2022 Arizona Fall League: Glendale Desert Dogs

The Arizona Fall League will begin its 2022 campaign on Oct. 3, the first day of six weeks of games in Phoenix. Preliminary rosters were announced today. While there are likely to be changes between now and Opening Day, this is the first version of the Glendale club, with prospects from the White Sox, Dodgers, Twins, Reds and Brewers.

Top 100 Prospects: Noelvi Marte, SS, Reds (33); Andy Pages, OF, Dodgers (75)

Intriguing Prospects: The Dodgers’ Jorbit Vivas and the Twins’ Edouard Julien have two of the most discerning batting eyes in the sport. In fact, Vivas was among a group of 14 players above the complex leagues who played 60 or more games and finished with more walks than strikeouts … Reds prospect Rece Hinds has some of the most prodigious raw power in the sport. Does that power come with plenty of swing and miss? Certainly, but the mere threat of a 450-foot home run makes him a player to watch every time he steps to the plate … Brewers prospect Tyler Black is well regarded within his organization and showed well at High-A Wisconsin, albeit in just 64 games.

Position   Birthdate Organization
P Sam Benschoter 3/17/98 CIN
P Denny Bentley 5/28/98 MIN
P Hyun-il Choi 5/27/00 LAD
P Declan Cronin 9/24/97 CWS
P Tanner Dodson 5/9/97 LAD
P Jake Gozzo 1/5/97 CIN
P Ben Harris 2/22/00 LAD
P Logan Henderson 3/2/02 MIL
P Ryan Middendorf 12/22/97 MIL
P Jon Olsen 5/13/97 MIN
P Francis Peguero 8/11/97 MIN
P Sammy Peralta 5/10/98 CWS
P Lane Ramsey 7/16/96 CWS
P Christian Roa 4/2/99 CIN
P Ryan Shreve 6/23/98 MIN
P Emmet Sheehan 11/15/99 LAD
P Russell Smith 9/10/98 MIL
P Chase Solesky 9/26/97 CWS
P Vinny Timpanelli 10/2/98 CIN
P Abner Uribe 6/20/00 MIL
C Adam Hackenberg 9/8/99 CWS
C Alex Isola 7/22/98 MIN
C Jeferson Quero 10/8/02 MIL
INF Moises Castillo 7/14/99 CWS
INF Edouard Julien 04/30/99 MIN
INF Noelvi Marte 10/16/01 CIN
INF Austin Martin 3/23/99 MIN
INF Matt McLain 8/6/99 CIN
INF Jorbit Vivas* 3/9/01 LAD
INF Zavier Warren 1/8/99 MIL
OF Tyler Black 7/26/00 MIL
OF Rece Hinds 9/5/00 CIN
OF Andy Pages 12/8/00 LAD
OF Jose Ramos 1/1/01 LAD
OF Terrell Tatum 7/27/99 CWS
OF Je’Von Ward 10/25/99 MIL

*indicates a player on a team’s 40-man roster
#indicates a player on an AFL team’s taxi squad

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