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Prices Have Unique Coaching Bond

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Baseball is often referred to as a game for fathers and sons, evoking images of families like the Griffeys and Ripkens and serving as a common experience with which most any fan or player can relate. And then there are Kansas head coach Ritch Price and his son Ritchie of South Dakota State, Division I's youngest head coach at age 25, a father and son who have a unique connection amidst the baseball landscape. There have been other father-son pairs to both enter the college coaching ranks, but, according to Baseball America's research, the Prices are the first such combo to be leading D-I programs at the same time.

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Triple-A Freitas Award: Iowa Cubs

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Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the Iowa Cubs' 2009 season is what the team had to endure in 2008. The I-Cubs' return to normalcy after one of the worst natural disasters to hit the region was no small feat—neither was the 10.2 percent increase the Triple-A Pacific Coast League affiliate saw at the gate in 2009.

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