Arizona Fall League Pitchers With Outlier Traits


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The Arizona Fall League has long been celebrated for its annual bounty of talented prospects. The dirty, dark secret is 90% of those prospects are on the position side. Year after year, the Arizona Fall League pitching is maligned, and yet, year after year, there’s plenty of breakouts from the league’s pitching corps. 

Last season Mason Miller, Emmett Sheehan, Tink Hence and Bryan Woo were all standout performers during the 2022 AFL season. Entering the fall, only Hence was ranked as a Top 100 prospect. Leading up to the season, we covered the outlier fastball traits of all four. The pitch level data allows us to go deeper than just the production from the previous season or conversations with scouts and front office executives can. 

In this article, we’ll take an objective look at some of the pitchers in this year’s AFL crop with outlier traits. 

The Flamethrowers

Zach Maxwell, RHP Surprise (Reds) 98 mph 

Andrew Baker, RHP Glendale (Phillies) 98 mph 

Jordan Leasure, RHP Glendale (White Sox) 98 mph 

Cole Paplham, RHP Peoria (Padres) 97 mph

Andrew Moore, RHP Surprise (Reds) 97 mph 

Edwin Nunez, RHP Scottsdale (Cardinals) 97 mph 

Jackson Jobe, RHP Salt River (Tigers) 97 mph 

Jake Pilarski, RHP Glendale (Dodgers) 97 mph 

Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa, RHP Surprise (Rangers) 96 mph 

Ricky Tiedemann, LHP Surprise (Blue Jays) 96 mph 

This group is headed off by Zach Maxwell, who might be the owner of the best fastball heading into the AFL season. Maxwell averaged 98 mph this season with heavy ride and life. Maxwell is not only the velocity leader heading into Fall League, but he’s also among the leaders in induced vertical break on his fastball. Andrew Moore is not far behind system-mate and Surprise teammate Maxwell with a strong combination of velocity and movement. The highest rated pitching prospects in the AFL appear on this list in Tigers righthander Jackson Jobe and Blue Jays lefthander Ricky Tiedemann. Both Jobe and Tiedemann will look to make up for lost innings in the Fall League and will be the two premium names on the pitching side. 

Induced Vertical Break Outliers

Peyton Alford, LHP Peoria (Mariners) 

Erik Sabrowski, LHP Peoria (Guardians)

Christopher Troye, RHP Glendale (Red Sox)

Ronan Kopp, LHP Glendale (Dodgers) 

Zach Maxwell, RHP Surprise (Reds) 

Bryce Hubbart, LHP Surprise (Reds) 

Carlos Tavera, RHP Mesa (Orioles) 

Justin Yeager, RHP Surprise (Brewers)

Chris Kachmar, RHP Mesa (Cubs) 

Miguel Ullola, RHP Scottsdale (Astros) 

All the players listed above averaged between 19 and 20 inches of induced vertical break. The league leader in vertical break average is Peyton Alford, a softer rising lefthander that navigates lineups with excellent movement. Christopher Troye, Ronan Kopp, Zach Maxwell and Miguel Ulloa all combine excellent ride with above-average to plus velocity. This group is likely to generate lots of swings and misses during the AFL season. 

Flat Vertical Approach Angle 

Wyatt Olds, RHP Glendale (Red Sox)

Eric Torres, LHP Scottsdale (Angels)

Conor Larkin, RHP Surprise (Blue Jays) 

Cooper Hjerpe, LHP Scottsdale (Cardinals) 

Ross Carver, RHP Peoria (Guardians)

Breidy Encarnacion, RHP Peoria (Marlins) 

Carson Spiers, RHP Surprise (Reds) 

Jaden Hill, RHP Salt River (Rockies) 

Andrew Moore, RHP Surprise (Reds) 

Jordan Leasure, RHP Glendale (White Sox) 

In 2022, vertical approach angle outliers in Tink Hence, Emmet Sheehan and Bryan Woo all enjoyed star turns in the Fall League. This was in large part due to their excellent fastballs with outlier flat vertical approach angles. This characteristic on a fastball creates a difficult plane for hitters to get a clean barrel on, and often leads to more strikeouts when the pitch is elevated in the zone. Andrew Moore and Jordan Leasure have the best combination of velocity and flat vertical approach angle, as many of the pitchers in this group lack their power. 

Swing and Miss Breaking Balls

Royber Salinas, RHP Mesa (Athletics) Curveball 66.7% Whiff

Zach McCambley, RHP Peoria (Marlins) Slider 63.8% Whiff

Andrew Baker, RHP Glendale (Phillies) Slider 60.9% Whiff

Ronan Kopp, LHP Glendale (Dodgers) Slider 59.4% Whiff

Royber Salinas, RHP Mesa (Athletics) Slider 59.3% Whiff 

Eric Cerantola, RHP Surprise (Royals) Slider 57.5% Whiff 

Jake Eder, LHP Glendale (White Sox) Slider 56.9% Whiff 

Haden Erbe, RHP Peoria (Rays) Slider 56.3% Whiff 

Marques Johnson, RHP Scottsdale (Giants) Curveball 55.6% Whiff 

 Justin King, LHP Surprise (Brewers) Slider 54.7% Whiff 

Jayvien Sandridge, LHP Surprise (Reds) Curveball 53.9% Whiff 

Cole Paplham, RHP Peoria (Padres) Slider 53.7% 

This group is listed in order of the breaking balls with the highest whiff rates among pitches that were thrown 100 times or more. The list features two sweeper style breaking balls in Zach McCambley’s slider and Jake Eder’s slider. Eder’s slider averages over 16 inches of horizontal break, while Eder’s is closer to 12 inches. There’s three curveballs on the list in Royber Salinas, Marques Johnson and Jayvien Sandridge. All three curveballs have an average velocity of 80 mph or above with -7 or more inches of induced vertical break. The remaining sliders are all cutter like sliders that range in velocity from 84-87 mph on average. 

Best Pitches by xStuff+ 

Justin Slaten, RHP, Rangers – Cutter 140

Conor Larkin, RHP, Blue Jays – Slider 137

Alessandro Ercolani, RHP, Pirates – Cutter 135

Jackson Jobe, RHP, Tigers – Slider 134

Jackson Jobe, RHP, Tigers – Cutter 134

Cole Paplham, RHP, Padres – Slider 131

Jack Sinclair, RHP, Nationals – Slider 131 

Carson Spiers, RHP, Reds – Slider 130 

Ricky Tiedemann, LHP, Blue Jays – Slider 130

Jack Weisenberger, RHP, Athletics – Slider 129 

Our own Dylan White created a Stuff+-style metric using advanced pitch movement data and applied it to every pitch in the minor leagues with a minimum of 10 pitches. This metric is similar to other Stuff+ metrics, but is not as precise as the publicly available major league equivalents. 

*xStuff+ is a proprietary stuff metric to Baseball America 

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