Prospect Hot Sheet Chat (Sept. 2)

Josh Norris: It’s the final Hot Sheet of the year, league Top 20s are in the offing (I have Northwest League and Eastern League) and the Arizona Fall League is just weeks away. Let’s chat.

Jerry (San Diego): With the minor league season finally winding down, who are the 5 best starting pitchers still in the minors?
Josh Norris: Michael Kopech comes to mind, as does Jose De Leon, Brent Honeywell, Francis Martes, Josh Hader and Anderson Espinoza. I know that’s six, but I’m a renegade. Looking forward very much, to seeing Kopech and Honeywell and Martes in the Fall League.

Max (IL): What is the long term outlook for Holder in the Yankee bullpen? Setup man?
Josh Norris: Setup man who, for now, can give you length as well. He’s gone two or more innings multiple times this year and has four pitches out of the pen. Should be very interesting to see how he fares in New York.

J.P. (Springfield, IL): Thanks for the chat, Josh. Do you expect to see De Leon get the call after the PCL playoffs have concluded?
Josh Norris: That would make sense, but I could also see him being part of the Dodgers’ yet unnamed AFL contingent.

Josh Norris: Phone call, folks, I’ll be back shortly.

Mike (Ixonia, WI): Josh Hader skyrocketed through the Prospect Rankings from #11 on the Brewers last year to #1 at midseason and #22 in all of baseball. Was that just a product of 11 dominant starts at AA and now that he's struggled at AAA will his ranking / projection go back down a little or is there still a projectable skillset that justifies a Top 25 prospect ranking?
Josh Norris: The skill set we liked is still there, but Colorado Springs can make anyone look bad. The PCL as a whole is a hitters haven, but Colo Springs is particularly slanted in their favor.

Johnny (Philadelphia): Ranger Suarez, Adonis Medina and Bailey Falter are having nice years in Williamsport. How much can you read into that? Where do you expect them to rank after the season in the Phils' system.
Josh Norris: Adonis Medina was already in the Phillies’ Top 10, and Suarez and Falter should figure into their 30 somewhere. Falter was close last year as it is.

Mike (Prison): Wait, what? I thought you worked at Rotoworld now covering football...
Josh Norris: Oddly enough, there are indeed two of us. I don’t know if he gets baseball questions, but I get a couple of draft questions every April. One gentleman was *very* angry at “my” assessment of Teddy Bridgewater.

David (Albany): The Yankees have a lot of low-level international arms that have seemed to have flash at times including Simon De La Rosa, Freicer Perez, Rony Garcia and, at least last year, Alexander Vargas (who hasn't pitched this year?). Any of these arms--or others not listed--that should excite Yankee fans?
Josh Norris: I am a big fan of Rony Garcia’s after seeing him in his stateside debut. He’s got size and three pitches already, including a fastball with big time natural cut that touched 96 when I saw him. Freicer Perez has also been making some noise in the New York-Penn League as well. The system is loaded with intriguing talent from top to bottom.

BJ (Boston): Hey, is it true the BA headquarters are in Boston? Where are you guys located? Do you take visitors?
Josh Norris: No, we are located in Durham, NC.

Keith (Syracuse): There have been a lot of mixed reports on 3B Miguel Andujar. What do the Yankees have with him?
Josh Norris: With Miguel Andujar, the Yankees have a raw talent who could be very, very good some day. He needs to continue to polish his strike zone discipline and work toward improving his defense at third base. But the ingredients are there to be a profile third baseman in time.

Juan peguero (Dom rep): What international player from july 2nd you see en top 100????
Josh Norris: Probably a guy like Kevin Maitan, if anyone.

Julio (Whittier, cA): There's been a mix report on Jose de Leon's velocity. Is it always either up or down?
Josh Norris: Overall, his velo has averaged a mph or two less than last year but more than anything it’s been less consistent. Recently, he started out 89-92 but by the middle part of the game he was 93-94. No matter the readings, he’s been very effective.

