TBAASolak, Nick LF5110.268
TBAAACiuffo, Nick C4110.268
TBAAAMeadows, Austin CF4010.278
TBHiALowe, Josh CF4110.2422B (25), BB (43)
TBHiAMcKay, Brendan 1B5331.2292B (4), HR (4)
TBHiAPalacios, Jermaine SS4000.287
TBLoAHernandez, Ronaldo C3000.291BB (24), CS (2)
TBMAJAdames, Willy SS3000.209BB (10)
TBMAJBauers, Jake 1B-LF2100.2353 BB (32)
TBMAJLowe, Brandon LF-2B4000.000BB (1)
TBMAJPerez, Michael C2000.381BB (1)
TBRFranco, Wander SS3011.3463B (6)
TBRWitherspoon, Grant CF3000.205
TBSSFrank, Tyler 2B3100.288BB (25)
TBSSProctor, Ford SS3210.2212B (7), 2 BB (20)
TEXAAAlvarez, Eliezer LF2011.2312B (15), BB (37), SB (22)
TEXAAMorgan, Josh C4110.240
TEXAAAIbanez, Andy 3B4010.290
TEXHiATaveras, Leody CF4000.240
TEXHiATejeda, Anderson SS4112.255HR (15)
TEXLoAAparicio, Miguel PR-RF1100.220
TEXLoAGonzalez, Pedro CF3000.236
TEXLoAReed, Tyreque 1B3130.2682 2B (22)
TEXLoAThompson, Bubba LF3000.283
TEXMAJCalhoun, Willie LF3100.255BB (3)
TEXMAJGuzman, Ronald 1B3000.231BB (24)
TEXMAJRobinson, Drew CF3210.1812B (3), BB (10)
TEXREasley, Jayce 2B3101.350BB (16), SB (16)
TEXROrnelas, Jonathan DH5111.295
TORAABichette, Bo DH4011.2772B (35)
TORAAWall, Forrest CF5133.2272B (9), 3B (2), CS (4)
TORAAAAlford, Anthony RF4112.2252B (13)
TORAAAGuerrero, Vladimir 3B3000.286BB (8)
TORAAAJansen, Danny C4110.272
TORAAAMcKinney, Billy 1B0000.228
TORAAATellez, Rowdy 1B3121.274HR (11), BB (32)
TORAAAUrena, Richard SS4011.216
TORHiASmith, Kevin SS4430.286BB (19)
TORLoANoda, Ryan 1B3012.261BB (84), CS (3)
TORLoASpanberger, Chad DH4111.278HR (2)
TORRDanner, Hagen DH4010.279BB (11)
TORSSContreras, Mc Gregory LF4123.2542B (9), 3B (3)
WASAAGushue, Taylor C4000.219
WASAAJohnson, Daniel RF3000.280BB (18), CS (4)
WASAAKieboom, Carter SS3000.2702 BB (12)
WASAAWard, Drew 1B4011.225
WASAAAMarmolejos, Jose 1B3000.257BB (31)
WASAAARobles, Victor CF3100.2732 BB (7), SB (7)
WASAAAStevenson, Andrew LF4100.199SB (10)
WASAAAVoth, Austin P2010.125
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF4111.348
WASHiAGarcia, Luis SS5330.2992B (6)
WASHiAReetz, Jakson C4110.238
WASLoACanning, Gage CF3010.2112B (7)
WASMAJSoto, Juan LF2000.3102 BB (46)
WASSSSanchez, Jose SS3011.2252B (5)

