“Understand the fundamentals, understand how the fundamentals work in your style of hitting, your style of pitching and set goals for yourself,” Blalock said was the advice he gave his players. “Even if you don’t get that, there’s always other avenues for success. I was never one to hold someone back from that dream.”

Chatsworth had 12 players drafted since Meusborn took over in 1990. Meusborn coached Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas and former Astros infielder Matt Dominguez on the same team from 2004-2007. Both went in the first round of the 2007 draft.

Moustakas and Dominguez are two of four former Meusborn players who have made it to the majors. Meusborn had to wait 20 years before former player Bryan Peterson broke into MLB with the Marlins in 2010.

“That was something that I really wanted to see was one of the guys that we coached make it to the big leagues,” Meusborn said. “That was really special.”

Blalock, 68, does not have any future career plans for the time being. He is already retired from teaching, and his physical health has slowed him over the past few years. He said he will miss “watching the kids grow” now that he is done coaching.

Meusborn is still going to teach at Chatsworth, but he hopes to look for the opportunity to coach somewhere else. He spent a season in 2014 as the pitching coach at Cal State Northridge. The relationships with players, coaches, administration and the community are his favorite part of coaching.

“I think those relationships are special things,” he said.