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BAPR Plus: August 9

J.J. Cooper -

If Tuesday’s story was home runs hit all over the minors, pitchers got their revenge on Wednesday. Ian Kennedy, Jo-Jo Reyes, James McDonald and Jonah Nickerson were among the pitchers […]


Worthington Takes The Lead

Jim Callis -

There’s just one week remaining before baseball’s new Aug. 15 deadline for signing draft picks, yet precious few new deals have been announced. However, we do have a new leader […]


Left Coast

Alan Matthews -

Dave Perkin is a Baseball America’s Prospects Plus West Coast eyes and ears. Perkin has spent the past two months scouring Southern California for high school talent, providing scouting reports […]

Draft | #Summer Scene

BAPR Plus: August 8

J.J. Cooper -

Fittingly on the night that Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run, home runs were also the story of the night around the minors. Evan Longoria hit his first Triple-A […]