Dave (Pueblo): What are your thoughts on KC's Hunter Dozier? Over 60 XBHs and almost ,900 OPS in 2016 while regaining status as Royals prospect. Who has better long term value - Cuthbert or Dozier?
J.J. Cooper: Hey everyone, JJ pinch hitting for a few minutes while Josh takes a phone call. Dozier has managed to put last year’s train wreck of a season far behind him and has gone back to the form that made him once a near-Top 100 Prospect. That said, I’d still say Cuthbert has better long-term value. Cuthbert has already had big league success and is a year younger than Dozier (and unlike Dozier was a Top 100 Prospect in the past). There is something to be said for already having hit in the majors. Kansas City will go into next year comfortable that Cuthbert is a big-league caliber third baseman. As good as Dozier has been, he still has something left to prove. Dozier does have more power than Cuthbert, but Cuthbert has a little bit better hit tool.

MattM (VA): Why no Weigel on the Hot Sheet? Dude spun 8.1IP, 2H, 2BB, 0R, 4K in his third ever AA start last night for MS Braves.
J.J. Cooper: He had another start in the past week that counts that was good (7, 5, 3, 3, 2, 6) but not great. Weigel is a very impressive prospect, read a ton more about him here.

nb (philly): Thanks for the chat...Aquino has made the Hot Sheet a few times lately. Is this more a function of being a little old for the FSL or the tools finally kicking in? Is he a legit prospect again?
J.J. Cooper: The tools are kicking in. He still was a Top 20 prospect in the Reds system before the year and he climbed back into the Top 10 in the Reds system in our midseason update before this second-half hot streak kicked in. But he’s starting to take those always impressive tools and converting them into skills more and more often. Legit RF prospect.

Eduardo (East Coast): Even though Soroka has been on countless hotsheets, do you foresee him being one of those prospects that still creeps up on people when he hits the majors due to lack of stuff? Is he more Kyle Hendricks or Clayton Blackburn? Thanks!
J.J. Cooper: He throws a lot harder than those guys. Hendricks sits at 87. Soroka throws significantly harder than that. Harder than Blackburn too. Soroka is more 90-91 and will touch higher than that. That’s a fringe-average fastball at best but he’s also young enough to add a little more velo to that as well.

Bill B (Glen allen, VA): Does feede take gonzalez's rotation spot by july of next season?
J.J. Cooper: The Nats have Reynaldo Lopez, Gio Gonzalez and Fedde as close to big league-ready starters. So there are a lot of options. As good as Fedde is right now, there’s not a lot of a rush to move him quickly next year unless injuries pop up.

Scott (Saint Louis): Being a first baseman, how high can you really rank Cody Bellinger? Does he stay in the minors till Adrian Gonzalez contract is up? I think he comes back to AA next year and crushes it. like Seager did at the same age.
J.J. Cooper: He’s a premium first base prospect, one who is a solid defensive outfielder, but so good at first base that you prefer to play him there than in the outfield. As you note, he’s blocked for now, but he’s as good a first base prospect as there is right now.

Tom (Philly): Any chance Pitt would trade McCutchen this offseason and hand centerfield over to Meadows?
J.J. Cooper: Yes. It would be selling low on McCutchen as he’s had a bafflingly inconsistent season but the Pirates have to have some discussion about this considering that McCutchen has only two years left on his deal. I’d still think it’s more likely that McCutchen is in Pittsburgh in 2017, but all options have to be on the table.

Mike (work): Rhys Hoskins has been putting up great numbers in AA - what type of numbers can we expect in the majors? Is .260/.340/.500 a possibility?
Josh Norris: Eastern League managers and scouts are very skeptical of Hoskins’ numbers because of the park he park he plays in. There’s power there, but the evaluators don’t think it’s quite to the level he’s producing in Reading. Triple-A will be a big proving ground for him in 2017.

Justin (Memphis): Cendelario is just 22 years old and is a switch hitting 3rd baseman with an adequate glove and a doubles machine, outside of gallo and devers is there a better 3b prospect in the game? what do you expect the cubs to do with him?
Josh Norris: Now that Moncada is moving to third base, I’d say he’s better than all three of those guys you named, and Hunter Dozier has rebuilt his prospect status this year as well.

TFT (Boston): What are M Dubon's ceiling and likely prospects as a major leaguer?
Josh Norris: He’s probably not going to be a major leaguer in Boston. Bogaerts, Moncada and Pedroia have thrown a steel curtain in his path to be sure. He’s a sneaky good player with skills enough to be a second division regular-type. Good aptitude, makes solid contact, probably will stick in the dirt as well

Josh Norris: I have another Northwest League call to make, so I’m going to hand the reins to Kyle Glaser to close out the last Hot Sheet chat of the year.

