2020-21 MLB International Signings Tracker

Image credit: Bayron Lora (Photo by Stacy Jo Grant)

2020-21 International signing tracker
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The 2020-21 international signing period opens today, a signing class that normally would have started on July 2, 2020 but moved back to Jan. 15, 2021.

What is listed below are the signing agreements for all 30 teams. Those agreements are not official yet, as they are all pending each player signing his official contract, passing a physical and getting approval from Major League Baseball, the same as it is for draft picks. Many of these players reached agreements to sign with clubs years earlier, with Jan. 15 marking the first date they can sign an official contract.

Many of these players will not sign contracts today. A lot of that is related to the pandemic, including health and safety measures as teams manage who enters their academies, with MLB and the governments in these countries having different restrictions in place. Some players will sign this weekend, next week or later on in the process. The signing period is open until Dec. 15, 2021.

As players do sign contracts, we will be sharing photos of them throughout the day on our social media channels at Twitter and Instagram.

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Arizona Diamondbacks | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Manuel Peña, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Jefferson Peña, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Kenny Castillo, c, Venezuela
Ezequiel Surun, ss, Dominican Republic
Carlos Sanchez, of, Venezuela
Alexander Benua, ss, Dominican Republic
Kevin Santos, of, Dominican Republic
Eskoly de Jesus, of, Dominican Republic
Anderson Rojas, ss, Dominican Republic
Nixon Parra, rhp, Venezuela
Lisandro Almonte, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jakey Josepha, ss, Curacao

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Atlanta Braves | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Ambioris Tavarez, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.5 million bonus
Gabriel Liendo, ss, Venezuela

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Baltimore Orioles | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Samuel Basallo, c, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.3 million
Maikol Hernandez, ss, Venezuela (scouting report
Wilmer Feliciano, of, Dominican Republic – $400,000
Aneudis Mordan, c, Dominican Republic
Teudis Cortorreal, of, Dominican Republic
Victor Celedonio, ss, Dominican Republic – $365,000
Eruviel Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic – $350,000
Junior Lara, of, Dominican Republic – $180,000
Anderson de los Santos, ss, Dominican Republic – $350,000
Angel Peña, ss, Dominican Republic
Deivy Cruz, lhp, Dominican Republic
Hector Jimenez, of, Dominican Republic
Elvis Polanco, lhp, Dominican Republic
Grabiel Salazar, of, Venezuela
Angel Tejada, ss, Dominican Republic
Yasmil Bucce, c, Venezuela


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Boston Red Sox | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Miguel Bleis, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.8 million signing bonus
Enderso Lira, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Luis Ravelo, ss, Dominican Republic – $545,000
Alvaro Mejias, rhp, Venezuela
Ahbran Liendo, ss, Venezuela
Armando Sierra, of, Dominican Republic
Josue Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic
Karim Ayubi, of, Curacao
Yevganni Reinita, ss, Curacao
Yizreel Burnet, rhp, Curacao
Jedixson Paez, rhp, Venezuela
Jean Carlos Reyes Martinez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Elvys Castro, of, Venezuela
Helison Mota, ss, Dominican Republic

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Chicago Cubs | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Cristian Hernandez, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Moises Ballesteros, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Daniel Ferreira, of, Dominican Republic
Carlos Cabrera, lhp, Dominican Republic
Oferman Hernandez, of, Dominican Republic
Wellington Quintero, rhp, Dominican Republic
Raino Coran, of, Curacao
Carlos Ramos, c, Venezuela
Joel Sierra, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ronny Corniel, rhp, Dominican Republic
Pedro Ramirez, ss, Venezuela
Kennedy Delgado, rhp, Venezuela
Fredy Montenegro, c, Venezuela
Gabriel Agrazal, rhp, Panama

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Chicago White Sox | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Yoelqui Cespedes, of, Cuba (scouting report) — $2.05 million signing bonus
Norge Vera, rhp, Cuba (scouting report)
Victor Quezada, ss, Dominican Republic
Dario Borrero, of, Venezuela
Manuel Guariman, c, Venezuela
Adrian Gil, rhp, Venezuela
Gabriel Rodriguez, rhp, Venezuela

