San Francisco Giants 2020 Top 10 MLB Prospects Chat

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Rich (Vallejo):

     Who do you believe will be the starting SS for Augusta on Opening Day: Luciano or Wilson?

Josh Norris: Wilson.

carl (columbus):

     Will Prelander Berroa be in the top 30? Seems to have electric stuff

Josh Norris: He does have electric stuff, but he just missed the Top 30.

Aaron (Kenosha):

     That’s quite the bombshell with Luciano ranked over Bart (with Bart most recently ranked #15 overall at the end of the season). Is this reflective of any slide by Bart or just Luciano entering the stratosphere? Is Luciano a top 10 overall guy this preseason?

Josh Norris: This is more reflective of a jump from Luciano than a slide from Bart. Luciano is a prodigy and should be very highly ranked in the 2020 Top 100.

AJ (San Francisco):

     How close was Seth Corry to being in the top 100? His numbers looked impressive last season, although his walk rate still concerns me. Is he the real deal? What’s his ceiling?

Josh Norris: His walk rate still concerns the Giants, too. They acknowledge a jump in command and control, but also still concede that he needs to make more strides in that department. He was not close to the Top 100 the last time we released one, and probably will not be on there when the new one comes out (soon!)

William (Boston):

     Wow! Luis Matos at 8! Will he start off stateside next year, and what’s his future ceiling as a player?

Josh Norris: He probably will start off next year Arizona (ExST/AZL) and he has the ceiling of a player who can contribute on offense and defense in center field. Players like that belong among Top 10s.

Peter (Baltimore):

     Is your impression that scouts have a good grasp of what Sean Hjelle is? I’m wondering if the uncommon package in his profile — almost 7 ft tall with pitchability but stuff that is more fine than nasty — leaves room for a wide variation of outcomes. Could we be underestimating his potential? Or does the quality of his actual pitches seem to create a pretty hard ceiling?

Josh Norris: The consensus seems to be that Hjelle is going to be an imposing guy who can eat innings at the back of a rotation with less than overpowering stuff. He gets the expected downhill angle that will help him get hitters to beat the ball into the ground.

John (Atlanta):

     Do you expect Bishop, Wyatt, Will Wilson or Fitzgerald to start in Low A ?

Josh Norris: There’s a chance some of these guys (given their college pedigrees) could jump over low A and start in San Jose but I’d expect Bishop (and possibly Wilson) to start off at Augusta.

Lisa (Bay Area, CA):

     Was Will Wilson considered for this ranking or did he fall outside the Top 10?

Josh Norris: He is outside the Top 10. He could have gone into it because he was acquired before BA’s transaction deadline for the book, but we did not consider him to be worthy of inclusion in the T10.

brandon (CA):

     What becomes of Chris Shaw? Quad A slugger? The type to thrive overseas? Doesn’t look like he has much a future in SF.

Josh Norris: Probably just a good org guy without further improvement. That said, there’s always the chance that he clicks with a new coach and unlocks something.

Chauncey (Centennial):

     How far off the top 10 was Franklin Labour and what does his future hold? Also what level do you expect him to start at in 2020?

Josh Norris: Franklin Labour did not make the Top 30. There were not enough believers that his outburst at Salem-Keizer was necessarily indicative of his future.

Chauncey (Centennial):

     Hi Josh. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on Jairo Pomares? What is his potential ceiling ?

Josh Norris: Pomares is a solid hitter with bat-to-ball skills but needs to show continued power development to profile in a corner-outfield spot, which is where some evaluators believe he’ll wind up.

Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware):

     With four of the top six prospects likely headed to Augusta, the Greenjackets should be a super team to watch! Do you have your seasons tickets yet? So, ignoring the top 10, who would be a few other prospects on the team that will be listed in the Prospect Handbook?

Josh Norris: Jairo Pomares could be there, as could Trevor McDonald.

Dylan (Ajax, Canada):

     How close was Jairo Pomares to the top ten?

Josh Norris: He’s in the 11-20

Juan (Puerto Rico):

     How influential (or not) is Winter League such as Liga de Béisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente in Puerto Rico, used in determining prospects and hopefuls for the Giants? Who might be from Puerto Rico within the Giants system of prospects?

Josh Norris: I really don’t consider their performance in the winter leagues when I put together the list for the book. I think that’s what you’re getting at here.

Alexander Canario (Will I hit enough?):

     Thanks for chatting with us today Josh! I showed off my loud tools in the NW League but 2020 will be my first taste of full season ball. Will I be able to hit enough to consistently tap into my plus raw power or will the holes in my swing get exposed in LoA?

Josh Norris: That’s the question, for sure. The Giants like his bat speed and path. Now, it’s on him to show enough discipline to upgrade his hit tool.

Roger (Washington DC):

     Beyond Seth Corry who do you see in the system as legitimate big league starting pitcher candidates? And what is Corry’s upside for you?

Josh Norris: Sean Hjelle and Tristan Beck are the first names that come to mind, with Trevor McDonald and Jake Wong sitting there as sleepers as well, with Jose Marte a deep sleeper.

Justin (Tucson, AZ):

     Is a Marco Luciano to Wander Franco comp that out of line? Or does Luciano need to do this for another season before we even consider that?

Josh Norris: Yes and no. Could he be the same level of prospect? Yes. Is he the same type of player? No. Either way, get very excited for his future.

G4 (Milwaukee):

     Tristan Beck appears to be adept at keeping the ball in the park. Did he show any other positives that might indicate a future jump into the team’s top 10? Thanks!

Josh Norris: He changed his pitch usage to more of a FB up/CB down-style to adapt to the organization’s pitching philosophy. If that takes, he could jump up the list.

Adam (Boston):

     What are scouts and your thoughts on outfielders Armani Smith and Franklin Labour?

Josh Norris: Both have big, big power but need to improve their feel to hit. That’s pretty much the long and short of it with both guys.

Roger (Washington DC):

     Of the high level OF the Giants acquired last year (Davis, McCarthy) who has best chance of sticking as big leaguers?

Josh Norris: Jaylin Davis. He made a swing change that allowed him to unlock some of his raw power.

Bill (Studio City CA):

     Hi Josh: Where do you foresee Logan Wyatt starting the year? Was he in the 11-20 range? He has a great hit tool I’ve heard but needs to develop more power. Do you agree?

Josh Norris: More or less, yes. He also needs to be more aggressive at the plate to add that power. He’s got an insanely good eye at the plate but needs to swing at strikes he can damage.

Josh Norris: Thanks, guys! Lots of good questions about a very intriguing system.

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