Philip (San Diego (not big bear)): Does Luis Urias project as a regular for you now? Power showing signs of improvement
Kyle Glaser: Hey everyone, I’m pinch-hitting for Josh Norris now, and I’ll start with this one since I’m the biggest Luis Urias booster in the office. The answer is a definitive yes, Urias profiles above-average regular at that who has a chance to contend for batting titles down the road. Power and speed may not ever be his game, but his ability to hit is so advanced it won’t stop him from being a productive regular. Think along the lines of a Placido Polanco, who played 15 years and finished with a .297 career average – hitting in the .320-.330 range and contending for batting titles in his prime – despite single-digit HRs and steals. That’s the general mold of what Urias can be. Keep in mind, Urias is also a superb defender who may not be flashy, but makes every play he should and more

Ryan (Gotham): Where is the love for Stephen Gonsalves among evaluators? He's been better in AA than A+, and even with a high walk rate, he seems to be dominating the level. Top 100 next year?
Kyle Glaser: Gonsalves took a huge leap this year, along the lines of when a HS pitcher should take such a leap. He’ll figure prominently in our postseason awards and will firmly be in the discussion for Top 100 next year

Ryan (Abingdon, MD): There have been some pretty loud pitching performances of late. Is this common for this time of year? Rosters change, with some players getting promoted to the big leagues, and others are tired at the end of a long season. I had never thought of this before, but now I'm curious.
Kyle Glaser: A lot of position players are approaching 400-500 PAs, the first time a lot of them have ever had that many in a season. College, HS, indy ball, short season – a full year is a huge step up for position players in terms of endurance and fatigue. It was something I took for granted as I began covering both the majors and minors. A lot of pitchers have been more carefully monitored – hitter’s AB workloads are almost never limited, while most pitchers IPs are – so it’s not a surprise a lot of pitchers are going stronger at the end of the year than a lot of hitters

Mike (San Diego): With Giron's rebound, Tatis and Potts' performance in the AZL/NWL, their J2 signings, Guerra's collapse and Rondon's continued demonstration that he won't be a quality big-leaguer, how would you stack up the Padres' shortstops at this point?
Kyle Glaser: Rondon, Almanzar, Guerra, Giron, Arias, Tatis. Potts is a 3B down the road so not in consideration here. Rondon is 22 and the most reliable defender of the group. The bat is purely singles hitting, but 8 games in the big leagues straight from double-A is not a “continued demonstration”. Rondon has the highest floor of all the SS’s in the Padres system because of his defense/contact ability, and frankly is the only guy who’s shown some consistent measure of progress each level he’s climbed. Almanzar has the highest ceiling, but is so far away you can’t rank him ahead of Rondon right now. Guerra just doesn’t have the bat control or pitch recognition to be an everyday regular, and he botches so many routine grounders his tools are moot. Giron is a sloppy defender and liability at SS, and Tatis likely ends up at 3B as well although he has more of a chance to stick than Potts.

Doug (Castle Pines): Who is a better cf prospect. Lewis Brinson or Kyle Lewis and what are their potential ceilings?
Kyle Glaser: Kyle Lewis. He is faster and a more polished hitter. Absolute ceiling on Brinson is Adam Jones but he probably doesn’t get there because of plate discipline shortcomings. Absolute ceiling on Lewis is Torii Hunter and he’s got a real shot

Dave (Boston): Brandon Drury didn't get consistent playing time this season? What are your thoughts on him moving forward?
Kyle Glaser: He’s an everyday big leaguer but the Diamondbacks have to do a better job of finding a spot for him and letting them stay there. He can be an everyday 2B or 3B for somebody. OF is not his spot

Ryan (Indy): If all of Atlanta's young arms reach their potential, what is their rotation in 3-4 years, in your opinion?
Kyle Glaser: Had this question in the car with Hudson Belinksy the other day. I go Julio Teheran, Sean Newcomb, Matt Wisler, Koby Allard, Mike Soroka. Allard and Soroka are the two best of the lower-level arms. Wisler is coming around and Newcomb still has as good of swing and miss stuff as any lefty in the minors. And Teheran is signed thru 2020, a full four years from now. He’s not going anywhere if the Braves start to compete in 17/18 as planned.

