Prospect Hot Sheet Chat (May 19)

Kyle Glaser: Hey everyone, Happy Friday to you all. Looking forward to chatting. Let’s get started

Allen (PA): Dylan Cozens says hello.
Kyle Glaser: I say hello back. But yes, I saw his 5 home runs this week. I also saw a .233 average, .281 on-base percentage, and 14 strikeouts in 32 plate appearances. That won’t cut the Hot Sheet standard.

Michael (Charlotte): The Brewers SP is pretty bad this year. Any of their minor league pitchers you see making an impact this year/next? (Hader, Woodruff, Ponce)
Kyle Glaser: Josh Hader and Brandon Woodruff will be there at some point this year. Cody Ponce and Corbin Burnes you’re looking at next year. All four have a legit shot to be something in the majors

Bob Loblaw (Tampa, FL): Why no Tom Eshelman or Dylan Cozens on the hot sheet this week? Oh, and how ’bout that Reading stadium causing “inflated numbers” for Cozens and Rhys Hoskins? Are the “minor league gurus” ready to retire the Reading myth yet?
Kyle Glaser: Umm…Reading does inflate numbers. Hugely. The data is indisputable. It has 30 percent more home runs than Coors Field. I encourage you to check out Matt Eddy’s ballpark factors piece

Jaycob (Atlanta): Ronald Acuna most likely a top 25 guy by end of season?
Kyle Glaser: We’re a long way from that. Let’s give him at least a month in Double-A before making any such judgements. (And yes, I’d say the same thing if his numbers were bad)

FreakinTS (in your mind): How was Tatis Jr only #13 when his stats were clearly better than several above him? Also how far has his stock risen this year.
Kyle Glaser: I wouldn’t worry about the order too much. He was still one of the top 20 performers in all of minor league baseball. That’s what matters. And the answer to your question is, it’s inconclusive. Remember he was hitting .230 with a 30 percent strikeout rate until this most recent hot stretch. The concerns about swing length and breaking ball recognition and discipline are still there. But if he can keep up the adjustments he showed since moving into the leadoff spot, he’ll move up

Bryan (California): Higher Upside, Keibert Ruiz or Will Smith?
Kyle Glaser: That’s a tough one. Truthfully probably equal. Both the upside of a solid everyday guy who play good defense and get on base. Smith is much more polished and has a higher likelihood of reaching that upside, though.

Justin Bieber (Everywhere): Marcus Wilson has been hotter than Selena Gomez so far this season. Is the breakout legit, and is he headed for the top 100 list faster than a Chainsmokers collab?
Kyle Glaser: The breakout is promising. Toolsy guys sometimes never put it together, but when they do it’s exciting. He has a lot more to do to get on the Top 100 list than six good weeks in LoA in his fourth professional season. If he gets moved up to Visalia and does this, then we’ll talk.

Matt (Va): Not related to this weeks Hot Sheet. But does former top prospect Byron Buxton ever figure it out offensively?
Kyle Glaser: I do not personally believe so. Swing length, feel for the barrel, pitch recognition…it’s all subpar and frankly it’s never looked good against legit MLB competition (beyond a good September facing a lot of callup minor league arms). A lot of great athletes never figure out hitting, which is more about skill, preparation and instincts than raw athleticism. I think he’s one of those

Richard (Chicago): How high should I be on Brandon Lowe right now?
Kyle Glaser: He’s a really nice sleeper prospect. Has a long track record of hitting (last year after signing aside), great pitch recognition and plate discipline, good bat speed. I wouldn’t go crazy and say he’s an All-Star or anything, but polished lefthanded hitters who play up the middle tend to find themselves in the majors. He’s got a shot

Mike (California): When might the Dodgers increase Buehlers pitch count? Or is this the plan to keep him fresh as a bullpen option this season? Is he a #2 pitcher at peak?
Kyle Glaser: Only the Dodgers know the answer to that, but keep in mind he’s a smaller frame dude coming off major surgery who hasn’t pitched a full season in three years (his 2015 at Vandy was delayed by elbow soreness). He’s going to be taken care of slowly, and that has nothing to do with the Dodgers or their bullpen. The Dodgers bullpen has the best ERA in the NL right now at 2.93 ERA. They’re not lacking. The development plan is purely about Buehler and keeping him healthy. And I believe he has a chance to be a No. 2 yes, but that’s going to be if he can hold up for 180 innings, which he’s never actually done.

