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Unsigned 2018 BA 500 Players Headed To College

Image credit: Carter Stewart, who was selected eighth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft by the Atlanta Braves, puts his name on the draft board during the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft at Studio 42 at the MLB Network on Monday, June 4, 2018 in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The signing deadline for the draft passed last Friday and we now officially can see which top high school players are headed to college in the fall.

Below is a chart of all the high school players who ranked in the BA 500 who did not sign pro contracts, sorted by their rank. 

Georgia prep righthander Carter Stewart, who was No. 9 on the BA 500, was the highest ranked player not to sign. He was drafted eighth overall by the Braves, but after a post-draft physical revealed an injury they were not able to come to an agreement. He is committed to Mississippi State and while there are rumblings that he may look at the option of going to junior college, which would allow him next year to reenter the draft, nothing has been decided.

If Stewart does end up in Starkville, he will join two-way standout J.T. Ginn (No. 39) as the headliners in what would be one of Mississippi State’s best recruiting classes ever. Ginn also was drafted in the first round but turned down the opportunity to sign with the Dodgers to uphold his commitment to Mississippi State.

For the third straight year, the top position player not to sign is a Florida prep infielder. Nander De Sedas (No. 28) is this year’s Sunshine State shortstop that turned down pro ball to play at college, following the same path as Drew Mendoza (Florida State) and Brady McConnell (Florida). De Sedas will now join Mendoza in Tallahassee, where they will be expected to form an exciting left side of the infield.

Louisiana State leads all schools with eight players from the BA 500 in its incoming freshman class. Florida State, Louisville, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt all bring in six.

Overall, 133 high school players in the BA 500 did not sign pro contracts, three less than last year. Of those players, 44 are committed to schools in the Southeastern Conference, accounting for 33 percent of the unsigned BA 500 recruits. Atlantic Coast Conference schools will take in 31 unsigned BA 500 recruits, and the Pac-12 Conference will get 20.

