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Getting House Back In Order

Brian McTaggart -Premium Content

He had money and fame at a young age, and seemed destined to be a star in whichever sport he chose. That was eight years ago, before J.R. House's body began to break down and before the can't-miss Pirates prospect and record-setting high school quarterback found himself suddenly out of work.

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Schools Are In

Juan C. Rodriguez -Premium Content

The names looked good on dry-erase boards in the Marlins' offices and Winter Meetings hotel suite. They looked even better on the backs of spring training workout jerseys. Seeing their newly acquired pitchers lined up at the Roger Dean Stadium complex in Jupiter, the Marlins were overwhelmed at what they had added to an already respectable farm system. The foundation included the No. 4 prospect in baseball in outfielder Jeremy Hermida, as well as top 100 pitchers Scott Olsen, Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad. And that was before their two-week trading flurry kicked off on Thanksgiving.

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Questions With Kline: Jim Fleming

Chris Kline -

Marlins vice president of player development and scouting Jim Fleming has a rich history of signing players dating back to when he was the scouting director of the Expos. BA sat down with Fleming yesterday morning to get his take on a myriad of topics and players as the Marlins move forward with their second rebuilding process heading into this season.

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Five Tools, One Big Question

Chris Kline -Premium Content

Whenever the name Elijah Dukes is spoken in baseball circles, the first thing anyone wants to talk about is his off-field history and not the exploits of the five-tool outfielder between the lines. Such is the case for one of the few baseball prospects with a rap sheet, rather than the showcase and high bonus background you'd expect from one of the game's elite prospects.

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Eleven Suspended For Steroids

Kevin Goldstein -

Major League Baseball announced 11 more minor leaguers from four organizations have been suspended after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances, headlined by three players with major league experience, a highly-regarded White Sox prospect, and a former Japanese League player. All 11 are first-time offenders and received 15 game suspensions.

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Indians’ McDonald Suspended For Steroids

John Manuel -

Eight years ago, Darnell McDonald was considered a can't-miss prospect. Now, he's a footnote in baseball's steroid spring. McDonald, a 1997 first-round pick who has played 17 games in the major leagues, was suspended 15 games for violating baseball's minor league drug prevention and treatment program. Because he's not on a 40-man roster, he was subject to the minor league testing policy (and thus a longer suspension as a first-time offender), even though he has big league experience.

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Allison Returns To Mound

Chris Kline and Matt Meyers -

GREENSBORO, N.C.—Marlins righthander Jeff Allison took the mound for the first time competitively in nearly two years Thursday night for low Class A Greensboro, and while the first inning was understandably shaky, it didn't rattle the 20-year-old—or stop him from consistently pounding the zone.

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Dominating Duo

Pat Caputo -Premium Content

There are reasons the Tigers entered the 2005 season without a winning record since 1993. The failure to draft and develop top-of-the-line pitching is as big a reason as any. The Tigers have legitimate reason to believe a new generation of pitching prospects could change the organization's course, however.

Minors | #2005#Prospect Bulletin

Rhapsody In Blue

Chris Kline -Premium Content

At 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, Joel Guzman moves incredibly well in the center of the diamond, his work ethic is second to none and his bat is one of the best to come through the system since Adrian Beltre. The only major question is whether or not he'll be able to stay at short.

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