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Scheppers, Cole Updates

John Manuel -

Two bits of news involving a pair of Western pitchers who were expected to be drafted highly in two weeks. Legacy Sports Group, which is advising Fresno State righthander Tanner […]


Proving ‘Em Wrong

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Brett Wallace has been defying conventional wisdom for years. A 6-foot-1, 245-pound behemoth with thighs like tree trunks shouldn't have 29 career stolen bases in 39 attempts, but Wallace does. A man as big as Wallace should be tied to first base, or so it goes, but Wallace has slid across the diamond and played strong defense at third as a junior, committing just six errors through his first 48 games before making two in a weekend series against Loyola Marymount.

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Midseason Top 50 College Prospects

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The top 50 college prospects for the 2007 draft, compiled by Baseball America through discussions with scouts. Rankings are based on overall future potential without regard to signability or where players will be drafted in 2007, and no players under control to other clubs (i.e., drafts-and-follows) were included.

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Hold On Tightly

With the draft only two days away, the first round is beginning to take shape. High schoolers dominate the top of the draft, although David Price has a big lead for the top spot in the final Draft Tracker. The Vanderbilt lefthander grabbed the lead in our first Draft Tracker and never let it go.

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Brackman In A Free-fall

Mike Moustakas finally breaks through to the fifth spot, knocking Andrew Brackman out of the top six for the first time. Brackman lands all the way near the bottom of the first round.

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