Updates On The Five Former Red Sox Venezuelan Players

Three of the five Venezuelan players that Major League Baseball took away from the Red Sox on Friday have already agreed to sign with other clubs.

Center fielder Simon Muzziotti, Baseball America’s No. 24 international prospect for July 2 last year, has a $750,000 deal with the Phillies. Shortstop Antonio Pinero has a $375,000 deal with the Brewers, while shortstop Eduardo Torrealba signed a $300,000 contract with the Yankees. MLB.com first reported the Muzziotti and Pinero deals.

Meanwhile, after MLB set up an open showcase for the five former Red Sox players today in the Dominican Republic, only one of those players—righthander Cesar Gonzalez—even bothered to show up. The three players who already have deals didn’t go, while outfielder Albert Guaimaro held his own open workout for interested clubs today instead of participating in MLB’s workout.

Guaimaro, who ranked as the No. 15 international prospect last year, showed above-average speed today in the 60-yard dash and took batting practice but didn’t face any live pitching. The Padres have already been connected to Guaimaro, and given that they’re already well beyond their bonus pool, it would not be a surprise if he ended up with them, though he doesn’t have a deal in place yet. The Cardinals (also over their bonus pool) and the Marlins (who have plenty of pool space still available) have also been linked to Guaimaro.

Per MLB’s decision, only the bonus amount in excess of $300,000 will count against a team’s bonus pool. So $450,000 will count toward the Phillies’ pool for signing Muzziotti, $75,000 will count against the Brewers’ pool for Pinero and the Yankees won’t have any of Torrealba’s bonus affect their pool. All of the players had been playing for the Red Sox in the Dominican Summer League. Once MLB approves their contracts, they’re expected to continue playing in the DSL for their new organizations.

BA will have more updates and reactions to the league’s unprecedented and controversial penalties for the Red Sox. Scouting reports on all five players are available here for BA subscribers.

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