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Prospect Report: Kumar Rocker Throws Two Scoreless Innings

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Despite command and control that still aren't likely up to the standards he'd prefer, Rangers righthander Kumar Rocker made progress in his second start of the Arizona Fall League.

Rocker, who was chosen with the third overall pick in this year's draft, threw one inning in his AFL debut Oct. 4. He doubled that total on Monday in Surprise's win over Scottsdale. Both outings were scoreless.

As was the case last week, Rocker's fastball sat in the 94-96 mph range and touched 97. He complemented the fastball with a low-90s changeup and his signature slider in the 83-84 mph range.

Rocker walked two and struck out two in this outing, with both of his strikeouts coming on whiffs at the slider. Those were the only whiffs he induced in his 32 pitches, 18 of which were strikes.

Rocker was also aided by catcher Cody Freeman, who caught a runner trying to steal in the second inning.

The two outings were not only Rocker's first of the Fall League, they were the first two of his Rangers career in any setting.

Afterward, Rocker was pleased with the progress he'd made from start to start.

"I was just in the zone more," he said. "The changeup was good, the slider was good. The fastball, I'm just still getting the timing for that just to get everything synched up."

Rocker likely has another four starts left in the AFL—one a week until the season finale. That means he has four more chances to get innings under his belt, four more chances to test himself against some of the best competition he's ever faced, and four more chances to learn about who he is as a pitcher.

So, when the AFL comes to a close, what does he hope to have accomplished?

"I've got no expectations for (the AFL)," he said. "I just want to have a good time and keep winning ballgames with this team."

Jasson Dominguez, OF, Yankees: In an excellent day overall for Yankees prospects, Dominguez had his best offensive game of the AFL. The 19-year-old went 2-for-3 with a pair of doubles and two walks during Mesa's loss to Peoria. His first hit was an opposite-field liner off of a 96 mph fastball from Peoria starter Bryan Woo. Later, he sent a scorching line drive to the wall in center field that ended up a double, his first extra-base hit of the Fall League.

Jeferson Quero, C, Brewers: Though it won't count in his minor league stats, Quero on Monday came through with the first four-hit game of his career. The 20-year-old catcher doubled twice, scored twice and drove in two runs in Glendale's win over Salt River. Moreover, Quero threw out both attempted basestealers. He has now caught 6 of 10 runners trying to steal against him, good for a 60% clip.

Austin Martin, SS, Twins: The centerpiece of the deal that sent Jose Berrios to the Blue Jays, Martin has had an inconsistent professional career. He's long shown a strong knowledge of the strike zone but has displayed little in the way of power. He's been on fire of late in the AFL. He went 3-for-4 with a double and a stolen base on Monday, his second straight game with three hits. He's riding a four-game hitting streak and has reached base in all five of his Fall League contests.