Tim Spivey (Escondido, CA): Is Dinelson Lamet ready to be called up for the Padres, and would it be prudent to move him up as others are struggling or hurt?
Kyle Glaser: He’s ready. The Padres are tanking. It was no secret they’d have the worst rotation in baseball this season. Whether or not they call Lamet up has nothing to do with if he’d be better than they guys in front of him (which he already is). It’s about team control years, and letting the losses pile up to get that No. 1 pick in 2018. In those regards, Lamet is better off being left in Triple-A for a while.

Nick (Houston): Is Frances Martes still a top of the rotation arm? He’s struggling to start the season.
Kyle Glaser: I hate to break rank, but I’ve never been as high on Martes as some of my colleagues. He’s very good, but to me he’s more a mid-rotation guy. But I wouldn’t panic. He’s a 21 year old pitching in the PCL for the first time and it’s five starts. His control has obviously been terrible, but lets see how it improves and where he is at start 10 or 12 before we go too crazy

Ryan (Texas): Is Albies going to be the opening day 2nd for Atlanta next season? Can he be a top 5 second baseman at peak?
Kyle Glaser: It’s interesting you mention Albies, and I’m going to say something here that I might regret…but having gotten my first extended look at him, I’m not on board. He’ll get to Atlanta and start some years at second base, but I don’t see him as a top 5 guy at all. Bottom of the order, Tony Womack type with less stolen bases. So a decent big leaguer who can stick around, but nowhere near the stud I think some project.

Tim (New York): How is Hoskins different from AJ Reed? They seem like similarly hyped prospects but Reed has lost some luster this season.
Kyle Glaser: Different in A.J. Reed put up his big numbers in Lancaster and Fresno. Hoskins benefitted from Reading yes, but what he’s doing in Lehigh Valley is way more legit than anything Reed ever did in the PCL

Evan (Kansas): Highest ceiling how would you rank Martes, Snell, Espinoza, Buehler and Allard?
Kyle Glaser: Espinoza and Snell have the highest ceilings but both have issues (Snell control, Espinoza health) that may hamper them. I would not be surprised if Allard ends up having the best career of all of them, independent of ceiling

Bo (Myrtle beach): Amed Rosario looks great. Let’s not talk about eta since it’s anyone’s guess. Can you speak a little to the power surge we are seeing? Is he really growing into the power? Is he the next Lindor?
Kyle Glaser: I was shocked, in a good way, how much power he showed at Futures Game BP at Petco last year. As in, having never seen him in person before, my eyes were way, way opened. I think there’s very legit power there. I wouldn’t say he’s the next Lindor because Lindor is an absolute freak of nature and athleticism, but Rosario has a chance to be very, very, very good for a long time

Rich (NJ): How surprised are you and others with the weak start of last year’s # 1 pick Mickey Moniak, in particular the lack of power after so much was made in spring training about the amount of muscle he put on over the winter which was supposed to translate into more extra base hits. Thanks
Kyle Glaser: Him adding power was never going to be a one offseason fix. He’s a skinny kid with incredible feel for the barrel. It’s going to be a multi-year thing, adding the mass and making the mechanical changes to get him some power. Don’t expect to see it this year, maybe not even next year, but when he’s 21 in two years…watch out

Daniel (DC): So what is Jose De leon now? Is he a solid #3? It seemed everyone was in love with his performance last year. He stumbles in the bigs, gets traded and now it seems people are much lower on him…? Maybe I’m missing something?
Kyle Glaser: I like Jose De Leon a lot and nothing has changed. He just struggles staying healthy, which has always been his deal. But he’s a really good No. 3. That hasn’t changed from last year or the year before.

Mike (Dallas): Can someone tell me how/why Jason Martin wasn’t an Astro top-30 prospect for 2017?!? He’s proving himself once again, in a tougher hitter’s league. So why doesn’t get get the love?
Kyle Glaser: He’s repeating HiA. Guys who are repeating a level they are age appropriate for are not top 30 prospects. He needs to get up to Double-A and do this, and then we can talk

Satchel (Las Vegas): Kyle, Where do you see Michael Kopech long-term with the Sox, in the pen or starting rotation? If rotation where do you project him mid-rotation? Thanks
Kyle Glaser: That’s the million dollar question with him. I bring him up and see if he can start, but the inability to throw enough strikes probably prevents him from being a true No. 1 or 2.

