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Baseball America Prospect Report – August 31, 2018

Thursday's Stars

Richie Martin, SS, Athletics. Martin's pro career had been a reminder that even first-round picks can work in relative obscurity. He struggled last year in his first exposure to Double-A, but much like his former Florida teammate Buddy Reed, Martin has had more success this year. Martin went 4-for-4 last night with two doubles, a triple and his 24th stolen base of the season. His strong finishing kick (he also had a two-home run game last week) has pushed his overall stats for the year to .295/.365/.429.

Evan White, 1B, Mariners. White has spent most of this season playing well, but not well enough. The 2017 first-round pick out of Kentucky has yet to have a month where he's been overmatched, but first basemen are just expected to have more thump than the athletic lefthanded hitter has shown. He came into this month have failed to reach double digits in extra base hits in any month this season, and he'd hit only four extra base hits (three doubles and one triple) in all of July. But White seems to have taken to heart that first baseman have to hit the ball over outfielders heads to be successful. He went 3-for-5 with three doubles yesterday. It's part of a fast finish to the season—White now has 18 extra-base hits this month with 10 doubles, three triples and five home runs. He had six home runs in the first four months of the season combined.

Austin Riley, 3B, Braves. Riley is having a month much like White where little goes wrong. Riley was 3-for-5 yesterday with a double and his 11th Triple-A home run. Riley is now hitting .295/.345/.590 this month with 10 doubles and seven home runs.

Isaac Paredes, 3B, Tigers. If you rank prospects, you are going to develop regrets. One of mine for this year is that Paredes isn't ranked highly enough on the Tigers' midseason list. He ranked 8th, and at the time of the reporting he was having a solid but unspectacular season statistically for high Class A Lakeland. But he always has been one of the youngest players in any league he's played in, and he's always shown a feel to hit. The Tigers bumped him up to Double-A Erie in mid-July and he responded to the challenge by hitting .330/.416/.460 as the youngest player in the Eastern League. Paredes went 3-for-6 yesterday with a double and a home run.

Bret Boswell, 2B, Rockies. With just a long weekend left in the regular season, most players are understandably ready for the season to wrap up. Boswell is one who would be helped by a month-long extension, as Monday's season-ender will come in the midst of a furious hot streak. The former Texas Longhorn homered twice on Tuesday, then followed it up by going 2-for-3 with his 10th high Class A home run and a pair of walks yesterday. Boswell is hitting .337/.407/.714 this month.

Myles Straw, OF, Astros. The Cubs traded for Terrance Gore to have a potential playoff pinch-running option. The Yankees just signed Quintin Berry to serve a similar purpose. But if the Astros decide they need a speedster for the playoffs, they have a homegrown option. Straw went 3-for-5 yesterday with a triple and his 32nd Triple-A steal. He now has 67 steals overall (in 75 tries) to easily lead the minors. Vidal Brujan is second in the minors, 13 steals behind Straw. With yesterday's steal, Straw now leads the Pacific Coast League in steals. His 35 steals in the Texas League are second-best in the league, trailing only his former teammate Kyle Wren.

