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Vaun Brown, Moises Gomez Finish Season Among MiLB Kings

With the close of last night's Triple-A games, all minor league statistics are official for 2022. The only thing left is to crown a Triple-A champion, which will happen this coming weekend in Las Vegas, where Durham, Nashville, Reno and El Paso will duke it out for the title.

The Giants' Vaun Brown won the overall batting title by hitting .346 across three levels and finishing in Double-A. The 24-year-old has been one of the best stories in the minor leagues as he hit his way from obscurity to prominence. Brown's 1.060 OPS was also the best in the minors.

The Cardinals' Moises Gomez, a longtime Rays prospect whom St. Louis plucked in minor league free agency, led the minors with 38 home runs, besting the Cubs' Alexander Canario by two.

The Cubs' Matt Mervis' outstanding year is also reflected on these leaderboards. The Duke alum mashed all season, leading MiLB in extra-base hits (78) and RBIs (119), while finishing among the elite in a host of other categories.

On the pitching side, Dodgers breakout prospect Gavin Stone took home the ERA title with a sparkling 1.48 mark, besting the Cubs' Luis Devers by 0.43. D-backs righthander Brandon Pfaadt blew away the field in the strikeout race, where his 218 punchouts topped Giants lefty Kyle Harrison by 32.

Batting Average
1Brown, Vaun3 TeamsGiants.346
2Cintron, Jancarlos2 TeamsD-backs.338
3Bernard, WyntonABQRockies.333
4Ruiz, Esteury3 TeamsPadres/Brewers.332
5Frelick, Sal3 TeamsBrewers.331
6Burleson, AlecMEMCardinals.331
7Hollis, Connor2 TeamsPadres.329
8Manzardo, Kyle2 TeamsRays.327
9Gentry, Tyler2 TeamsRoyals.326
10Diaz, Jordan2 TeamsA's.326
Home Runs
1Gómez, Moises2 TeamsCardinals39
2Canario, Alexander3 TeamsCubs37
3Goodman, Hunter3 TeamsRockies36
3Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs36
5Gray, TristanDURRays33
66 tied32
1Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs119
2Encarnacion-Strand, Christian3 TeamsTwins/Reds114
2Perez Jr., Robert2 TeamsMariners114
4Fernandez, YanquielFRERockies109
5Busch, Michael2 TeamsDodgers108
6Brennan, Will2 TeamsGuardians107
6Martin, JasonOKCDodgers107
6Valdez, Enmanuel3 TeamsRed Sox/Astros107
94 tied106
On-Base Percentage
1Ruiz, Esteury3 TeamsPadres/Brewers.447
2Kavadas, Niko3 TeamsRed Sox.443
3Porter, Logan2 TeamsRoyals.442
4Gauthier, Austin2 TeamsDodgers.441
5Julien, EdouardWCHTwins.441
6Brown, Vaun3 TeamsGiants.437
7Quero, EdgarIEAngels.435
8Manzardo, Kyle2 TeamsRays.426
9Ford, HarryMODMariners.425
10Hollis, Connor2 TeamsPadres.425
Slugging Percentage
1Carpenter, Kerry2 TeamsTigers.645
2Gómez, Moises2 TeamsCardinals.624
3Brown, Vaun3 TeamsGiants.623
4Manzardo, Kyle2 TeamsRays.617
5Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs.605
6Carroll, Corbin2 TeamsD-backs.604
7Bernard, WyntonABQRockies.590
8Rodriguez, Endy3 TeamsPirates.590
9Encarnacion-Strand, Christian3 TeamsTwins.587
10De La Cruz, Elly2 TeamsReds.586
On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS)
1Brown, Vaun3 TeamsGiants1.060
2Manzardo, Kyle2 TeamsRays1.043
3Carroll, Corbin2 TeamsD-backs1.026