ARIWINJordan Lawlar, SS40200.278BB (5),
ARIWINDeyvison De Los Santos, 3B40100.167E (1),
ATLWINCal Conley, SS20000.2502 BB (2),
BALWINHeston Kjerstad, OF40100.333
BALWINCesar Prieto, SS40000.111CS (1),
BOSWINNiko Kavadas, 1B41300.4442B (1),
BOSWINWilyer Abreu, RF40110.1332B (1),
BOSWINNick Yorke, IF40000.304
CHCWINBrennen Davis, CF10000.278
CINWINNoelvi Marte, SS50100.174
CINWINMatt McLain, SS30000.1762 BB (8),
CINWINRece Hinds, SS50000.238
CLEWINDavid Fry, C40000.200
CLEWINAngel Martinez, IF40130.211
CLEWINConnor Kokx, OF40000.313
COLWINWarming Bernabel, SS30010.125
COLWINGrant Lavigne, 1B30110.438BB (1), CS (1),
COLWINZac Veen, OF21100.5002 BB (6),
CWSWINMoises Castillo, SS52330.5002 2B (3), 2 SB (2), E (1),
DETWINParker Meadows, CF20000.158
DETWINDillon Dingler, C10000.333
HOUWINZach Daniels, LF30100.1432B (1), BB (1), E (1),
HOUWINScott Schreiber, LF40230.278
HOUWINWill Wagner, 2B42320.4213 2B (3), BB (3),
LAAWINBryce Teodosio, OF30000.200
LADWINAndy Pages, OF52200.2002B (1),
MIAWINVictor Mesa, CF40120.2002B (1), BB (3),
MIAWINJoe Mack, C51120.231HR (1),
MILWINJeferson Quero, C52420.3332 2B (2),
MILWINTyler Black, 2B42200.263BB (5), SB (2),
MINWINAustin Martin, SS40300.4442B (1), SB (4),
MINWINAlex Isola, C50110.133
NYMWINKevin Kendall, SS43100.4002 SB (3),
NYYWINJasson Dominguez, CF32200.2862B (1), 2 BB (6), SB (3), E (1),
NYYWINT.J. Rumfield, 3B31320.5003 2B (3), BB (4),
NYYWINTyler Hardman, 1B41000.400BB (3),
OAKWINZack Gelof, SS51200.263E (2),
OAKWINDenzel Clarke, OF41100.100SB (2),
OAKWINLawrence Butler, 1B10010.4172 BB (4), SB (1),
PHIWINJohan Rojas, CF41110.421SB (3),
PITWINHenry Davis, C20100.3002B (3), 2 BB (5),
PITWINJacob Gonzalez, 3B10000.000
SDWINTirso Ornelas, LF41100.267BB (2),
SDWINJackson Merrill, SS42100.375BB (5),
SEAWINRobert Perez, 1B31120.1672B (1), 2 BB (3),
SFWINLuis Matos, OF30000.280BB (2),
SFWINAndy Thomas, C30000.100
STLWINPedro Pages, C30100.300
STLWINMasyn Winn, SS30200.286BB (4), CS (1),
STLWINMike Antico, LF10000.000
STLWINJordan Walker, 3B42210.250HR (2),
TBWINRonny Simon, 2B61110.292HR (2), E (1),
TEXWINTrevor Hauver, 2B41000.167BB (5),
TEXWINLuisangel Acuna, SS50000.273
TEXWINCody Freeman, C32200.4442B (1), BB (3),
TORWINSamad Taylor, 2B31000.167BB (1), SB (2),
WASWINDrew Millas, C41340.4622B (2), HR (2), CS (1),

Texas Rangers 2022 MLB Draft Report Card

Revisiting the Rangers 2022 MLB draft class after the conclusion of the minor league season.

WINKumar Rocker, RHP2.0100220.00W (1-0)
ARIWINJackson Goddard, RHP1.13221216.62
BALWINNick Richmond, RHP0.2122117.36
BALWINNolan Hoffman, RHP2.0322027.36
BOSWINThad Ward, RHP3.0422524.70L (1-1)
CHCWINBailey Horn, LHP2.0000020.00
CHCWINSheldon Reed, RHP1.2222026.00
CHCWINRiley Martin, LHP2.0331016.23
CLEWINLenny Torres, RHP0.23442015.43
COLWINBlair Calvo, RHP1.12000116.20
CWSWINDeclan Cronin, RHP1.0100019.00
CWSWINLane Ramsey, RHP1.02221115.43
HOUWINJonathan Sprinkle, RHP2.02111313.50
KCWINJonah Dipoto, RHP1.0000004.50
LAAWINJack Kochanowicz, RHP2.0211022.08
LADWINBen Harris, LHP1.20001115.00W (1-1)
LADWINEmmet Sheehan, RHP3.0200140.00
MIAWINHolt Jones, RHP0.13443018.00L (0-1)
MILWINAbner Uribe, RHP1.0200010.00
MINWINRyan Shreve, RHP1.1311314.15
NYMWINFranklin Sanchez, RHP1.0111024.50
PHIWINBrett Schulze, RHP1.0000020.00
PHIWINTaylor Lehman, LHP1.0000020.00
PITWINColin Selby, RHP1.0100006.00
SDWINAlek Jacob, RHP2.0100210.00
SEAWINJorge Benitez, LHP2.1100124.15
SEAWINBryan Woo, RHP1.0200010.00W (1-0)
STLWINConnor Thomas, LHP5.0600151.04
STLWINKyle Leahy, RHP0.22331018.69
TBWINSandy Gaston, RHP1.01213016.20
TBWINEvan Reifert, RHP2.0000030.00
WASWINAmos Willingham, RHP1.0222126.75
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