ARIAALeyba, Domingo 2B4110.275BB (30)
ARIAAABrito, Socrates RF5000.318
ARIAAACron, Kevin 1B5021.309
ARIAAAQuerecuto, Juniel 2B4010.3123B (2)
ARIAAAVargas, Ildemaro SS5110.311
ARIHiAChisholm, Jazz SS4011.316SB (9)
ARIHiAEllis, Drew 3B5000.244
ARIHiAGrier, Anfernee CF4020.2052 SB (6)
ARIHiASmith, Pavin 1B3124.2592B (24), BB (55)
ARIHiAVarsho, Daulton DH5220.2852 2B (11)
ARIMAJWalker, Christian PH1000.185
ARIRKennedy, Buddy 3B4010.3272 BB (26)
ARIRRobinson, Kristian CF6021.308
ARIRThomas, Alek LF5221.3162B (8), BB (10)
ARISSRose, Joey 3B4020.232SB (3)
ARISSYerzy, Andy C4000.298
ATLAADidder, Ray-Patrick SS1000.268
ATLAAGraham, Josh P0000.000
ATLAAPache, Cristian CF3000.278
ATLAAAJackson, Alex C4000.198
ATLAAAPeterson, Dustin LF4000.266
ATLAAARiley, Austin 3B5235.2842B (17), HR (11)
ATLHiAContreras, William C4000.250
ATLHiAWaters, Drew CF2001.257BB (8)
ATLHiAWilson, Isranel LF2120.2212B (5), BB (14)
ATLLoALugbauer, Drew DH3100.232BB (42)
ATLLoARamos, Jeffrey LF4111.239HR (14)
ATLMAJAcuna, Ronald CF5230.291CS (4)
BALAADiaz, Yusniel RF4010.230
BALAAHays, Austin LF5022.2432B (12)
BALAAASantander, Anthony RF4000.125
BALAAAStewart, DJ LF4001.233
BALHiAReyes, Jomar DH4112.2672B (27)
BALLoAEncarnacion, Jean Carlos 3B3000.278BB (15)
BALSSHall, Adam SS3000.294
BALSSNeustrom, Robert RF3010.283
BOSAADalbec, Bobby 1B3110.245
BOSAADe La Guerra, Chad 2B4000.264BB (32), SB (4)
BOSAAALin, Tzu-Wei SS5000.307
BOSAAAOckimey, Josh 1B4010.247
BOSAAATravis, Sam LF3031.2582B (13), BB (29)
BOSHiAChatham, C.J. SS3000.322BB (19)
BOSHiANetzer, Brett 2B4000.274
BOSLoASuarez, Kervin CF4000.229
BOSSSBrannen, Cole CF4000.188BB (14)
BOSSSEsplin, Tyler RF2010.192
CHCAABurks, Charcer LF3000.231BB (58)
CHCAAATseng, Jen-Ho P2000.120
CHCAAAVosler, Jason 3B4110.2592B (10)
CHCAAAZagunis, Mark LF2010.270BB (69)
CHCHiAAdeman, Aramis SS3000.211
CHCHiAWilson, D.J. CF4010.223
CHCLoAAmaya, Miguel C3001.257BB (50)
CHCLoAHerron, Jimmy CF4000.233
CHCMAJBote, David 3B4000.258
CHCSSSierra, Jonathan RF3111.2502B (15), BB (22)
CHCSSVelazquez, Nelson LF3110.2452B (17), BB (23)
CHCSSWeber, Andy 2B1000.291
CINAAAquino, Aristides RF4000.244
CINAAFriedl, T.J. LF4000.276
CINAALaValley, Gavin 1B3110.209BB (44)
CINAALong, Shed 2B4111.260HR (11)
CINAASiri, Jose CF4111.2292B (7)
CINHiAFairchild, Stuart CF4131.2452B (14), SB (6)
CINHiAIsabel, Ibandel DH2000.261BB (35)
CINHiARodriguez, Alfredo SS3000.204
CINHiAStephenson, Tyler C2001.255BB (44)
CINHiATrammell, Taylor CF3110.277SB (25)
CINLoADowns, Jeter 2B4010.253SB (36)
CINLoAGarcia, Jose Israel SS4010.246SB (12)