4Carpenter, Kerry2 TeamsTigers1.025
5Rodriguez, Endy3 TeamsPirates.997
6Gómez, Moises2 TeamsCardinals.995
7Kavadas, Niko3 TeamsRed Sox.990
8Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs.984
9Outman, James2 TeamsDodgers.978
10Bernard, WyntonABQRockies.977
1Brennan, Will2 TeamsGuardians166
1Hill, Darius2 TeamsCubs166
3Fletcher, Dominic2 TeamsD-backs163
3Frelick, Sal3 TeamsBrewers163
5Diaz, Jordan2 TeamsAthletics160
5Hollis, Connor2 TeamsPadres160
7Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs158
8De Los Santos, Deyvison3 TeamsD-backs157
8Ornelas, JonathanFRIRangers157
10Goodman, Hunter3 TeamsRockies154
1Carreras, Julio2 TeamsRockies42
2Alu, Jake2 TeamsNationals40
2Brennan, Will2 TeamsGuardians40
2Dirden, Justin2 TeamsAstros40
2Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs40
6Basabe, Osleivis2 TeamsRays39
6Lester, JoshTOLTigers39
6Mieses, Luis2 TeamsWhite Sox39
6Rodriguez, Endy3 TeamsPirates39
6Westburg, Jordan2 TeamsOrioles39
1Auer, Mason2 TeamsRays12
1Avans, DrewOKCDodgers12
3Clase, JonatanMODMariners11
410 tied10
1Singleton, JonNASBrewers117
2Abreu, Wilyer2 TeamsRed Sox114
3Farmer, Justin2 TeamsPadres106
4Gauthier, Austin2 TeamsDodgers103
5Kavadas, Niko3 TeamsRed Sox102
6Julien, EduardWCHTwins98
7Greene, IsaiahLYNGuardians97
7Malloy, Justyn-Henry3 TeamsBraves97
7Wallner, Matt2 TeamsTwins97
102 tied96
Extra Base Hits
1Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs78
2Goodman, Hunter3 TeamsRockies71
3Busch, Michael2 TeamsDodgers70
3Lester, JoshTOLTigers70
5Dirden, Justin2 TeamsAstros69
5Outman, James2 TeamsDodgers69
5Westburg, Jordan2 TeamsOrioles69
8De La Cruz, Elly2 TeamsReds68
8Encarnacion-Strand, Christian3 TeamsReds68
8Rodriguez, Endy3 TeamsPirates68
Total Bases
1Mervis, Matt3 TeamsCubs310
2Goodman, Hunter3 TeamsRockies299
3Busch, Michael2 TeamsDodgers285
4Encarnacion-Strand, Christian3 TeamsReds284
5Outman, James2 TeamsDodgers277
6De La Cruz, Elly2 TeamsReds276
6Gómez, Moises2 TeamsCardinals276
8Valdez, Enmanuel3 TeamsRed Sox271
9Rodriguez, Endy3 TeamsPirates270
9Westburg, Jordan2 TeamsOrioles270
1Busch, Michael2 TeamsDodgers118
1Young, JacobFBGNationals118
3Cowser, Colten3 TeamsOrioles114
3Ruiz, Esteury3 TeamsBrewers114
5Abreu, Wilyer2 TeamsRed Sox106
6Garcia, Maikel2 TeamsRoyals104
6Loftin, Nick2 TeamsRoyals104
6McCray, Grant2 TeamsGiants104
93 tied101
Stolen Bases
1Ruiz, Esteury3 TeamsBrewers85
2Valdez, Luis2 TeamsOrioles71
3De Los Santos, OmarSLUMets70
3Hamilton, DavidPORRed Sox70
3Nuñez, Nasim2 TeamsMarlins70
6Antico, Mike2 TeamsCardinals67
6Patino, Wildred2 TeamsD-backs67
8Rojas, Johan2 TeamsPhillies62
9Ferguson, Max3 TeamsRed Sox61
10Tolbert, TylerQCRoyals60
Caught Stealing
1Leon, PedroSUGAstros18
1Osuna, Alejandro2 TeamsRangers18
3Acosta, MaximoDERangers17
4Nuñez, Nasim2 TeamsMarlins16
4Ramirez, Alex2 TeamsMets16
6De Los Santos, OmarSLUMets15
6Valdez, Luis2 TeamsOrioles15
8Diaz, EeddySPORockies14
8Ruiz, Esteury3 TeamsBrewers14
105 tied13
Gavin Stone (Photo By Katelyn Mulcahy Getty Images)

Prospect Report: Gavin Stone, Brandon Pfaadt Struggle In MLB Debuts

Gavin Stone and Brandon Pfaadt made their big league debuts, Brandon Barriera pitched four no-hit innings and more.