Jim (Berlin, NJ): Disappointing finish for J.P. Crawford and rumblings that attitude not a plus. Any reason for concern here?
Kyle Glaser: The thing with Crawford is he was never going to be a power guy. But, excellent glove who can get on base has a lot of value. His offensive abilities got overblown after what he did in 2014, but even with his issues this year he still go on base at a .350 clip as a 21-year old at AA/AAA. My take for a while has been he’ll be a defense-first big leaguer hitting No. 7 or 8 and getting on base in an NL lineup, which is plenty fine.

Dave (Boston): What do the Dodgers do with Willie Calhoun? Does he get a chance at second, or does he end up like Austin Barnes...stuck in the minors forever?
Kyle Glaser: They put him in the outfield. That’s really the only thing they can do. That bat is too valuable to leave in the minors.

John (Oregon): Nick Williams is likely #1 on the BA Cold Sheet with one walk since the all star break. How far has his stock fallen for you and would you even consider him a top 100 prospect anymore?
Kyle Glaser: To me he drops out of the top 100, every bit as much for how much he got benched as his performance. It hasn’t been pretty. Power without patience/contact, repeated makeup infractions and negligible game speed on the basepaths (6 SB, 4 CS) does not make for a top 100 guy.

Scott (Denver): Willie Adames, top 20 prospect?
Kyle Glaser: Yes. He was No. 23 in our midseason update and will climb with graduations

David (San Diego): Given Giron's turn-around and Guerra's... not, what would you do with them next spring if you were Sam Geaney? You can't promote Guerra to make room for Ruddy at Elsinore next April can you?
Kyle Glaser: You play Giron at 2b and Guerra at SS at Elsinore next year. Guerra has to repeat the level, while a good amount of folks think Giron ends up at 2b long-term anyway.

Rob (Redondo Beach (CA)): The Tulsa Three (Verdugo, Bellinger, Calhoun) gets a lot of coverage but what do you think of the chances for a couple of their teammates who have had great seasons in Kyle Garlick and Edwin Rios?
Kyle Glaser: Garlick is interesting. Guy who consistently gets overlooked because of his age and late draft round status out of a DII, but squares everything up and pounds everything thrown at him. I really do think Garlick has a chance to end up as a power bat off the bench in the majors or in a platoon given how much he destroys lefties (.312/.358/.550 this year). Rios on the other hand is a riskier bet. Way, way too much swing and miss in his game and outside of an insane six-week stretch in the Cal League doesn’t have much of a track record. Scout I recently spoke too deemed him a 4A, up and down type guy as an absolute ceiling.

Matt (San Diego): Luis Urias- top 150 prospect?
Kyle Glaser: I would rank him Top 75, maybe even top 50, but I’m the highest one on him on our staff and have some convincing to do of my colleagues. Still, can’t imagine any of them not having him in their top 150

Randy Arias (New York): No way Meadows is a better defender than Marte right?
Kyle Glaser: Well they’re different. Meadows is a CF, Marte is an LF. Marte has the better arm, you could argue Meadows has a bit more range, but he should as a CF. If what you’re getting at is somehow Meadows would upgrade the Pirates over Marte, the answer is no. Marte is one of baseball’s best all-around LFs. Meadows is struggling to hit in AAA. It’s not close right now

Ben (Miamisburg, OH): About where do you think Vlad Gutierrez will rank in the Reds top 30 once the end of season rankings are done?
Kyle Glaser: Taking graduations and draft picks into account, probably somewhere in the 8-10 range. Keep in mind, that can change based on what happens as far as trades go this winter

Charlie (Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio): Domingo Leyba, how does he fit in Arizona's future plans after trading Swanson and Diaz.
Kyle Glaser: He’s their starting 2B of the future .

Joe (Milwaukee, WI): Which prospect having a poor year do you still believe it the most, Monte Harrison, Gilbert Lara, or Jacob Nottingham?
Kyle Glaser: Jacob Nottingham for me. He was a 21-year old catcher playing in Double-A in his first year in a new system with new instructors and coaches, so offensive struggles shouldn’t have been totally unexpected. The power is real, as is the makeup and athleticism. I expect him to have a much better showing next year as he repeats the level while still being two years younger than league average

John (Madison): Lewis Brinson has has a great month since being dealt. What do you make of his performance at Colorado Springs(altitude) so far?
Kyle Glaser: I’m hesitant. The two best showings of his career came at High Desert and Colorado Springs. It’s better than him going in there and struggling, but I wouldn’t suggest it’s a “He’s Baaack” situation. This winter/next spring will be big for him to show the Brewers what he really is

Al (Greenville): Ozzie Albies sure has been impressive in AA at 19 years old. What do you have his ceiling as?
Kyle Glaser: A very, very good everyday second baseman.

