2022: Ranking The Prospects Traded at the Deadline

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Every year, we rank the prospects traded at the deadline. This year, 72 prospects were dealt in July. At Baseball America, we always love to use rankings to provide context for how players line up. With that in mind, here’s a ranking of the 72 prospects traded at the deadline.

The Padres and Twins traded away the most minor leaguers, followed by the Yankees and Mets.

Team Traded
Padres 9
Twins 9
Yankees 8
Mets 7
Braves 6
Blue Jays 5
Mariners 5
Rays 5
Phillies 4
Astros 3
Brewers 2
Dodgers 2
Giants 2
Athletics 1
Cardinals 1
Cardinals 1
Mariners 1
Red Sox 1

The Reds led the way in minor leaguers added. The Royals, Giants and Orioles also added six or more minor leaguers. As the rankings below will show, quantity and quality aren’t necessarily always related. The Reds acquired three of the top seven in our prospect rankings among the traded. The highest-ranked of the Giants’ six acquisitions is 42nd.

Team Acquired
Reds 10
Royals 8
Giants 6
Orioles 6
Athletics 5
Nationals 5
Angels 4
Cubs 4
Red Sox 4
Dodgers 3
Brewers 2
Pirates 2
Rangers 2
Tigers 2
Astros 1
Blue Jays 1
Cardinals 1
D-Backs 1
Guardians 1
Marlins 1
Padres 1
Rays 1
Yankees 1

Top 100 Prospects

These are the best prospects to be moved at the deadline. The seven Top 100 Prospects traded is a larger than normal number, which was helped by the Juan Soto blockbuster deal. Three of the seven Top 100 Prospects traded were included in that one trade.

  1. CJ Abrams, SS (Nationals from Padres)

Top 100 Rank: 11

The Nationals added high-end prospects up and down their system, and Abrams represents their most immediate return. He should step in at shortstop nearly immediately and could provide impact on both sides of the ball.

  1. Robert Hassell, OF (Nationals from Padres)

Top 100 Rank: 25

Hassell is one of the purest hitters in the minor leagues and drew plaudits from multiple scouts as one of the most impressive players they saw at the Futures Game. His mix of hittability and potential power with a chance to play center field makes him a very attractive prospect.

  1. Noelvi Marte, SS (Reds from Mariners)

Top 100 Rank: 47

Marte’s stock was down early in the year but he exploded during the summer with High-A Everett. He’s unlikely to play shortstop in MLB—he won’t need to considering the glut of potential shortstops already in their system—but has the offensive thump to profile wherever he might move.

  1. Edwin Arroyo, SS (Reds from Mariners)

Top 100 Rank: 48

Arroyo is one of the biggest breakout stars of the 2022 season. He was tearing up the Low-A California League at the time of the trade. His athleticism gives him a chance to be a standout defender up the middle and his hand-eye coordination and burgeoning power should give him a shot to be equally impactful in the batter’s box.

  1. James Wood, OF (Nationals from Padres)

Top 100 Rank: 62

Wood is a massive human with long levers and huge power. He’s also got the body control to manipulate the barrel to plenty of different parts of the strike zone, leading to long home runs to all sectors of pretty much any park this side of Yellowstone. He has a chance to stick in center field, too, giving him tremendous upside.

  1. Logan O’Hoppe, C (Angels from Phillies)

Top 100 Rank: 89

O’Hoppe was the Phillies’ top positional prospect, but he was blocked in the big leagues by J.T. Realmuto. He’s a gifted hitter and a rarity among Philadelphia prospects for his ability to hit better away from the offensive paradise that is Double-A Reading. He works well with pitchers and often throws from his knees to mitigate the difficulties caused by being a larger-framed backstop.

  1. Spencer Steer, 3B/2B (Reds from Twins)

Top 100 Rank: 97

Steer has proven himself at the upper levels of the minors in each of the last two seasons, showing a blend of hittability and power that should give him a shot at a long big league career. He might not stick at shortstop, but he can move around the infield with ease.

Team Top 10 Prospects

These are prospects who are on the cusp of the Top 100 at the top of these rankings and are players who should slot on a team Top 10 list.