CINLoAIndia, Jonathan 3B4220.213SB (4)
CINMAJErvin, Phillip LF4110.293
CLEAAClement, Ernie SS4000.180
CLEAAKrieger, Tyler LF4010.2712B (21)
CLEAAMathias, Mark 2B4010.229
CLEAAABradley, Bobby 1B4000.270
CLEAAAChang, Yu SS4020.254
CLEAAAHaase, Eric C2010.236BB (31)
CLEAAAMercado, Oscar CF5010.230
CLEHiACollins, Gavin C4010.230
CLEHiAJones, Nolan 3B4010.292
CLELoABenson, Will RF5234.177HR (19), BB (78), SB (12)
CLEMAJAllen, Greg CF3000.241
CLESSFreeman, Tyler SS3000.360
CLESSKwan, Steven CF3010.3332B (1)
COLAAHilliard, Sam CF2010.259BB (40), CS (12)
COLAAMundell, Brian LF3000.264
COLAANunez, Dom C3000.222
COLAAAFuentes, Josh 1B5121.319
COLAAAHampson, Garrett 2B5110.3112B (16)
COLAAAMurphy, Tom C5120.2582B (16)
COLAAARodgers, Brendan 3B5021.2212B (4)
COLHiABoswell, Bret 2B3321.340HR (10), 2 BB (12)
COLHiANevin, Tyler 3B4233.3272B (25), HR (13)
COLHiAWelker, Colton DH5222.333HR (13)
COLLoAVilade, Ryan SS4000.274
COLMAJMcMahon, Ryan PH1010.244
COLRLavigne, Grant 1B4120.347
COLSSVavra, Terrin 2B3000.307BB (25)
CWSAABasabe, Luis Alexander CF4000.253
CWSAACall, Alex RF4010.245
CWSAACollins, Zack C3001.233
CWSAAAJimenez, Eloy LF3111.365HR (12), BB (13)
CWSAAAZavala, Seby DH4220.2672 2B (15)
CWSHiAGonzalez, Luis RF4432.3163B (3), BB (25)
CWSHiAMadrigal, Nick 2B5120.2842B (3)
CWSHiARobert, Luis CF4430.2552 2B (6), SB (6)
CWSHiASheets, Gavin 1B3111.294BB (50)
CWSLoAWalker, Steele DH5111.204
CWSRSosa, Lenyn SS5110.287
DETAAAlcantara, Sergio SS5331.274BB (38)
DETAAMontgomery, Troy RF4220.2582B (7), BB (33)
DETAAParedes, Isaac 3B6236.3302B (7), HR (3)
DETAARogers, Jake C4102.218BB (41)
DETAAACameron, Daz CF3000.195
DETAAAStewart, Christin LF4220.260
DETLoAMorgan, Joey C4020.221
DETLoAPerez, Wenceel SS3120.3332B (2), BB (1), SB (3)
DETMAJLugo, Dawel 2B4010.2502B (1)
DETSSKing, Jose SS3113.2203B (1)
DETSSMcMillan, Sam C2211.160BB (24)
DETSSMeadows, Parker CF4011.267
HOUAADawson, Ronnie RF5020.286
HOUAAAAlvarez, Yordan LF5031.2532B (7)
HOUAAADavis, J.D. 1B5020.346
HOUAAAStraw, Myles RF5231.2583B (3), SB (32)
HOUAAATucker, Kyle DH1111.3312B (26), 4 BB (46)
HOUHiAArauz, Jonathan SS0000.170
HOUHiABeer, Seth LF5020.226
HOUHiAMatijevic, J.J. DH5010.261
HOULoAMcKenna, Alex CF4121.2503B (1)
HOULoASierra, Miguelangel SS4001.229
KCAADuenez, Samir 1B4121.274BB (35)
KCAAGutierrez, Kelvin 3B3111.2732 BB (19)
KCAAADewees, Donnie CF4212.2613B (3)
KCAAAHernandez, Elier RF4013.310
KCAAALopez, Nicky SS5230.288
KCHiAPerkins, Blake CF5000.239
KCHiARivera, Emmanuel 3B4110.284BB (29), SB (3)
KCHiAViloria, Meibrys C3220.260BB (40), SB (2)
