Top 40 International Bonuses Of 2015

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Baseball America has compiled data on the top 40 signing bonuses of 2015. The first chart does not include Cuban players—more on them in a second chart below—to focus on the more traditional international amateur signings, primarily from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

All of these players signed on or after July 2, so they all count under the current 2015-16 international bonus pools. Giants shortstop Lucius Fox, who went to a Florida high school but moved to the Bahamas to sign as an international free agent last year when he turned 18 on July 2, holds the record for the highest international bonus of all time for a non-Cuban player. The record international bonus for a 16-year-old still belongs to Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara ($4.95 million).

Overall, teams spent far more aggressively at the top of the market for Dominican players than they did in Venezuela, perhaps due to the growing challenges of scouting in Venezuela. There were 18 Dominican players signed for at least $1 million compared to just four from Venezuela.

While the Dodgers spent more money than any team last year primarily due to three Cuban signings, the Cubs paid 12 of the top 40 international bonuses last year for non-Cuban players, with seven-figure deals for players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama and South Korea.

Player Pos Country Team Bonus
1. Lucius Fox ss Bahamas Giants $6,000,000
2. Jhailyn Ortiz of Dominican Republic Phillies $4,010,000
3. Wander Javier ss Dominican Republic Twins $4,000,000
4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of Dominican Republic Blue Jays $3,900,000
5. Starling Heredia of Dominican Republic Dodgers $2,600,000
6. Jonathan Sierra of Dominican Republic Cubs $2,500,000
T-7. Gilberto Celestino of Dominican Republic Astros $2,250,000
T-7. Seuly Matias of Dominican Republic Royals $2,250,000
9. Leody Taveras of Dominican Republic Rangers $2,100,000
T-10. Aramis Ademan ss Dominican Republic Cubs $2,000,000
T-10. Ronny Brito ss Dominican Republic Dodgers $2,000,000
T-10. Derian Cruz ss Dominican Republic Braves $2,000,000
T-10. Daniel Montano of Venezuela Rockies $2,000,000
14. Carlos Vargas ss Dominican Republic Mariners $1,625,000
T-15. Jose Albertos rhp Mexico Cubs $1,500,000
T-15. Gregory Guerrero ss Dominican Republic Mets $1,500,000
T-15. Jeison Guzman ss Dominican Republic Royals $1,500,000
T-15. Franklin Reyes of Dominican Republic White Sox $1,500,000
T-15. Juan Soto of Dominican Republic Nationals $1,500,000
20. Cristian Pache of Dominican Republic Braves $1,400,000
21. Henderson Perez c Venezuela Cubs $1,250,000
22. Andres Gimenez ss Venezuela Mets $1,200,000
T-23. Miguel Amaya c Panama Cubs $1,000,000
T-23. Kwang-Min Kwon of South Korea Cubs $1,000,000
T-23. Cristian Olivo of Dominican Republic Reds $1,000,000
T-23. Yonathan Perlaza ss Venezuela Cubs $1,000,000
27. Oneil Cruz ss Dominican Republic Dodgers $950,000
T-28. Cristopher Morel ss Dominican Republic Cubs $800,000
T-28. Isaac Paredes ss Mexico Cubs $800,000
30. Alvaro Seijas rhp Venezuela Cardinals $762,500
T-31. Elvis Alvarado of Dominican Republic Nationals $700,000
T-31. Andres Munoz rhp Mexico Padres $700,000
T-31. Fernando Tatis Jr. 3b Dominican Republic White Sox $700,000
34. Miguel Hernandez ss Venezuela Reds $650,000
T-35. Yunior Perez rhp Dominican Republic Cubs $600,000
T-35. Brailyn Marquez lhp Dominican Republic Cubs $600,000
T-35. Henry Pujols 3b Dominican Republic Indians $600,000
T-35. Anderson Amarista rhp Venezuela Rockies $600,000
T-35. Raffy Ozuna ss Dominican Republic Cardinals $600,000
T-40. Jose Gutierrez of Venezuela Cubs $550,000
T-40. Mario Prenza of Dominican Republic Marlins $550,000
T-40. Jose Sibrian c Venezuela Brewers $550,000

Teams can sign the top 16-year-old players in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela every year on July 2, but their ability to sign Cuban players depends on who is able to leave the island. Below are the top 10 bonuses for Cuban players signed in 2015 who fall under the international bonus pools.

The biggest Cuban signing of 2015 was the Dodgers giving Hector Olivera a six-year, $62.5 million major league contract (including a $28 million signing bonus). His deal and the four-year, $6 million contract (including a $1.2 million signing bonus) the Braves gave Cuban outfielder Dian Toscano were both exempt from the pools. Dodgers righthander Pablo Millan Fernandez ($8 million) and Orioles lefthander Ariel Miranda ($725,000) were also both exempt from the pools, although they signed minor league contracts.

Dodgers righthander Yaisel Sierra isn’t listed below because he signed in 2016 and was also exempt from the pools. With around 200 Cuban players having left the country in pursuit of a major league contract, the quick drop-off on this list is a reminder that most Cuban players are not signing huge contracts, and many of them aren’t getting signed at all.

Player Pos Team Age Pool Bonus
1. Yoan Moncada 2b Red Sox 19 2014-15 $31,500,000
2. Yadier Alvarez rhp Dodgers 19 2015-16 $16,000,000
3. Yusniel Diaz of Dodgers 19 2015-16 $15,500,000
4. Yoan Lopez rhp Diamondbacks 22 2014-15 $8,260,000
5. Omar Estevez 2b Dodgers 17 2015-16 $6,000,000
6. Eddy Julio Martinez of Cubs 20 2015-16 $3,000,000
7. Andy Ibanez 2b Rangers 22 2015-16 $1,600,000
8. Yoanys Quiala rhp Astros 21 2014-15 $794,000
9. Alejandro Garcia cf Astros 24 2015-16 $750,000
10. Pedro Marquez of Diamondbacks 21 2015-16 $160,000

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