Top 10 MLB Second Base Prospects Entering 2021

Image credit: Nick Madrigal (Bill Mitchell)

Yes, many of the second basemen of the major leagues spend much of their time in the minors at shortstop, but this year’s crop of second base prospects is an accomplished, well-rounded group. Second base has become a more offensive position in recent years (partly as a response to the alterations of rules that eliminated many of the collisions at second base on double plays) and this group includes some prospects (like Michael Busch) who would likely not have been tried at second in the late 20th century.

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  1. Nick Madrigal, White Sox | Scouting Report | No. 40 overall
  2. Nick Gonzales, Pirates | Scouting Report  | No. 51 overall
  3. Vidal Brujan, Rays | Scouting Report | No. 56 overall
  4. Jeter Downs, Red Sox | Scouting Report | No. 71 overall
  5. Michael Busch, Dodgers | Scouting Report | No. 87 overall
  6. Xavier Edwards, Rays | Scouting Report
  7. Jonathan India, Reds | Scouting Report
  8. Aaron Bracho, Indians | Scouting Report
  9. Chase Strumpf, Cubs | Scouting Report
  10. Justin Foscue, Rangers | Scouting Report

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