KCLoAIsbel, Kyle LF4012.2972B (11)
KCLoAMelendez, M.J. C3110.253BB (42)
KCLoAPratto, Nick 1B4110.273
LAAAAJones, Jahmai 2B4220.2382B (9), BB (24), SB (9)
LAAAAAHermosillo, Michael DH5010.273
LAAAAAThaiss, Matt 1B4011.279BB (27)
LAAHiAHunter, Torii CF5020.327SB (5)
LAALoAMenendez, Kiki 1B3100.222BB (6)
LAALoAPina, Keinner C4010.256
LAALoARivas, Leonardo SS4000.233
LAAMAJFletcher, David 2B5010.276
LAAMAJOhtani, Shohei DH3210.275BB (27)
LAAMAJWard, Taylor 3B4010.1882B (2)
LAARJackson, Jeremiah SS5020.2172B (5), SB (4)
LAARKnowles, D'Shawn CF4000.360
LAARMaitan, Kevin 3B4111.253HR (8)
LADAAJackson, Drew 2B3001.246
LADAALux, Gavin SS4220.3302 2B (4)
LADAAPeters, DJ CF4121.229HR (27)
LADAARobinson, Errol 3B4000.246
LADAARuiz, Keibert C3110.2552B (12), BB (25)
LADAAABeaty, Matt 1B3110.2762B (8), BB (11)
LADAAAFarmer, Kyle SS1000.288
LADAAALocastro, Tim CF5020.279
LADAAARios, Edwin LF4110.296
LADAAASmith, Will 3B2100.147BB (5)
LADAAAVerdugo, Alex PH-RF1000.329
LADHiASantana, Cristian DH3000.273BB (20)
LADHiAWong, Connor C4100.262
LADLoAMann, Devin 1B4110.246BB (33)
LADMAJFerguson, Caleb P0000.200
MIAAABrigman, Bryson 2B3010.357
MIAAADunand, Joe SS1000.203
MIAAAHarrison, Monte CF4010.242
MIAAAMiller, Brian LF2010.262BB (18), SB (19)
MIAAAABrinson, Lewis CF5000.217
MIAAAADiaz, Isan 2B5100.217
MIAAAALee, Braxton RF-CF2110.2182 BB (17), SB (2)
MIAHiABird, Corey DH4100.216BB (18)
MIAHiAMahan, Riley 2B5031.2522B (23)
MIAHiAPompey, Tristan CF4020.3082B (5)
MIALoAJohnson, Osiris SS4000.153
MIALoAJones, Thomas DH4110.218
MIALoAScott, Connor CF4000.188
MIALoASoto, Isael RF4222.223HR (12)
MIALoATorres, Chris 2B3000.276BB (19)
MIASSHernandez, Brayan RF1001.223
MILAAGrisham, Trent RF4230.2342B (10)
MILAAHiura, Keston DH4010.268
MILAARay, Corey CF4000.236
MILLoAHarrison, K.J. 1B4000.228
MILLoAHenry, Payton C4000.235
MILLoAMcClanahan, Chad LF4000.148
MILRTurang, Brice SS4211.244BB (18)
MINAAArraez, Luis SS4000.291
MINAARaley, Luke 1B4000.272
MINAARooker, Brent LF4010.258
MINAAAGordon, Nick SS5121.211SB (13)
MINAAAWade, LaMonte LF3020.233BB (38)
MINHiABlankenhorn, Travis DH3010.2342B (24)
MINHiAKirilloff, Alex RF4112.367HR (6)
MINHiALewis, Royce SS4010.257
MINHiAMiranda, Jose 2B4010.2112B (5)
MINHiAWhitefield, Aaron CF2100.205BB (16)
MINLoAJeffers, Ryan C3000.2992 BB (13)
MINLoALarnach, Trevor RF2311.284HR (3), 3 BB (9)
MINLoAMaciel, Gabriel CF5100.279
MINLoAPearson, Jacob LF4100.239BB (29)
MINMAJGarver, Mitch C3110.260BB (27)
NYMAAGimenez, Andres 2B4010.295CS (2)
NYMAAToffey, Will 3B2000.250BB (29)
NYMAAAAlonso, Peter 1B4011.246