Ben (Miamisburg, OH): In what order would you rank these Reds pitching prospects: Robert Stephenson, Amir Garrett, Cody Reed, Sal Romano, Vlad Gutierrez, Tyler Mahle, Rookie Davis?
Kyle Glaser: Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Davis, Romano, Mahle, Gutierrez

bkobs (Texas): How would you compare the likes of Mitch Haniger (ARI), Austin Slater (SF), Jason Martin (HOU) and Rowdy Tellez (TOR). Are any of these guys worth grabbing in a 14 team dynasty league with 15 minors per team? Who has the most potential of any of these guys?
Kyle Glaser: Haniger if you need the boost this year and next, Tellez if you can get wait a little longer. Jason Martin is too high risk and long ways away, Austin Slater may end up a fourth/fifth OF. Tellez has the highest ceiling.

Casey (Houston): Any chance Jason Martin could be a top 100 prospect?
Kyle Glaser: No. Not even close. He’s got some things going for him and is getting better, but no one even in Houston’s own front office considers him that level

Brian (Ohio): How good are Tristen McKenzie's secondary pitches? Is current fastball velocity the only thing keeping him from becoming one of the top pitching prospects in baseball?
Kyle Glaser: Velo isn’t everything. He’s got a chance to have three plus pitches with advanced pitchability. Curve and change are both above-average and can land for strikes. He’s got room to add strength and improve his FB velocity. With natural development over time and further performance at higher levels, he’ll get there

Dave (Boston): How would you rank the following shortstops in terms of offensive potential: Crawford, Torres, Mateo, Adames, Rosario?
Kyle Glaser: For me – Rosario, Adames, Torres, Mateo, Crawford

Philip (San Diego): Jose Rondon not only was poor in his extremely small sample in big leagues he was a below average hitter in AA. When you aren't lindor/Crawford on defense, have a 50 hit tool, take no walks, have 30 speed, and 20 power you aren't a big league talent
Kyle Glaser: No one said he’s a big league talent long-term, but while the Padres have a lot of bodies the actual caliber of their SS’s right now isn’t great. Guerra/Giron have significant issues – Guerra offensively and Giron defensively – Almanzar and Arias are teenagers who have never had a pro AB, and Tatis and Potts likely end up at 3B long term. None of them – or Rondon – rank among the top 12 in the Padres system right now.

Jimmy (Philly): Fantasy League keeper question - Reynaldo Lopez or Josh Hader?
Kyle Glaser: Reynaldo Lopez. Better stuff, further along

Mike (Lake Central): Can someone at BA give a little love and attention to Franchy Cordero?!? Having his best season at AA, just turned 22. He's got a quadruple-double! (don't poo-poo it!)
Kyle Glaser: Don’t worry, after covering him extensively with Lake Elsinore at my old job I’m on board and he will be in the Padres top 30…and offensive numbers aside, his defense is CF is really, really good

Ozzie Urias (Gwinnelsinore): Albies over Urias?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, especially seeing as Albies has proven it at a higher level

Scott (Saint Louis): Just a comment. I guesstimate Brinson last year had a had a bout a 1.000 ops last year in AA and AAA combined too. I think he is finally healthy with more to come next year.
Kyle Glaser: True, but it was also in 36 games. Regardless, he is undoubtedly a good player and a future big leaguer. Just not sure too much should be read into his insane 20 games in the PCL

Redman (Outside the Great American Ballpark): WILL BA PLEASE ANSWER A QUESTION ABOUT A PROSPECT OUTSIDE THE TOP 10? For years Sal Romano has been polarizing as opinions vary on whether he should even be ranked. Now he's pitching well for a sustained time. Does he come up in Sep.?
Kyle Glaser: Romano was in our Reds top 10 preseason, ranked No. 9, for what it’s worth. Hard to say he gets a Sept. callup given most of those guys tend to be pitchers with at least some Triple-A time, but he’s a good pitcher who should remain one of the Reds top 10 prospects

Rob (sea): Moncada for $60mm or the Padres' 2016 J2 contingent for roughly the same amount... which do you pick?
Kyle Glaser: Moncada. He’s a rare talent who has a chance to be a franchise player for a long, long time