ARISSWeiss, Ryan3.0533044.80
ATLAAGraham, Josh1.0000208.42
ATLAASanchez, Ricardo1.1422225.65
ATLAAAToussaint, Touki6.0732382.01
ATLMAJMinter, A.J.1.0211012.98W (4-2)
BALAAAOrtiz, Luis5.0833415.40
BALHiAWells, Alex7.0400143.68W (5-7)
BALLoAHanifee, Brenan5.0522122.92
BALMAJRamirez, Yefry1.2555515.66
BALMAJScott, Tanner2.1100045.77W (2-2)
BOSAAALakins, Travis1.0000000.00
BOSHiAMartinez, Joan0.2255326.00
BOSSSWard, Thad3.0221322.18L (0-1)
CHCAAThompson, Keegan5.0511333.03W (4-1)
CHCAAAMaples, Dillon1.0000132.36
CHCAAAMekkes, Dakota1.0100011.50
CHCAAAUnderwood, Duane5.0533154.22
CHCHiASteele, Justin3.0633153.38L (0-1)
CINRCampbell, Ryan1.0000114.79W (2-1)
CINRHeatherly, Jacob5.0433388.31
CLEAAMcKenzie, Triston5.1533252.96L (6-3)
CLEHiAMorgan, Eli0.2566123.93L (6-5)
CLEMAJBieber, Shane5.2722174.58W (6-2)
COLAACastellani, Ryan7.0522135.59
COLAAAHoward, Sam0.1100005.50
COLHiABowden, Ben1.1000003.65W (3-2)
CWSAAClarkin, Ian2.0322016.15
CWSAAMedeiros, Kodi5.0566463.41L (7-6)
CWSAAAKopech, Michael7.0822094.05W (5-7)
DETLoAHernandez, Wilkel4.2755046.39L (1-5)
DETMAJJimenez, Joe1.0122003.35
DETSSWolf, Adam3.0100114.42
HOUAAMartin, Corbin6.0755252.78L (6-2)
HOUAAADeetz, Dean1.1322001.10
KCAAALovelady, Richard1.0422022.70
KCAAAStaumont, Josh2.1111333.09
KCLoALynch, Daniel5.0310271.50
KCRCox, Austin4.0532163.29
KCRLuciano, Elvis6.0422136.39L (0-5)
LAARRivera, Jerryell2.15662210.03L (0-2)
LADAAAlvarez, Yadier3.1233526.21W (1-2)
LADLoARooney, John3.0633024.50
LADMAJBuehler, Walker5.1422283.63W (5-4)
LADRSheffield, Jordan1.0100110.00
MIAAADugger, Robert6.1533195.15W (4-5)
MIALoAHock, Colton3.2866234.02L (9-5)
MILAAPonce, Cody4.0552244.64L (6-6)
MILHiABickford, Phil2.0300035.32
MILHiAKirby, Nathan4.0422375.40
MILLoAHerrera, Carlos3.2622035.14W (2-6)
MILMAJBurnes, Corbin1.0111102.45
MILRJarvis, Justin2.0100124.50
MINAAARomero, Fernando8.0400082.71W (4-3)
MINLoADuran, Jhoan6.1533194.27
NYMMAJBashlor, Tyler1.0111015.68L (0-1)
NYMMAJOswalt, Corey6.0833045.13
NYMSSHill, Adam1.2100243.24
NYYAAVargas, Alexander3.2422232.25
NYYSSGerman, Frank2.2421031.59L (0-1)
NYYSSSchmidt, Clarke4.1300061.08
OAKAAARamirez, Carlos2.1421014.78Sv (1)
PHIAAASuarez, Ranger6.0533253.12W (2-0)
PHIMAJDominguez, Seranthony1.0111032.03
PITAAAHolmes, Clay4.0522213.43
PITMAJCrick, Kyle1.0000012.09
PITMAJSantana, Edgar1.0100002.86
SDAAAllen, Logan4.0633232.75L (10-6)
SDHiAAvila, Pedro5.05430103.82W (7-6)
SDHiAMorejon, Adrian1.0100213.30
SDMAJLucchesi, Joey5.2732093.70
SDRWeathers, Ryan4.0210042.08
SEAAAFesta, Matt0.2000012.75
SEAAAMills, Wyatt0.14551033.75L (0-1)
SEASSHoffman, Nolan2.0432123.48L (0-2)
SFAAWilliams, Garrett1.0122115.97L (3-8)
SFLoADoval, Camilo0.2111323.70
SFMAJMoronta, Reyes0.2000101.79
SFRCoonrod, Sam2.02000410.13
SFSSCorry, Seth5.0100250.00W (1-0)
STLAACabrera, Genesis6.0322243.00
STLAAGonzalez, Derian1.2200111.80
STLAAAJones, Connor2.2533354.05
STLMAJFlaherty, Jack6.0300173.27W (5-6)
STLMAJHicks, Jordan1.1000013.10
TBAAKrook, Matt3.0100364.48
TBAAAHu, Chih-Wei2.2211134.83
TBMAJCastillo, Diego2.0222034.34L (2-2)
TBMAJYarbrough, Ryan5.1655364.24
TBRPeguero, Joel1.01100011.12
TBSSDodson, Tanner3.0200130.54
TEXAAMartin, Brett2.0200036.99
TEXAAMendez, Yohander6.0510055.09W (1-0)
WASAAAVoth, Austin4.1754324.77L (4-8)
WASHiABaez, Joan5.0400354.25W (7-8)
WASLoAHill, Brigham7.0400163.02W (4-3)
WASSSCate, Tim5.0533144.50

10 Prospects We Hope Have A Healthy 2020

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