1Stone, Gavin3 TeamsDodgers1.48
2Devers, Luis2 TeamsCubs1.91
3Williams, Gavin2 TeamsGuardians1.96
4Montgomery, Mason2 TeamsRays2.10
5Dion, Will2 TeamsGuardians2.11
6Bibee, Tanner2 TeamsGuardians2.17
7Dollard, TaylorARKMariners2.25
8Bradley, Taj2 TeamsRays2.57
9Roupp, Landen3 TeamsGiants2.60
10Kirby, ChanceERITigers2.62
1Dollard, TaylorARKMariners16
2Molina, Anthony2 TeamsRays14
3Boyle, Sean2 TeamsYankees13
3Devers, Luis2 TeamsCubs13
5Boushley, CalebNASBrewers12
5Cushing, Jack2 TeamsAthletics12
5Dodd, Dylan3 TeamsBraves12
5Galue, OverCSCRays12
5Gordon, Tanner2 TeamsBraves12
5Parsons, ThomasMEMCardinals12
1Pfaadt, Brandon2 TeamsD-backs218
2Harrison, Kyle2 TeamsGiants186
3Allen, Logan2 TeamsGuardians177
4Salinas, Royber2 TeamsBraves175
5Gasser, Robert3 TeamsBrewers172
6Montgomery, Mason2 TeamsRays171
7Nastrini, Nick2 TeamsDodgers169
7Teng, Kai-WeiRICGiants169
9Olson, ReeseERITigers168
9Stone, Gavin3 TeamsDodgers168
Games Started
1Pfaadt, Brandon2 TeamsD-backs29
210 tied28
Complete Games
1Valdez, CesarSLAngels3
2Eshelman, Thomas2 TeamsPadres2
2Harvey, Matt3 TeamsOrioles2
2Lawrence, CaseyBUFBlue Jays2
2Santos, Victor2 TeamsRed Sox2
655 tied1
1Lee, ZachABQRockies64
2Perez, AndrewCLTWhite Sox59
3Diaz, MiguelTOLTigers58
3Fernández, JulianABQRockies58
5Baldonado, AlbertoROCNationals56
5Marciano, JoeySACGiants56
5McAllister, ZachMEMCardinals56
84 tied55
1Robinson, Cam3 TeamsBrewers25
2Cruz, FernandoLOUReds23
3Torres, EricRCTAngels22
4Coleman, Carson2 TeamsYankees19
5Marconi, Brian2 TeamsPhillies18
5Weissert, GregSWBYankees18
7Meeker, James2 TeamsBrewers17
86 tied16
Innings Pitched
1Pfaadt, Brandon2 TeamsD-backs167
2Boyle, Sean2 TeamsYankees155.1
3McCaughan, DarrenTACMariners154.1
4Battenfield, PeytonCOLGuardians153.2
5Murphy, Chris2 TeamsRed Sox152
6Cox, AustinOMARoyals147.1
7Knarr, Brandon2 TeamsBrewers146.1
7Valdez, CesarSalt LakeAngels146.1
9Santos, Victor2 TeamsPhillies145
10Leahy, Kyle2 TeamsCardinals144.2
Opponent's Batting Average
1Williams, Gavin2 TeamsGuardians.173
2Batista, Edinson2 TeamsRockies.178
3Nastrini, Nick2 TeamsDodgers.180
4Roupp, Landen3 TeamsGiants.183
5Salinas, Royber2 TeamsBraves.187
6Kelly, Antoine2 TeamsBrewers.189
7Tamarez, Misael2 TeamsAstros.191
8Carela, Juan2 TeamsYankees.192
9Hernandez, JosephMODMariners.193
10Leftwich, Jack2 TeamsGuardians.194
1Lawrence, CaseyBUFBlue Jays0.89
2Leftwich, Jack2 TeamsGuardians0.91
3Kirby, ChanceERITigers0.94
4Graceffo, Gordon2 TeamsCardinals0.94
5Williams, Gavin2 TeamsGuardians0.95
6Dollard, TaylorARKMariners0.95
7Devers, Luis2 TeamsCubs0.95
8Bibee, Tanner2 TeamsGuardians0.96
9Fitts, Richard2 TeamsYankees0.98
10Englert, Mason2 TeamsRangers0.99
Winning Percentage
1Dollard, TaylorARKMariners.889
2Boushley, CalebNASBrewers.857
3Devers, Luis2 TeamsCubs.813
4Bibee, Tanner2 TeamsGuardians.800
4Leftwich, Jack2 TeamsGuardians.800
6Hamel, Dom2 TeamsMets.769
6Niekro, JJ2 TeamsBraves.769
6Roupp, Landen3 TeamsGiants.769
94 tied.750

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