Ranking The Top 25 College Baseball Stories of 2020

Image credit: Oklahoma righthander Dane Acker (Photo by Brian Westerholt/Four Seam Images)

Because the college baseball season got sidelined just four weeks after it began, it would be easy to view 2020 as a year when not very much happened in the sport. And that would be true, on the field at least. 

But there were still plenty of headlines in and around college baseball throughout the year. Many, of course, were related to the coronavirus pandemic. Some involved the business side of the sport, others involved changing of the guard at certain programs and still others left us remembering those we lost. 

We’ve all been waiting for 2021 to roll around so that we can put a tough 2020 in our rearview mirror. That’s especially true in college baseball, with the promise that the new year will bring a full season for players, coaches and fans who will have gone 11 months without the sport they love. 

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