NYMAAAGuillorme, Luis 2B3112.2972B (14)
NYMSSCortes, Carlos 2B3010.275BB (15)
NYYAAAFord, Mike DH4000.254
NYYAAAWade, Tyler 2B-SS3010.255
NYYHiACastillo, Diego SS1110.260BB (30)
NYYHiAFlorial, Estevan CF4000.2442 SB (11)
NYYHiAGilliam, Isiah RF2100.258BB (32)
NYYLoACabrera, Oswaldo SS3000.230
NYYLoAGarcia, Dermis DH4000.235
NYYMAJAndujar, Miguel 3B4010.300
NYYMAJTorres, Gleyber SS4132.279HR (21)
NYYMAJVoit, Luke 1B4222.357HR (4)
NYYSSBreaux, Josh C3112.301
OAKAAMartin, Richie SS4141.2952 2B (27), 3B (7), SB (24), CS (10)
OAKAAMurphy, Sean C3111.2882B (26), BB (23)
OAKAARamirez, Tyler DH3120.283BB (60)
OAKAAABarreto, Franklin 2B5010.255
OAKAAABoyd, B.J. RF4021.272
OAKAAAFowler, Dustin RF1000.341
OAKAAAMateo, Jorge SS4110.230
OAKAAANeuse, Sheldon PH-3B1000.259
OAKHiADeichmann, Greg RF0000.197
OAKLoAAllen, Nick SS4013.233
OAKLoAArmenteros, Lazaro LF4010.273BB (35)
OAKLoABeck, Austin CF6121.288SB (8)
OAKMAJLaureano, Ramon CF2010.3112B (4), BB (6)
OAKSSBrito, Marcos 2B4000.235
OAKSSEierman, Jeremy DH4000.243
OAKSSMerrell, Kevin SS2010.750BB (1)
OAKSSRivas, Alfonso 1B3010.284BB (34)
PHIAAACozens, Dylan RF4132.246BB (46)
PHIAAACrawford, J.P. SS4120.227
PHIHiABrito, Daniel 2B5020.2532B (4)
PHILoAMuzziotti, Simon CF6141.260SB (18)
PHILoAOrtiz, Jhailyn RF5000.226
PHILoAVierling, Matt LF5221.289SB (5)
PHISSGuzman, Jonathan SS3000.217
PITAAAlemais, Stephen 2B2220.277BB (43), SB (16), CS (9)
PITAAHayes, Ke'Bryan 3B3022.279BB (55), SB (11)
PITAAReynolds, Bryan CF4010.303
PITAATucker, Cole SS4020.2582B (21)
PITAAAKramer, Kevin 2B3000.305BB (38)
PITAAALuplow, Jordan LF3000.288BB (39)
PITAAAMartin, Jason CF4000.209BB (16)
PITLoAKaiser, Connor SS4110.292
PITLoAMitchell, Calvin RF4112.2832B (27)
PITLoASanchez, Lolo LF2100.244BB (41), SB (30)
PITLoASwaggerty, Travis CF3000.104BB (3)
PITMAJMoran, Colin 3B4000.274
PITMAJNewman, Kevin 2B4000.150
PITSSKoch, Grant C4000.184
SDAAAllen, Austin C4010.287
SDAANaylor, Josh LF4010.299
SDAAPotts, Hudson 3B4010.188
SDHiAOlivares, Edward CF4012.273
SDLoAArias, Gabriel SS4000.240
SDLoAMiller, Owen 3B4001.367BB (4)
SDLoARosario, Jeisson CF4010.273
SDLoARuiz, Esteury 2B4110.248
SDMAJUrias, Luis 2B4000.250SB (1)
SDSSEdwards, Xavier SS5231.310BB (15), SB (10)
SEAAAFilia, Eric RF4000.270
SEAAALewis, Kyle DH3120.2252B (7), BB (12)
SEAAAWalton, Donnie 2B4000.231
SEAAAAMiller, Ian LF5010.2602B (16)
SEAHiALiberato, Luis LF4012.244BB (32)
SEAHiARizzo, Joe 2B4111.2342B (20)
SEAHiAWhite, Evan 1B5232.2993 2B (26)
SEALoAAdams, Johnny SS4010.216
SEALoARosa, Joseph 2B4110.216
