BA:  You mentioned running. That seems like it’s something that you can only improve on so much, but what are some of the drills or workouts you can do to improve in that area?

DC: Just improving your form, focus on where your hands need to be, pumping your hands really fast. Some guys run with their legs behind them. It’s important to get your legs in front of you and get a lot of traction off the ground I guess. Then, all the drills you do before in your warmup, that’s really important because everything’s going to eventually translate into how you run. And then work on explosive stuff as well, like plyometrics, that really helps with sprinting.

BA:  Any weightlifting to go along with that?

DC: Weightlifting can help a little bit, but if you put on too much it’s going to probably slow you down a little bit. So just being smart in the weight room if you’re a speed type of player.

BA:  Are there educational components with your travel ball programs? Can you touch on how you keep up with school while traveling?

DC: Obviously with the junior national team you’re going to be missing a lot of school, so you can bring your homework down (to tournaments), bring your schoolwork, communicate with your teachers. Then you can have like an hour or two just to bear down and get your work done. So I feel like the junior national team can provide that time for you where you can get your work done and it’s just really good overall.

BA:  What was it like when you found out that you were coming to the Under Armour All-America Game?

DC: For me, when I got the information, I know all the talents that have been through this game before. It was just a really big honor. And I feel like my hard work’s paid off, but the hard work’s not done yet. A lot more to go.

BA:  Anything in particular you are looking forward to aside from the game itself?

DC: I think this experience is going to be a really good one, so just enjoying every part of it . . . And we’re playing at Wrigley Field–an MLB stadium. It’s going to be a pretty awesome experience.

BA:  Who are some players you either look up to or try and model your game after?

DC: I like a couple players, Carlos Gonzalez. He’s just a cool, smooth player. Got a lot of swagger to him. And I know he’s not an outfielder, but I really like Adrian Beltre, the way he plays the game, he just has a lot of fun when he plays. But for who I model my game after, maybe Lorenzo Cain or Adam Jones. Like a long, lanky outfielder like me. Just being able to watch them and see what they do at the professional level, trying to be able to implement that into my game.

BA:  What are some of those things that you’ve tried to put into your game?

DC: They are really good defenders. Good reads on balls and they are really good at finishing their routes, so closing down balls after they get good jumps on them.

BA:  What kind of music do you listen to?

DC: I listen to anything. Except for if it gets too loud, like heavy metal and rock. And I’m not really a country fan either, so sorry to all the country fans.

BA:  What’s your go-to Chipotle order?

DC: I’ll get both meats, chicken and steak. And then I’m not really a big rice guy. I’ll eat it for the nutrition, but I’ll throw in the corn and salsa, throw in the cheese, sour cream. I’ll get a different variety of stuff.