Unsigned 2019 BA 500 Prep Players Headed To College

Image credit: Jack Leiter (Photo by Bill Mitchell)

The signing deadline for the draft passed last Friday and we now can see officially which top high school players are headed to college in the fall.

Below is a chart of all the high school players who ranked in the BA 500 who did not sign pro contracts.

New Jersey prep righthander Jack Leiter, who was No. 21 on the BA 500, was the highest ranked player not to sign. Leiter, the son of former All-Star Al Leiter, was always strongly committed to Vanderbilt and that did not change after the Yankees, which also drafted his father, selected him in the 20th round.

The top unsigned position player was Tennessee prep outfielder Maurice Hampton, who will instead play both baseball and football at Louisiana State. He was drafted in the 23rd round by the Padres, but his football commitment made him an especially tough sign. He plays cornerback in football and is also rated as a top-100 football recruit by 247 Sports.

Vanderbilt leads all schools with nine players from the BA 500 in its incoming freshman class. Mississippi and Mississippi State follow with seven and Florida, which had the No. 1 class in the fall 2019 recruiting class rankings, has six.

Overall, 119 high school players in the BA 500 did not sign pro contracts, 14 less than last year. Of those players, 50 are committed to schools in the SEC, accounting for 42 percent of the unsigned BA 500 recruits. ACC schools will take in 20 unsigned BA 500 recruits, the Pac-12 will get 17 and the Big 12 will land 15.

Rank Name Position Commitment
21 Jack Leiter RHP Vanderbilt
32 Hunter Barco LHP Florida
35 Maurice Hampton OF Louisiana State
38 Brooks Lee SS Cal Poly
41 Bryce Osmond RHP Oklahoma State
62 Jerrion Ealy OF Mississippi
69 Riley Cornelio RHP Texas Christian
78 Spencer Jones LHP/1B Vanderbilt
79 Cade Doughty 3B Louisiana State
85 Chris Newell OF Virginia
89 Sammy Faltine RHP/SS Texas
91 Will Rigney RHP Baylor
98 Brett Thomas RHP South Carolina
101 Michael Curialle SS UCLA
103 Hayden Dunhurst C Mississippi
113 Antoine Harris RHP New Orleans
116 Myles Austin SS Alabama
119 Hayden Mullins LHP Auburn
126 Mack Anglin RHP Clemson
130 Jonathan French C Clemson
134 Brennan Milone SS South Carolina
140 Sebastian Keane RHP Northeastern
142 Joseph Charles RHP North Carolina
144 Connor Walsh SS Mississippi
147 Andrew McDaniel RHP Mississippi
159 Seth Tomczak RHP Arizona State
165 Dylan Eskew RHP Miami
168 Carter Rustad RHP San Diego
172 Jacob Meador RHP Texas Christian
178 Carter Young SS Vanderbilt
186 Alex McFarlane RHP Miami
190 Will Bednar RHP Mississippi State
194 Tyler Nesbitt RHP Florida
198 Landon Sims RHP Mississippi State
200 Bobby Zmarzlak OF Maryland
210 Nathaniel LaRue C/RHP Auburn
219 Blake Mayfield RHP Texas A&M
227 Michael Prosecky LHP Louisville
230 Hylan Hall OF Miami
231 Jared Southard RHP Texas
233 Brandon Sproat RHP Florida
235 Jason Hodges OF/1B Arkansas
240 Cameron Meeks RHP McNeese State
241 Andre Duplantier RHP/3B Texas
245 Tres Gonzalez OF Georgia Tech
249 Armani Sanchez SS Oklahoma
250 Mason Barnett RHP Auburn
252 Brandon Walker RHP Florida State
256 Chandler Freeman 3B Dallas Baptist
260 Alex Milazzo C Louisiana State
261 Hayden Travinski C Louisiana State
265 Randon Hostert RHP Utah
266 Austin Plante OF Texas Christian
270 Derek Diamond RHP Mississippi
275 Maxwell Romero Jr. C Vanderbilt
276 Trevor Hinkel RHP Pepperdine
284 Nate Rombach C Texas Tech
286 Chad Knight C Duke
287 Michael Carpentier Jr. C Arizona State
293 Henry Gargus 1B Stanford
300 Connor Phillips RHP Louisiana State
301 Ramsey David RHP Auburn
305 Andre Tarver OF Mississippi State
312 Logan Tanner C/RHP Mississippi State
313 K.C. Hunt RHP/OF Mississippi State
323 Emanuel Dean OF UCLA
329 Chris McElvain RHP Vanderbilt
333 Joshua Rivera 3B Florida
339 Zachary Lee RHP Kentucky
341 John Rhys Plumlee OF Mississippi
353 Trace Bright RHP Auburn
354 Josh Hahn LHP/1B UCLA
356 Evan Vanek RHP Texas A&M
363 Owen Diodati C/1B Alabama
364 Nathan Hickey C Florida
365 Nate Weeldreyer RHP Washington
369 Aaron Roberts RHP California
370 Trey Lafleur OF Mississippi
373 Christian Ruebeck RHP Oklahoma
374 Dawson Netz RHP Arizona
376 Connor Beichler SS Oklahoma
378 Matt McCormick C West Virginia
379 Cesar Valero SS Oregon State
385 Grant Norris SS Duke
392 Eli Saul RHP Sacramento State
393 Jake Bennett LHP Oklahoma
398 Jason Diaz RHP Miami
400 Kody Huff SS/C Stanford
403 Jashia Morrissey RHP/2B Cal State Bakersfield
406 Kellan Tulio LHP Louisville
407 Chris Villaman LHP North Carolina State
410 Michael Doolin RHP Vanderbilt
411 Reggie Crawford 1B/LHP Connecticut
413 Kurtis Byrne C Texas Christian
415 Kyte McDonald OF Mississippi State
416 Logan Britt OF Texas A&M
419 Will Childers RHP Georgia
433 Morgan Colopy OF Cincinnati
442 Cameron Wagoner RHP/OF Eastern Michigan
443 Mason Auer OF/RHP Missouri State
448 Jose Torres SS North Carolina State
450 Will Frisch RHP Oregon State
451 Max Cotier SS Virginia
452 Dylan Brewer OF Clemson
453 Isaac Nunez SS Florida
456 Jimmy Obertop C Michigan
457 Quinn Mathews LHP Stanford
458 Parker Noland 3B Vanderbilt
475 Tate Ballestero C Virginia
477 Brock Jones OF Stanford
478 J.J. Cruz SS Cal State Fullerton
479 Darius Perry C UCLA
480 Davis Rokose LHP Mississippi State
482 Sam Hliboki RHP Vanderbilt
485 Jared Karros RHP UCLA
486 Jax Cash C South Carolina
138 Zachary Maxwell RHP Georgia Tech
491 Bryson Ewaliko RHP Central Arizona JC
492 Tyler McKenzie SS Vanderbilt

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