Unsigned BA 500 Players Headed To College
Rank Name, pos. Commitment
9 Carter Stewart, RHP Mississippi State
13 Kumar Rocker, RHP Vanderbilt
28 Nander De Sedas, SS Florida State
37 Cole Wilcox, RHP Georgia
39 J.T. Ginn, RHP/DH Mississippi State
61 Matt McLain, SS UCLA
65 Austin Becker, RHP Vanderbilt
70 Elijah Cabell, OF Florida State
71 Brett Hansen, LHP Vanderbilt
79 Slade Cecconi, RHP Miami
84 Gunnar Hoglund, RHP Mississippi
86 Jaden Hill, RHP Louisiana State
92 Chandler Champlain, RHP Southern California
107 Jonathan Childress, RHP Texas A&M
109 Landon Marceaux, RHP Louisiana State
112 Luke Bartnicki, LHP Georgia Tech
114 Kameron Ojeda Guangorena, C Cal State Fullerton
115 Kerry Wright, RHP Louisville
133 J.P. Gates, LHP/1B Miami
137 Kendrick Calilao, OF Florida
138 Max Marusak, OF Texas Tech
141 Garrett Wade, LHP Auburn
147 Cory Acton, INF Florida
155 Jacob Campbell, C Illinois
157 Brandon Neeck, LHP Virginia
162 Owen Sharts, RHP Nevada
179 Brett Finnel, RHP UC Santa Barbara
183 Will Ripoll, RHP Louisiana State
188 Tyler Ras, RHP/OF Alabama
195 C.J. Willis, C Louisiana State
196 Adrian Del Castillo, C Miami
199 Carter Lohman, LHP Louisville
201 Steve Hajjar, LHP Michigan
203 Garrett McDaniels, LHP Coastal Carolina
205 Kaleb Hill, LHP Mississippi
206 Austin Wells, C Arizona
209 Sean Burke, RHP Maryland
210 Ethan Smith, RHP Vanderbilt
215 Justin Wrobleski, LHP Clemson
220 Bryce Reagan, SS Texas
221 Seth Halvorsen, RHP/OF Missouri
224 Kyle Hess, OF Pittsburgh
225 Cole Henry, RHP Louisiana State
229 Cooper Stinson, RHP Duke
235 Ryan Cusick, RHP Wake Forest
237 Jacen Roberson, OF Cal State Bakersfield
239 Ty Madden, RHP Texas
241 Kyle Luckham, RHP Cal State Fullerton
244 Mason Montgomery, LHP Texas Tech
247 Joseph Menefee, LHP Texas A&M
249 Dexter Jordan, OF/3B Louisiana-Lafayette
250 Nick Pogue, RHP Florida
255 Adam Hackenberg, C Clemson
257 Christopher Williams, OF/LHP Florida International
259 Matheu Nelson, C Florida State
260 Brandon Dieter, SS/RHP Stanford
262 Ethan Reed, RHP Southern California
265 Brandon Schrepf, OF/RHP South Florida
267 Vinny Tosti, OF Oregon
268 Brandon Birdsell, RHP Texas A&M
272 Jared Poland, INF/RHP Louisville
275 Cristian Sanchez, RHP Virginia
280 Chance Huff, RHP Vanderbilt
281 Mitchell Parker, LHP San Jacinto (Texas) JC
284 Tyler O’Clair, RHP/1B Alabama-Birmingham
287 Aidan Maldonado, RHP Illinois
289 Chase Costello, RHP Louisiana State
303 David Luethje, RHP Florida
304 Franco Aleman, RHP Florida International
306 Henry Davis, C Louisville
308 Mason Ronan, LHP Pittsburgh
309 Nate Lamb, LHP/OF Clemson
315 Sean Mullen, RHP UCLA
316 Bryce Collins, RHP Arizona
320 Jacob Pfennings, RHP/1B Oregon State
323 Eric Cerantola, RHP Mississippi State
325 John Malcom, 1B Vanderbilt
327 Aaron Eden, RHP San Diego State
331 Patrick Winkel, C/3B Connecticut
333 Zack Gelof, SS/RHP Virginia
338 Trevor Cadd, OF Cal State Fullerton
340 Tim Borden, SS Louisville
341 Carter Raffield, RHP Clemson
342 Basiel Williams, OF Mississippi State
343 Matt Rudis, RHP Texas Christian
345 Grant Holman, RHP California
349 Miko Rodriguez, OF Texas A&M
354 Hunter Watson, SS Texas A&M
356 Emilio Rosas, SS Southern California
357 Jack Neely, RHP Texas
362 Ryan Holgate, OF Arizona
363 Jake Moberg, SS UCLA
364 Ben Harris, LHP/OF Virginia
366 Hueston Morrill, SS Oklahoma State
370 Nick Nastrini, RHP UCLA
373 Erik Tolman, LHP Arizona State
374 Mason Pelio, RHP/OF Boston College
377 Jarrett Ford, SS Florida International
379 Alec Sanchez, OF Florida State
380 Isaiah Byars, SS Alabama
382 Preston Hartsell, OF Southern California
383 Josiah Sightler, LHP South Carolina
384 Denzel Clarke, OF Cal State Northridge
386 Cade Hungate, 3B/RHP Florida State
390 Robby Martin, OF Florida State
394 Jack Perkins, RHP Louisville
395 Stephen Pelli, RHP North Carolina
397 Blake Burzell, RHP Arizona State
398 Austin Knight, SS Tennessee
412 T.J. Reeves, OF Alabama
413 David Erickson, RHP/3B Liberty
429 Connor Pavolony, C Tennessee
440 Ben Abram, RHP Oklahoma
446 Brandon Davis, SS Tennessee
447 Clay Owens, C Southern California
450 Ryan Bliss, SS Auburn
451 Zach Young, RHP South Alabama
456 J.T. Schwartz, SS UCLA
458 Spencer Schwellenbach, RHP/SS Nebraska
464 Nick Schmidt, RHP Missouri State
465 Giovanni DiGiacomo, OF Louisiana State
466 Jacob Young, OF Florida
476 Cole Ayers, RHP Kentucky
478 Mason Bryant, RHP Texas
479 Davis Sharpe, RHP/3B Clemson
480 Christopher Weber, LHP Texas A&M
484 Jake Miller, RHP San Diego
485 Johnny Cuevas, 3B/RHP JC of Southern Nevada
486 Brady Allen, OF/LHP South Carolina
487 Coy Cobb, RHP Texas
490 Drew Bianco, 3B Louisiana State
495 Dallas Duarte, C Hawaii
498 Tony Bullard, RHP/3B Arizona


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