  1. Hayden Wesneski, RHP (Cubs from Yankees)
  2. Ken Waldichuk, LHP (Athletics from Yankees)
  3. Jarlin Susana, RHP (Nationals from Padres)
  4. Ben Brown, RHP (Cubs from Phillies)
  5. Chayce McDermott, RHP (Orioles from Astros)
  6. Jordan Groshans, SS/3B (Marlins from Blue Jays)
  7. Antoine Kelly, LHP (Rangers from Brewers)
  8. Seth Johnson, RHP (Orioles from Rays)
  9. Esteury Ruiz, OF (Brewers from Padres)
  10. Robert Gasser, LHP (Brewers from Padres)
  11. Luis Medina, RHP (Athletics from Yankees)
  12. Levi Stoudt, RHP (Reds from Mariners)
  13. Steven Hajjar, LHP (Reds from Twins)
  14. Enmanuel Valdez, 2B/OF (Red Sox from Astros)
  15. Christian Encarnacion-Strand, 3B (Reds from Twins)
  16. Tucker Davidson, LHP (Angels from Braves)

Prospects With A Path

The prospects in this group generally rank in the 11-30 range on a team Top 30. They have tools to provide clear MLB value, but they also have plenty of risk as well, whether it’s because they have a lack of track record, a limiting drawback to their game or other issues to overcome.

  1. Andrew Hoffman, RHP (Royals from Braves)
  2. Clayton Beeter, RHP (Yankees from Dodgers)
  3. Victor Acosta, SS (Reds from Padres)
  4. Beck Way, RHP (Royals from Yankees)
  5. Nick Frasso, RHP (Dodgers from Blue Jays)
  6. Cade Povich, LHP (Orioles from Twins)
  7. Drew Waters, OF (Royals from Braves)
  8. Colin Holderman, RHP (Pirates from Mets)
  9. Maximo Castillo, RHP (Royals from Blue Jays)
  10. Malcom Nunez, 1B (Pirates from Cardinals)
  11. Jay Groome, LHP (Padres from Red Sox)
  12. Jadiel Sanchez, OF (Angels from Phillies)
  13. Alex De Jesus, 3B (Blue Jays from Dodgers)
  14. J.P. Sears, LHP (Athletics from Yankees)
  15. Mickey Moniak, OF (Angels from Phillies)
  16. Wilyer Abreu, OF (Red Sox from Astros)
  17. Andrew Moore, RHP (Reds from Mariners)
  18. T.J. Sikkema, LHP (Royals from Yankees)
  19. Carson Seymour, RHP (Giants from Mets)
  20. Nick Zwack, LHP (Giants from Mets)
  21. Samad Taylor, 2B/OF (Royals from Blue Jays)
  22. Max Ferguson, SS/2B (Red Sox from Padres)
  23. Jayden Murray, RHP (Astros from Rays)
  24. Chandler Champlain, RHP (Royals from Yankees)
  25. Mark Mathias, 2B/3B (Rangers from Brewers)
  26. Michael Stryffeler, RHP (Giants from Mariners )

Worth A Flyer

These are prospects who are either many years away from the majors, and as such, are high-risk, high-reward, relievers/utilitymen who project as role players more than regulars or at the bottom areas of this list, players who need to improve in multiple areas to project as major leaguers.

  1. Ian Hamilton, RHP (Guardians from Twins)
  2. Thomas Szapucki, LHP (Giants from Mets)
  3. Jose Acuña, RHP (Reds from Mets)
  4. Cooper Bowman, 2B (Athletics from Yankees)
  5. Hector Rodriguez, 2B/OF (Reds from Mets)
  6. C.J. Alexander, 3B (Royals from Braves)
  7. Corey Rosier, OF (Red Sox from Padres)
  8. Moises Brito, LHP (Dodgers from Blue Jays)
  9. Raynel Espinal, RHP (Cubs from Giants)
  10. Juan Nunez, RHP (Orioles from Twins)
  11. Yennier Cano, RHP (Orioles from Twins)
  12. Ford Proctor, C/INF (Giants from Rays)
  13. Austin Allen, C (Cardinals from Athletics)
  14. Juan Rojas, LHP (Orioles from Twins)
  15. Sawyer Gipson-Long, RHP (Tigers from Twins)
  16. Christian Cerda, C (D-Backs from Rays)
  17. Jeremy Walker, RHP (Rays from Giants)
  18. Saul Gonzalez, RHP (Cubs from Mets)
  19. Andy Thomas, C (Giants from Mariners)
  20. German Tapia, OF (Dodgers from Rays)
  21. Trey Harris, OF (Nationals from Braves)
  22. Carlos Guarate, RHP (Athletics from Cardinals)
  23. Kris Anglin, LHP (Tigers from Braves)

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