Ranking College Baseball’s Top 50 Names In 2022

Image credit: Dub Gleed (By Matt Brown/UC Irvine Athletics)

The four-time winner of the award for the top name in college baseball, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi’s Itchy Burts, graduated at the end of last season, leaving a void at the top of this list. 

Also departed is the No. 2 name from each of the last three iterations of this list, Presbyterian’s Zacchaeus Rasberry, so suffice it to say that there has been quite a shakeup among the best names in the sport. 

The top returner from last season’s list is Arkansas righthander Zebulon Vermillion, who was No. 3 in each of the last three years. He moved up in this year’s list, but not all the way to the top spot. That distinction belongs to freshman UC Irvine infielder Dub Gleed. 

Note that this list is not any sort of ranking of talent or productivity or value to a team. It’s strictly a list of the best names. Also, to qualify, a name does not have to be a player’s given name. It just needs to be the name listed on the team’s official roster. 


  1. Dub Gleed, UC Irvine
  2. Zebulon Vermillion, Arkansas
  3. Boon Fay, Nevada
  4. Rojo Prarie, William & Mary
  5. Shugy Klein, George Washington
  6. LuJames Groover III, North Carolina State
  7. Sebastian Mexico, Fordham
  8. Dakota Duffalo, Utah
  9. Hambleton Oliver, Baylor
  10. Vinny Bologna, Fresno State
  11. Roman Phansalkar, Oklahoma State
  12. Revy Higgins III, Mississippi State
  13. Dominick Madonna, North Florida
  14. Couper Cornblum, Wichita State
  15. Scotty Scott, Hawaii
  16. Trevor Beer, UC Santa Barbara
  17. Tiger Borom, Lipscomb
  18. Zander Darby, UC Santa Barbara
  19. Socrates Bardatsos, Rider
  20. Aristotle Peter, Western Kentucky
  21. Maui Ahuna, Kansas
  22. Fenwick Trimble, James Madison
  23. Duke Brotherton, Washington State
  24. Shaddon Peavyhouse, North Carolina
  25. Monray Van Der Walt, Lamar
  26. Tonzie Cannon II, Prairie View A&M
  27. Coltrane Rubner, Eastern Michigan
  28. Max Hitman, St. Joseph’s
  29. Seth Sweet-Chick, Kansas
  30. Zeus Ponder, UNC-Asheville
  31. Paddy McKermitt, Northern Illinois
  32. Canyon McWilliams, Arkansas-Little Rock
  33. Towns King, Samford
  34. River Ridings, Texas Christian
  35. Bash Randle, Abilene Christian
  36. Peter O’Toole, Dartmouth
  37. August Haymaker, Lipscomb
  38. Saxon Marr, New Mexico State
  39. Cassius Shy, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  40. Padraig O’Shaughnessy, Youngstown State
  41. Kavares Tears, Tennessee
  42. Bay Witcher, Troy
  43. Tyler Rando, Gonzaga
  44. Jack Rando, Belmont
  45. Tucker Bougie, California
  46. Jabronski Williams, Alabama State
  47. Thaxton Berch, Louisiana Tech
  48. Orion Kerkering, South Florida
  49. Jett Jackson, Purdue
  50. Sky Duff, Pittsburgh

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