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Cincinnati Reds | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Malvin Valdez, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.9 million bonus
Ariel Almonte, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.85 million bonus
Brayan Rijo, of, Dominican Republic — $750,000 bonus
Luis Reyes, 3b, Venezuela
Carlos Jorge, ss, Dominican Republic — $495,000 bonus
Jose Serrano, ss, Venezuela
Eddy Isturiz, c, Venezuela
Leonardo Balcazar, ss, Venezuela
Alejandro Rodriguez, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Castro, rhp, Venezuela
Reynardo Cruz, rhp, Dominican Republic
Cristian Galindo, lhp, Venezuela
Diego Omana, c, Venezuela
Juan Martinez, rhp, Venezuela
Brayan Marcano, rhp, Venezuela

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Cleveland Indians | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Angel Genao, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.175 million signing bonus
Fran Alduey, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.2 million
Robert Lopez, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Richard Polanco, ss, Dominican Republic – $530,000
Yefri Rivera, ss, Dominican Republic – $500,000
Emerson Purroy, ss, Venezuela
Miguel Lopez, ss, Dominican Republic
Cristopher Espinola, of, Dominican Republic – $150,000
Carlos Gutierrez, of, Venezuela 
Jesus Montilla, ss, Venezuela
Austin Aldeano, rhp, Panama
Luis Perez, ss, Venezuela
Manuel Mejias, c, Venezuela
Lerwin Andrade, ss, Venezuela
Ronald Peña, of, Dominican Republic
Adonis Cepeda, of, Dominican Republic
David Leon, c, Venezuela
Reyden Hidalgo, ss, Venezuela

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Colorado Rockies | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Brayan Perez Volquez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Felix Tena, of, Dominican Republic
Gabriel Terrero, ss, Dominican Republic – $600,000
Abel Galva, rhp, Dominican Republic – $600,000
Jordy Vargas, rhp, Dominican Republic – $500,000
Derian Morejon, rhp, Cuba
Andy Perez, ss, Cuba
Luis Paredes, of, Dominican Republic
Rony Cruz, rhp, Dominican Republic
Bryan Mena, rhp, Dominican Republic
Aneudy George, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jose Colina, ss, Venezuela
Redinson Gomez, rhp, Venezuela
Cristian Benavides, rhp, Venezuela
Jorluis Guerra, ss, Venezuela
Bryant Betancourt, c, Venezuela
Welinton Herrera, lhp, Dominican Republic

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Detroit Tigers | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Cristian Santana, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $2.975 million bonus 
Abel Bastidas, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Rayner Castillo, rhp, Dominican Republic — $600,000
Carlos Pelegrin, of, Cuba – $550,000
Yimmy Diaz, ss, Venezuela
Elian Riera, of, Venezuela
Jensy de Leon, ss, Dominican Republic
Joel Baez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Justin Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela
Keni Salgado, rhp, Venezuela
Randy Perea, of, Colombia
Jose Martinez, rhp, Venezuela
Jesus Rodriguez, lhp, Venezuela
Carlos Marcano, rhp, Venezuela

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Houston Astros | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Pedro Leon, of, Cuba (scouting report) — $4 million signing bonus
Brayan Nolasco, of, Dominican Republic
Richel del Rosario, of, Dominican Republic
Yamal Encarnacion, ss, Dominican Republic 
Darwin Rosario, rhp, Dominican republic
Carlos Arcila, c, Venezuela
Freilyn de Peña, rhp, Dominican Republic
Juan Soto, rhp, Dominican Republic
Miguel Ullola, rhp, Dominican Republic
Elvin Villega, rhp, Dominican Republic

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Kansas City Royals | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Daniel Vazquez, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.5 million
Yosmi Fernandez, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Sebastian Ramirez, of, Venezuela
Diego Guzman, ss, Venezuela
Angel Parra, of, Dominican Republic
Yeison Vargas, ss, Dominican Republic
Steven Cespedes, c, Dominican Republic
Osman Bravo, c, Venezuela
Wilson Betemit Jr., rhp, Dominican Republic
Weskendry Espinosa, rhp, Dominican Republic
Angel Martinez, lhp, Dominican Republic
Francisco Ulloa, of, Dominican Republic
Luis Martinez, lhp, Dominican Republic
Jhonny Gomez, rhp, Venezuela
Oscar Rayo, lhp, Nicaragua
Darnel Collins, 1b, Netherlands
Ismael Sanchez, rhp, Dominican Republic

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Los Angeles Angels | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Denzer Guzman, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $2 million
Luis Viloria, lhp, Venezuela
Darlin Francia, rhp, Dominican Republic
Eiver Betancourt, c, Venezuela
Edwin Hidalgo, c, Panama
Fernando Guanare, rhp, Venezuela
Klevier Lopez, ss, Venezuela

