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Are Charlie Condon And Travis Bazzana Still Somehow Underrated? | Future Projection Episode 83

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Image credit: Charlie Condon (Brian Westerholt/Four Seam Images)

Ben and Carlos hop on the show to talk about the top of the 2024 draft class and notable minor league prospect assignments. 

Before getting into the show the two talk about the news that the A’s will be relocating to Sacramento’s Triple-A stadium after the 2024 season. It’s just the latest of a shocking number of relocation gaffes from the franchise. 

After that the two talk about how dynamic both Charlie Condon and Travis Bazzana have been halfway through the college season. Where do their numbers stack up with recent elite college hitters at the top of the class? And can we truly read directly into those numbers given the offensive environment of college baseball in 2024? How do the two compare and contrast to elite college prospects like Dylan Crews and Wyatt Langford and what holds them back from belonging in the same tier—if they still don’t actually fit there? Where would each rank on the Top 100 Prospects list?

Following that conversation the two talk about minor league names—and assignments—to know. Carlos continues his love of Dylan Lesko and gets excited about his slider development, the two both praise the Mariners’ ability to find and develop impact college arms and the two talk through a number of players including: Reds catcher Alfredo Duno, Dodgers outfielder Josue De Paula, Brewers outfielder Yophery Rodriguez, Angels outfielder Nelson Rada, Rangers shortstop Sebastian Walcott, Reds righthander Rhett Lowder, Braves righthander Hurston Waldrep, Guardians infielder Ralphy Velazquez and more. 

The show closes with a listener email asking about how things would change if MLB adopted an NBA draft system where players had to go to college but could leave for pro ball whenever they wanted after that.

0:20: A’s to Sacramento Talk
6:20: Charlie Condon’s insane numbers
10:00: College baseball’s offensive environment and how to contextualize for that
16:45: Condon and Travis Bazzana compared to Dylan Crews and Wyatt Langford
35:15: Condon/Bazzana compared to recent elite college profiles
40:00: Where Condon/Bazzana would fit on a Top 100 list
54:13: Transition to minor league prospect talk
1:02:05: Jackson Jobe’s brilliance
1:06:00: The Mariners’ knack for finding and developing college arms
1:13:05: Josue De Paula
1:17:40: Alfredo Duno
1:24:15: Sebastian Walcott
1:29: Hurston Waldrep and Rhett Lowder
1:41:25: If MLB’s draft system was changed to the NBA format

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