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Baseball America’s Scouting Dictionary

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It happens to everyone at Baseball America. A scout is describing a player's skills, breaking down a kid's tools and potential and mindset, and every 10 words or so starts speaking in a tongue so foreign — "chicken-winger" . . . "cankles". . . "snap dragon" — that you long for an English-to-scout dictionary. Laughs Dodgers scouting director Logan White, "My sister would ask me when I talked about my job, 'What the heck are you saying?' She had no idea." We know the same thing happens to you when you're reading BA. To appease the desperate cries, we hereby present the Baseball America Scouting Dictionary, the first time all important scouting terms have been brought together in one handy-dandy, clip-and-save resource.

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Will Daisuke Matsuzaka be worth the money? Who won the Gary Sheffield trade? What's the scouting report on Humberto Sanchez?

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