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Los Angeles Dodgers | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Wilman Diaz, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Jesus Galiz, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Rayne Doncon, ss, Dominican Republic
Roger Lasso, of, Panama
Carlos Avila, c, Venezuela
Jorge Carpintero, lhp, Dodgers
Michael Vilchez, rhp, Curacao
Dailoui Abad, rhp, Dominican Republic
Thayron Liranzo, c, Dominican Republic
Jhonny Jimenez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Luis Guerra, ss, Venezuela
Juan Alonso, of, Panama
Isaac Barreto, of, Colombia
Miguel Bastardo, rhp, Venezuela
Kelvin Ramirez, rhp, Venezuela
Elio Campos, ss, Venezuela
Brian Diaz, rhp, Venezuela
Maximo Martinez, rhp, Venezuela
Sebastian Jimenez, lhp, Venezuela
Pedro Santillan, rhp, Mexico
Christian Romero, rhp, Mexico

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Miami Marlins | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Yiddi Cappe, ss, Cuba (scouting report) — $3.5 million bonus
Ronald Hernandez, c, Venezuela
Kevin Guerrero, of, Dominican Republic – $600,000
Gerardo Hernandez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Luis Baldiris, lhp, Venezuela
Reiner Chourio, inf, Venezuela
Oscar Colina, of, Venezuela
Edward Duran, c, Venezuela
Jesus Hernandez, inf, Venezuela
Jesus Leon, lhp, Mexico
Jhoniel Serrano, rhp, Venezuela

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Milwaukee Brewers | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Jackson Brayan Chourio, ss/of, Venezuela (scouting report)
Gregory Barrios, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Daniel Guilarte, ss, Venezuela (scouting report
Hendry Mendez, of, Dominican Republic
Manuel Vargas, of, Dominican Republic
Jonathan Guzman, ss, Dominican Republic
Jadher Areinamo, ss, Venezuela
Dikember Sanchez, rhp, Venezuela
Luis Castillo, of, Dominican Republic
Leonardo Rivera, rhp, Dominican Republic
Duncan Garcia, of, Dominican Republic
Pedro Riera, ss, Venezuela
Patricio Aquino, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ney Serrano, ss, Dominican Republic
Jared Albir, rhp, Nicaragua
Alexander Vallecillo, rhp, Nicaragua
Erick Reyes, ss, Dominican Republic
Felipe Valderrama, c, Venezuela
Samuel Escudero, c, Venezuela
Edgardo Ordoñez, c, Venezuela

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Minnesota Twins | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Danny De Andrade, ss, Venezuela (scouting report
Freddy La Flor, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Reynaldo Madrigal, ss, Dominican Republic
Rafael Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic
Luis Rodriguez, ss, Dominican Republic
Andres Centeno, of, Venezuela
Santo Martinez, ss, Dominican Republic
Jose Olivares, rhp, Venezuela
Deiner Contreras, c, Venezuela
Oscar Paredes, rhp, Venezuela
Ismael Perez, of, Dominican Republic
Giovanny Rivero, c, Venezuela
Denyerbe Gervis, ss, Venezuela
Orlando Rubio, rhp, Venezuela
Javier Moreno, c, Venezuela
Edgardo Chaviel, lhp, Venezuela
Cleiber Maldonado, lhp, Venezuela

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New York Mets | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Johairo Cuevas, of, Dominican Republic
Gustavo Marquez, of, Venezuela
Elian Nuñez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Enderson Arevalo, rhp, Venezuela
Diego Mosquera, ss, Venezuela
Aaron Martinez, rhp, Venezuela
Sebastian Castro, of, Dominican Republic
Isaac Lechuga, ss, Colombia
Jensy Silvestre, ss, Dominican Republic
Yoandy Perez, ss, Dominican Republic 
Hector Rodriguez, ss, Dominican Republic
Joel Diaz, rhp, Dominican Republic
Mike Ibarguen, of, Colombia
Francis de Leon, of, Dominican Republic
Brian Sierra, rhp, Venezuela
Lennerd Ramos, rhp, Venezuela
Angel Guerrero, of, Dominican Republic
Juan Veliz, lhp, Venezuela
Pedro Quintana, lhp, Venezuela
Enyer Serrano, of, Venezuela
Manuel Guance, ss, Dominican Republic
David Davalillo, rhp, Venezuela
Johenny Mata, ss, Venezuela
Jose Melendez, c, Venezuela
Samuel Camacaro, ss, Venezuela
Ricardo Baptis, rhp, Dominican Republic