Max Fried (Not in Atlanta, apparently): Was the omission of Fried intentional (which I'd understand) or no?
Kyle Glaser: Yes. Don’t trust he’ll stay healthy

Ryan (Indy): Do you see Touki Toussaint sticking in the rotation, or destined for the bullpen?
Kyle Glaser: Bullpen unless his control takes a significant leap forward, which is possible. But for now, based on what he’s done, bullpen

J.P. (Springfield, IL): So, Raimel Tapia has gotten the call. What can we expect from him, in your opinion? Besides the two-strike crouch, that is.
Kyle Glaser: Lot of contact, lot of speed, will steal some bags but get thrown out a fair bit. He’ll do some exciting things.

Fabio (Ca): Are the Rays kicking themselves about Andrew Toles?
Kyle Glaser: Possibly, although sometimes players like that need a fresh start to truly flourish. It’s hard to say Toles performs like this without the wakeup call he got by being released.

Raul (Florida): Has magneuris sierra regain a top 100 candidate States?
Kyle Glaser: Well you can’t regain something you never had. Sierra was never a top 100 ranked prospect. That said, he had a very good year and the reports have been good, so he’s a name that will probably at least come up in conversation as we fill out the back end

Brian (Denver): Higher ceiling: Triston McKenzie or Franklyn Kilome? Thanks,
Kyle Glaser: McKenzie for me because he’s already got such an advanced arsenal and better command, but Kilome is nothing to sneeze at. Someone could argue Kilome and it’d be legitimate

Bryan (California): Do you have any early standouts from the 2016 Dodger draft class? Mitchell White has been outstanding in the limited innings he has pitched.
Kyle Glaser: White of course, Cody Thomas is a guy there’s a lot to like from as well. Will Smith’s numbers don’t jump off the page, but the fact he’s already in HiA and getting on base at .369 clip three months out of college – while catching mostly but also moving around the infield some – is a solid early return as well

Error corrector (Everywhere): You mean Lucas Giolito, not Gio Gonzalez? What if his name was Gio Giolito??
Kyle Glaser: That would be awesome. Alas, it’s not

David (El Paso): With Franchy Cordero coming into town this weekend, is there a better in-tact outfield in the minors than Renfroe, Margot, Cordero?
Kyle Glaser: I’m noticing 95 percent of the questions on this chat are Padres, Braves, or Reds related…guess that’s sort of two be expected with all three looking towards the future. Anyway, yes with Cordero’s promotion to AAA El Paso has one of the best OFs in the minors, and don’t forget the contributions from Nick Torres, who was in our Padres Top 30 last year and likely will be again next year.

Mark (ATL): What can you tell me about Ronald Acuna? Another Mallex Smith type, or more potential?
Kyle Glaser: There is a hope Acuna has a little more power once he develops than Smith does, and Smith was/is a better basestealer. That said, same general idea in terms of ceiling

Luis Ortiz (Not on the all august team): Have you seen my era!? its not easy being traded ya know !
Kyle Glaser: Hey man, we had you as a top 100 prospect before the year and will again the next. Regarding not being on the all-August team, I didn’t write it so I’m not the one who can answer why he wasn’t on there

Eric (Madison): What are the chances of isan Diaz being the top prospect next yr in a suddenly deep Brewers system? How does he compare with Barreto, who seems to have a similar profile?
Kyle Glaser: He’s probably not No. 1 (pending offseason moves, of course) but he’ll be up there. Barreto is a better pure hitter, Diaz has more power. Both very talented and very good infielders who should have bright futures ahead of them

Bill (Toledo): Trevor Clifton appears to be having a breakout season just from scouting the stat line. What do you think of him?
Kyle Glaser: Like him a lot. Three potential plus pitches, handling every jump up in competition, getting visibly stronger every year. Cubs have a good one

Dr. Torch (Columbus, OH): Which infield position does Franklin Barreto settle into when all is said and done?
Kyle Glaser: Interesting. I’m going to stick with SS for now because of how much better he got there this year. If he keeps that trend, he can stick there

Shawn (Wisconsin): Which player is going to be the biggest surprise in the top 100 next year?
Kyle Glaser: Alright we’ll end on this one. Patrick Weigel, Chance Adams, and Luis Urias are the three guys that jump to mind. We’ll see how it all shakes out between now and the winter. That’ll do it folks. Hope you all have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend

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