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An Overview Of Draft Bonanzas, 2000-09

Matt Eddy -

In keeping with our Decade of Drafts theme from the most recent issue of Baseball America, let's pause to reflect on the most bountiful draft bonanzas from the years 2000 through '09. A bonanza here is any situation in which a club makes seven of the top 100 selections in a draft.

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Braves’ Resop Returns From Japan Newly Armed

Matt Eddy -Premium Content

Change has been just about the only constant in the professional life of 27-year-old righthander Chris Resop these days. But after a year and a half spent in Japan, the Braves' power pitcher returns to the States armed with a broader, more nuanced arsenal, one that suits him as a starter while he attends to some unfinished business.

Minors | #2010#Prospect Bulletin