SEASSRaleigh, Cal C5021.2992B (9)
SEASSStowers, Josh CF4110.265BB (33)
SFAAAGomez, Miguel 2B4122.2732 2B (11)
SFAAAShaw, Chris LF5111.2592B (21)
SFHiAFabian, Sandro RF3111.203HR (10), BB (25)
SFLoAGonzalez, Jacob 3B4010.226
SFLoARamos, Heliot CF4000.247
SFSSBart, Joey C4212.304HR (12), BB (12)
STLAAAEdman, Tommy 2B5120.3403B (1)
STLAAAKelly, Carson C3000.269BB (48)
STLAAASchrock, Max DH4000.258
STLAAASosa, Edmundo SS3100.258BB (11)
STLHiACapel, Conner RF4120.257
STLHiACarlson, Dylan LF4111.247
STLHiAHurst, Scott CF1001.3332 BB (8)
STLLoABaker, Luken 1B3000.285BB (15)
STLLoADunn, Nick 2B4000.242
STLLoAGorman, Nolan 3B3010.2172B (3), BB (7)
STLMAJBader, Harrison CF3111.277HR (10)
STLMAJGarcia, Adolis PH1000.077
STLMAJMunoz, Yairo 3B-RF1000.274
STLMAJO'Neill, Tyler LF3010.271
STLSSMachado, Jonathan LF5001.038
STLSSPerez, Delvin SS3000.207
STLSSYnfante, Wadye CF3010.207BB (20)
TBAACronenworth, Jake SS4220.2512 BB (42)
TBAASanchez, Jesus RF5111.2112B (7)
TBAASolak, Nick 2B4210.277BB (64)
TBAAAArroyo, Christian 3B4110.238
TBAAAMcCarthy, Joe CF4011.2622B (11)
TBHiABrujan, Vidal 2B3000.354
TBHiALowe, Josh CF3000.239
TBHiAPalacios, Jermaine SS3000.235
TBLoAHernandez, Ronaldo C4000.278
TBSSDodson, Tanner CF5110.2622B (6), SB (8)
TBSSProctor, Ford SS4110.244BB (28)
TEXAAACalhoun, Willie DH5220.297
TEXAAAIbanez, Andy 3B3210.281BB (40)
TEXHiATaveras, Leody CF4000.245BB (48)
TEXHiATejeda, Anderson SS5230.264
TEXLoAAparicio, Miguel RF3010.2142B (9)
TEXLoAReed, Tyreque 1B3000.270
TEXLoAThompson, Bubba CF4000.292
TORAABichette, Bo 2B4232.292BB (47)
TORAAPentecost, Max C4010.256BB (15)
TORAARamirez, Harold DH4021.3162B (36), BB (25)
TORAAWall, Forrest CF0000.224
TORAAAAlford, Anthony LF3021.2352B (21), SB (17)
TORAAATellez, Rowdy 1B2000.2722 BB (39)
TORHiAAdams, Riley C3120.243
TORHiASmith, Kevin SS3111.276HR (18)
TORHiASpanberger, Chad 1B2000.232BB (13)
TORHiAWarmoth, Logan DH2010.230BB (29)
TORLoANoda, Ryan 1B4212.259HR (20), BB (104)
TORSSBec, Chris DH3000.255
TORSSConine, Griffin RF4000.240
TORSSContreras, Mc Gregory LF-CF4021.2653B (4)
WASAAJohnson, Daniel RF5110.273SB (21)
WASAAKieboom, Carter SS5011.267
WASAARead, Raudy C4221.292HR (3), BB (11)
WASAAWard, Drew 1B4111.247
WASAAAMarmolejos, Jose LF4110.2622B (25)
WASAAARobles, Victor CF4110.254
WASAAASeverino, Pedro C4010.262
WASHiAAgustin, Telmito LF3000.311
WASHiAGarcia, Luis SS3010.293
WASLoAFranco, Anderson 1B4000.232
WASSSSanchez, Jose SS3010.230
ARIAAMiller, Jared1.0000122.25
ARIAAASherfy, Jimmie2.0110111.60W (5-1)
ARISSTabor, Matt5.0522153.26W (2-1)
