San Diego Padres 2024 Top MLB Prospects


Image credit: Ethan Salas (Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images)

The top of the Padres system is headlined by Ethan Salas, who is a superstar in the making. He is the Padres’ unquestioned catcher of the future, and has the ability to impact the game in a huge way with his bat, defense and leadership skills with a pitching staff.

Today, we’re unveiling the 10 best prospects in the Padres system entering 2024. Jeff Sanders is hosting a chat at 2 p.m. ET to discuss the state of San Diego’s farm system.

Padres Top 10 Prospects

See the 10 best prospects in the Padres system, including brand new scouting reports for every player.

Below, you can also find a projected lineup in 2027 and the prospects with the best scouting tools in the system.

Projected 2027 Lineup

Catcher: Ethan Salas (21)
First Base: Jake Cronenworth (34)
Second Base: Xander Bogaerts (34)
Third Base: Manny Machado (35)
Shortstop: Jackson Merrill (24)
Left Field: Samuel Zavala (23)
Center Field: Dillon Head (22)
Right Field: Fernando Tatis Jr. (28)
Designated Hitter: Luis Campusano (28)

No. 1 Starter: Joe Musgrove (34)
No. 2 Starter: Robby Snelling (23)
No. 3 Starter: Dylan Lesko (24)
No. 4 Starter: Adam Mazur (26)
No. 5 Starter: Yu Darvish (41)
Closer: Jairo Iriarte (25)

Listed below are the prospects with the best tools within the organization. To go directly to San Diego’s Top 10, click here.

Best Tools

Best Hitter for Average: Jackson Merrill
Best Power Hitter: Ethan Salas
Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Jakob Marsee
Fastest Baserunner: Homer Bush Jr.
Best Athlete: Dillon Head
Best Fastball: Jairo Iriarte
Best Curveball: Robby Snelling
Best Slider: Adam Mazur
Best Changeup: Dylan Lesko
Best Control: Robby Snelling
Best Defensive Catcher: Ethan Salas
Best Defensive Infielder: Jackson Merrill
Best Infield Arm: Eguy Rosario
Best Defensive Outfielder: Dillon Head
Best Outfield Arm: Samuel Zavala

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