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Jim Callis -

Which was the last organization to win Triple-A and Double-A titles in the same year? If Cubs outfielder Felix Pie gets a chance to play, how good can he become? Will Notre Dame quarterback/first baseman Evan Sharpley get drafted high enough to turn pro in baseball next year?

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Don’t Stop Believing

Jim Callis -Premium Content

Boston and New York are the two most demanding places to play baseball. Red Sox and Yankees fans expected—or demanded—that Clay Buchholz and Phil Hughes would help lead their teams to postseason glory in 2008. The teams, while more realistic and less emotional, expected Buchholz and Hughes would nail down rotation spots for playoff clubs.

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Not Just America’s Game

Will Lingo -Premium Content

The Baseball America Almanac has plenty of great features to recommend it, but one of the most underappreciated corners of it is the section that wraps up the professional baseball leagues across the world. Baseball America has long prided itself on covering baseball wherever it's played, and while space considerations have forced us to limit our coverage of international leagues in the issue, we still wrap up every significant professional league in the Almanac.

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Growing Up

Kary Booher -Premium Content

Quick, think back to your early days as a freshman in high school—when the upperclassmen couldn't resist tripping you on the way to class, loved to shove you into a wall every so often or, gulp, would swipe the miniature-sized milk carton off the lunch tray. So when it comes to the young Carlos Triunfel playing in the Arizona Fall League, would it be much of a surprise if the Mariners' infield prospect got caught looking over his shoulder, if not cautiously approaching his locker stall for the latest prank?

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Mariners Make Wise Pick

Jim Callis -Premium Content

If I ever get a few hundred million dollars together and buy a baseball team, I'll want the general manager running my team to have a keen eye for talent. I'd want to do what the Mariners just did and hire someone like Jack Zduriencik.

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Trying To Recharge

Kary Booher -Premium Content

Scan any winter league roster—the Dominican, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico—and his name is nowhere to be found. And don't bother Google-searching lists for the Arizona Fall League, or even Hawaii Winter Baseball. Colby Rasmus, the Cardinals' top prospect despite a mostly forgettable 2008 season, is sitting this one out.

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