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Scouting The Rule 5 Draft

John Manuel -Premium Content

It's not easy to pick out who the top players will turn out to be going into a Rule 5 draft, but major league clubs all get the same release of eligible players. It's up to the teams to go through their scouting reports and see who fits their needs best, who's most worth the scant $50,000 wager on talent. BA's staff has checked its own scouting reports as well as the list of eligible players. We've also checked on the history of the Rule 5 for the profiles of players who often get selected—lefthanded pitchers, relievers, versatile infielders, power bats. Here's our primer on the best bets to go in this year's draft.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

How much does Braves catcher Tyler Flowers' AFL performance affect his prospect status? What's the outlook for Red Sox first baseman Anthony Rizzo after he was diagnosed with cancer? How good is the second tier of Rangers catching prospects?

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The Rare Prospect Swap

Matt Eddy -

Philadelphia sent Greg Golson, its first-round pick (21st overall) in 2004, to Texas for John Mayberry Jr., the Rangers' first-rounder (19th overall) in 2005. Both players are on their new clubs' 40-man rosters, making them exempt from December's Rule 5 draft.

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