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Veteran Big Leaguer Takes Helm At Don Bosco

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In a career that spanned 19 seasons and included 1,178 games, Mike Stanton became accustomed to tossing the ball to one of the many managers he played for upon leaving the mound. Now, as the first-year head coach for Don Bosco Prep, a traditional New Jersey power, the former lefthanded set-up man with three World Series rings, has changed roles.

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Book Review: Forever Blue

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Conventional wisdom had O'Malley at the center of this perfect storm of two cities, but in "Forever Blue" former journalist Michael D'Antonio offers a co-villain in Robert Moses, New York City's czar of housing, construction and development in the post-World War II years.

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Always A Chance

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If you ever wonder why players will spend years playing independent baseball holding out hope of a future big league career, Alberto Castillo is proof that those dreams can come true. Just a year ago, it would have seemed delusional to even suggest that Castillo might end up in the big leagues. It's along way from independent ball to the majors, but it's even further form the Road Warriors, Castillo's team for much of 2006 and 2007. The Road Warriors were a travel team that spent the entire season on the road, bouncing from hotel to hotel and bus ride after bus ride.

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