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Piecing Together The Puzzle

Chris Kline -

When it comes to putting together rosters at the end of spring training, every decision leads to more decisions, and a move on the major league roster could make a difference in who heads to high Class A. We take a look at what factors go into the decisions, and how they're received by the players when the rosters are posted.

Minors | #2006#Season Preview

Lancaster Owners Aim For Turnaround

Gideon Rubin -Premium Content

Imagine if one of the most prospect-rich teams in recent California League history took the field and nobody watched. That scenario has played itself out in Lancaster, where the JetHawks—the high Class A affiliate of the Diamondbacks—have seen a precipitous attendance decline despite fielding some of baseball's most exciting prospects in recent years.

Minors | #2006#Season Preview

Casto Might Be Moving Again

Chris Kline -Premium Content

Coming out of Portland as a third-round pick of the Nationals in 2003, Kory Casto wasn't exactly a high-profile prospect. There were a few expectations, but they were more like those of a corner outfielder who might hit for some power—not as a corner infielder who could also hit for average and pick it at third.

Minors | #2006#Season Preview

Plenty To Play For

Jon Wilner -Premium Content

From his spot in the front corner of the Giants' spring-training locker room, Kevin Frandsen likes to sit back and observe. Sure, he'll laugh at Ray Durham's jokes, needle a few of the younger guys and partake in the occasional card game. But mostly, Frandsen stays quiet and takes it all in. It can't get any better.

Minors | #2006#Season Preview

Pearl Lands A Gem

J.J. Cooper -Premium Content

After five years of trying, Tim Bennett was down to his last chance, a final all-in bet to keep his dream alive. He and a group of local officials were pulling their second straight all-nighter, trying to work out the final details on an agreement to bring the Braves' Southern League team to Pearl, Miss.

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