ATLAAGraham, Josh1.2111447.36
ATLHiAYnoa, Huascar5.0733258.03L (1-4)
ATLLoATarnok, Freddy5.2211223.96W (5-5)
BALAAAYacabonis, Jimmy2.2644254.26L (3-5)
BALHiABaumann, Michael7.0200153.88W (8-5)
BOSAAALakins, Travis1.1000001.88
BOSHiAMartinez, Joan1.2422135.48
CHCAAStinnett, Jake2.0100034.97
CHCAAATseng, Jen-Ho6.0833016.27L (2-15)
CHCHiAAbbott, Cory5.0400332.53
CHCLoAAssad, Javier5.0321024.40L (5-7)
CHCSSRoberts, Ethan2.0111135.79
CINAAAMahle, Tyler5.2411452.73W (2-1)
CINMAJStephens, Jackson0.2100004.85
CLEAAMcKenzie, Triston6.0400242.68
CLEHiAScott, Adam2.0200310.00
COLAAAAlmonte, Yency1.0433015.56W (3-5)
COLAAAMusgrave, Harrison1.0200035.40
CWSAAAHamilton, Ian1.0000011.71Sv (10)
CWSMAJVieira, Thyago0.24552211.57L (1-1)
DETAAFaedo, Alex5.0433254.95W (3-6)
DETLoAHernandez, Wilkel4.0622014.71
KCHiAGarabito, Gerson6.1400273.16W (8-6)
KCLoADel Rosario, Yefry7.0400193.19W (6-5)
LAALoASoriano, Jose4.0322344.47
LAARRivera, Jerryell3.14544114.14L (0-4)
LADMAJFerguson, Caleb1.0300023.43
MIAAAEveld, Tommy1.0110010.69L (2-1)
MIAAAAAlcantara, Sandy5.2944233.89
MIALoARogers, Trevor4.0855255.82L (2-7)
MILAAPonce, Cody2.0100044.44
MILLoAAshby, Aaron5.0511052.17
MILLoAHerrera, Carlos1.1111305.46
MILMAJBurnes, Corbin1.0000003.00
MINAAAlcala, Jorge4.2822255.85L (0-4)
MINLoADuran, Jhoan4.0330333.75
NYMSSHill, Adam3.0310142.35
NYMSSJames, Christian5.0633352.01L (4-2)
NYYAAASheffield, Justus1.0000002.63
NYYHiAGerman, Domingo3.0310130.00
OAKAAANaile, James5.2744434.71
OAKMAJMontas, Frankie6.0874243.96L (5-4)
PHIAAAGarcia, Edgar2.0000014.91
PITAAAHolmes, Clay2.0000033.24
PITMAJKingham, Nick1.0000004.92
SDAABaez, Michel4.0644347.36L (0-3)
SDMAJLauer, Eric5.0010225.01
SDMAJWingenter, Trey1.0111112.79
SEAAARumbelow, Nick1.0000000.00
SEAAAWhalen, Rob3.0855247.50L (0-2)
SEASSBenitez, Jorge2.0100030.00
SEASSPlassmeyer, Michael2.0111142.25
SFAAAAnderson, Shaun5.01055034.18
SFHiACoonrod, Sam2.0030146.75
SFSSRivera, Blake3.0444216.16
STLAACabrera, Genesis6.0422144.74W (1-3)
STLAAElledge, Seth2.0100033.45Sv (4)
STLAAAGreene, Conner2.2200123.38
STLLoAOviedo, Johan5.0632234.22L (10-10)
STLMAJHicks, Jordan0.2000023.11
STLMAJHudson, Dakota1.0100222.87
TORAAPerez, Hector5.0421173.86
TORLoAJimenez, Emerson1.1322107.58
WASAACrowe, Wil4.1795536.15L (0-5)
WASAAAFedde, Erick6.0611134.41
Luis Urias

Mexico Rallies Past Puerto Rico, Advances To WBC Semifinals For First Time

Mexico overcame a four-run deficit and beat Puerto Rico, 5-4, to reach the World Baseball Classic semifinals for the first time.

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