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New York Yankees | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Hans Montero, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.6 million
Fidel Montero, of, Dominican Republic
Ramiro Altagracia, of, Dominican Republic
Kleiner Delgado, ss, Venezuela
Johan Ferreira, 3b, Dominican Republic

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Oakland Athletics | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Pedro Pineda, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Dayker Baldallo, ss, Venezuela
Ray Garrett, ss, Venezuela 
Angel Arevalo, cf, Venezuela
Moises Hernandez, rhp, Venezuela
Anderson Machado, ss, Venezuela
Beyker Martinez, of, Venezuela
German Ortiz, ss, Dominican Republic
Javier Pariguan, c, Venezuela
Jesus Perdigon, rhp, Venezuela
Sullivan Ribeiro de Almeida, lhp, Brazil
Jimmy Rojas, rhp, Valencia

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Philadelphia Phillies | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Yemal Flores, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.3 million bonus
Rickardo Perez, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Marco Soto, ss, Venezuela
Leonardo Rondon, ss, Venezuela
Raylin Heredia, of, Dominican Republic – $300,000
Yemil Rosario, ss, Dominican Republic
Dervin Andrade, c, Venezuela
Daniel Mejia, rhp, Dominican Republic
Juan Melendez, rhp, Venezuela
Julio Hereaux, ss, Dominican Republic
Solardo Rodriguez, c/of, Venezuela
Deivi Cabrera, ss, Venezuela
Joset Aparicio, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jorge Garcia, of, Panama
Alfredo Alderete, ss, Panama

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Pittsburgh Pirates | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Shalin Polanco, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report
Ruben Vizcaya, of, Venezuela
Darlin Diaz, rhp, Dominican Republic
John Zorrilla, ss, Dominican Republic – $450,000
Esmerlyn Valdez, of, Dominican Republic
Rodolfo de la Cruz, of, Dominican Republic
Gustavo Armas, of, Venezuela
Luigi Hernandez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Wesley Zapata, ss, Dominican Republic 
Jesus Clode, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jose Garces, rhp, Colombia
Antwone Kelly, rhp, Aruba
Rubel Lebron, ss, Dominican Republic
Eddy Rodriguez, of, Dominican Republic
Andres Sierra, rhp, Dominican Republic
Miguel Sosa, c, Dominican Republic
Andres Silvera, rhp, Panama
Jonathan Salazar, rhp, Venezuela
Michael King, ss, Dominican Republic
Greiber Mendez, rhp, Venezuela

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San Diego Padres | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Victor Acosta, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $1.8 million
Victor Lizarraga, rhp, Mexico (scouting report)
Samuel Zavala, of, Venezuela (scouting report)
Daniel Montesino, of, Venezuela
Bradgley Rodriguez, rhp, Venezuela (scouting report)
Jonny Rosario, rhp, Venezuela
Yariel Moreno, rhp, Panama
Eddy Beltre, of, Dominican Republic
Javier Chacon, lhp, Cuba
Alejandro Hernandez, ss, Venezuela
Heber Villalobos, c, Mexico
Evan Sweeting, rhp, Bahamas

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San Francisco Giants | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Diego Velasquez, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Ramon Peralta, ss, Dominican Republic — $600,000 signing bonus
Brian Guzman, of, Venezuela
Mauricio Pierre, of, Panama – $490,000
Carlos Rosario, of, Dominican Republic
Samuel Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela
Elian Sandoval, of, Dominican Republic
Derwin Laya, 3b, Venezuela
Jose Astudillo, ss, Venezuela
Fabian Villadiego, of, Venezuela
Jeremy Maldonado, rhp, Venezuela
Jan Caraballo, rhp, Dominican Republic
Daniel Espinoza, lhp, Venezuela
Juanel Ureña, ss, Dominican Republic
Jediael Maduro, of, Curacao 
Angel Polo, c, Colombia
Anderson Azor, rhp, Dominican Republic
Saul Bautista, of, Dominican Republic
Pavel Duarte, lhp, Dominican Republic 
Jose Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Brandy Rosario, ss, Dominican Republic
Angel Sanchez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ricardo Estrada, lhp, Mexico
Randy Arrieta, of, Venezuela
Jhosward Camacho, ss, Venezuela
Gustavo Cardozo, ss, Venezuela
Javier Castillo, c, Venezuela
Samir Chires, rhp, Venezuela
Brayan Ferrer, c, Venezuela
Gerelmi Maldonado, rhp, Venezuela
Carlos Rangel, rhp, Venezuela
Eduardo Montero, c, Venezuela 
Jose Rojas, rhp, Venezuela
Diego Villegas, of, Venezuela

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Seattle Mariners | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Starlin Aguilar, inf, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.5 million
Gabriel Gonzalez, of, Venezuela (scouting report)
Luis Bolivar, of, Venezuela
Juan Pinto, lhp, Venezuela
Victor Labrada, of, Cuba
Roiber Talavera, rhp, Venezuela
Gleiner Diaz, rhp, Venezuela
Aneury Lora, rhp, Dominican Republic
Bryant Mendez, ss, Venezuela
Juan Cruz, of, Dominican Republic
Ricardo Cova, ss, Venezuela


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St. Louis Cardinals | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Adari Grant, ss, Bahamas (scouting report)
Leonardo Bernal, c, Panama
Elias Reynoso, ss, Dominican Republic
Robelin Lopez, of, Dominican Republic
Anyelo Encarnacion, ss, Dominican Republic
Samil de la Rosa, ss, Dominican Republic
Romtres Cabrera, of, Dominican Republic 
Christian Avendaño, of, Venezuela
Jose Suarez, of, Dominican Republic
Yancel Guerrero, ss, Dominican Republic
Esteban Contreras, rhp, Dominican Republic
Carlos Carmona, of, Venezuela
Carlos de la Cruz, rhp, Dominican Republic
Marcelo Perez, ss, Dominican Republic
Samuel Fabian, rhp, Dominican Republic

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Tampa Bay Rays | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Carlos Colmenarez, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Jhonny Piron, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Luis Ariza, ss, Venezuela
Gabriel Arias, ss, Dominican Republic
Jesus Quevedo, ss, Venezuela
Nathanael Rodriguez, ss, Dominican Republic
Jose Perez, ss, Venezuela
Sebastian Javier, rhp, Dominican Republic
Humberto Jimenez, rhp, Venezuela
Kikito Severino, lhp, Dominican Republic

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Texas Rangers | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Yeison Morrobel, of, Dominican Republic (scouting report) – $1.8 million
Danyer Cueva, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Yeferson Tineo, ss, Dominican Republic — $600,000
Brayan Mendoza, lhp, Venezuela
Julio Pinto, ss, Venezuela
Keiderson Pavon, ss, Venezuela
Gleider Figuereo, ss, Dominican Republic
Gedionne Marlin, ss, Curacao
Frandi Almonte, ss, Dominican Republic
Ivan Oviedo, rhp, Dominican Republic
Francisco Laya, of, Venezuela
Andy Beato, c, Dominican Republic 
Edgar Basabe, of, Venezuela
Leandro Calderon, rhp, Dominican Republic
Jose Felix, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ismael Agreda, rhp, Venezuela
Isaac Castellanos, lhp, Venezuela
Kliber Geraldo, ss, Venezuela
Hector Pinero, ss, Venezuela
Eward Rodriguez, rhp, Panama
Elian Lozano, c, Colombia
Alberto Mota, rhp, Venezuela

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Toronto Blue Jays | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Manuel Beltre, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $2.4 million bonus
Martin Gimenez, ss, Venezuela (scouting report)
Luis Garcia, ss, Venezuela
Yhoangel Aponte, of, Venezuela
Jonathan Peguero, c, Dominican Republic – $400,000
Yeuni Muñoz, of, Dominican Republic — $315,000
Livan Chaviano, rhp, Cuba
Adrian Sotolongo, inf, Cuba
Luis Bautista, ss, Dominican Republic
Angel Santana, rhp, Dominican Republic
Robin de Jesus, rhp, Dominican Republic
Manuel Contreras, ss, Dominican Republic

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Washington Nationals | (Signing preview, reports & video)

Armando Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report) — $3.9 million bonus
Enmanuel Ramirez, of, Dominican Republic
Doimil Perez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Cristian Batista, of, Dominican Republic
Jefrem Leon, rhp, Aruba
Winder Diaz, inf, Dominican Republic
Gabriel Agostini, lhp, Venezuela
Jean Estrada, of, Venezuela
Gustavo Rivas, rhp, Venezuela
Genderson Zapata, rhp, Venezuela

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