Tatum (Clearwater, Fla): Hi Kyle, Do you see Ronald Guzman getting a shot in Texas this year? If he makes it, is .260, 20Hr, 60Rbi appropriate or does he have higher potential?
Kyle Glaser: He’ll get a shot but you’re waaayyy high on the ceiling. Guy has never hit more than 16 HR in a season and has a career .413 SLG in the minors. It’s improved year to year, but he’s not going to jump from that to being an everyday above-average power hitter in the major leagues. Think .250, 10-12 HR, which is not what you want from your starting everyday first baseman.

Billy C. (TriTown): Cole Tucker leads the WORLD in SB, also…which hasn’t even been mentioned by you guys at BA! Anyway, is he the impact-type player the Pirates have been longing for at SS since…well, since Honus Wagner?
Kyle Glaser: That’s on me. Should have made note of his 25 SBs in 30 attempts already this year. It’s impressive as heck. He needs to do more than just have six good weeks in A-ball before we crown him an impact franchise SS, but he’s trending in the right direction and there’s a lot to like in his progression.

Cody (Iowa): How does the log jam the Dodgers have in the OF bode for Alex Verdugo? Any thoughts on Kyle Tucker?
Kyle Glaser: It won’t affect him. Their future lineup is Bellinger 1B, Pederson CF, Puig RF and Verdugo LF. He’ll make his way through and be a starter. And Kyle Tucker is a special, special talent. The Astros were wise to say no to including him in any potential trade for Jose Quintana this offseason, even if it was a dealbreaker

Dan (Texas): Can either Joseph or Hoskins play another position? If not, what does Philly do?
Kyle Glaser: Not really. You’re going to have to trade one. Philly has so many holes all over their team, trading one to fill a hole somewhere else would hardly be the worst thing in the world

Danny (VA): Big numbers for Vince Fernandez (Rockies) at Class A. Is he a viable prospect, or will the K’s be too big an issue?
Kyle Glaser: Covered him a bit at my old job when he was at UC Riverside. The power is legit and anytime you have that kind of lefthanded power you’re a legit prospect. At the same time, the swing-and-miss does prevent him from profiling as an everyday guy

Clark (Vancouver): Did Austin Hays get any consideration for the list this week?
Kyle Glaser: Yup. He was probably my first one out. Really nice player the Orioles found. There is something there

Willie (IntheForrest): I’m a big supporter and fan of Forrest Wall, yet he’s been bashed and downgraded b/c of an off year in 2016 in a hitter’s paradise. But, he looked strong prior to his injury this season. Is he back and ready for prospect relevance again? And, what is his current injury status? Thanks!
Kyle Glaser: Wall was a big topic of discussion in our office this offseason. John Manuel who saw him in HS loved him. JJ Cooper who had Wall in the Sally Lg and me who had him in the Cal League struggled to find any pro scouts who had anything good to say about him, present or projection. It’s a small sample size, but he’s hitting .222/237./444 away from Lancaster, which is a huge red flag. No news on his return, we anxiously await.

Calvin (Toronto): I believe Alford just got called up today. How do you think he will do, and what is his ceiling? Thanks
Kyle Glaser: It’s quick for a callup, but I think he has a shot to be a really solid outfielder in the big leagues. He’ll hit, defend, steal some bags, be a good, solid player. That’s the long-term projection. Right now there will be an adjustment period, so be patient

Eric (LA): Is Yanio Perez the real deal, or is his start a product of being a little old for the level? What do you think his ultimate outcome is?
Kyle Glaser: I saw him make a lot of hard contact when he came through Greensboro. Good sign, but yes I would like to see him moved up to Down East before buying in totally

JD (VALPO): Victor Reyes just hits and makes contact and flies under the radar every year. In AA right now he has a ridiculously low K-rate of 11.5%! Can he keep hitting his way to an MLB regular perhaps?
Kyle Glaser: Switch-hitters who can hit like he can and play all three outfield spots get to the big leagues. I don’t know if he’s a first-division starter, but there’s a chance he could get a good amount of PT somewhere out there. Probably not in Arizona though, might have to go somewhere where there is less of a logjam

Satchel (Las Vegas): Kyle, Is command keeping Henry Owens out of the bigs…historically he has a high walk rate, putting together a decent season in Pawtucket. Curious if he can ever get the walks under control.
Kyle Glaser: That’s always been the thing with him, doesn’t throw enough strikes. Even at Patwucket this year it’s 6.9 BB/9. We have six years of performance on him, and it’s always been the same deal. I wouldn’t expect any sudden change. At a certain point, guys are who they are, and this is who is he

Steve (Washington DC): What kind of a prospect is Ryan Mountcastle? Was he in consideration for the updated top 100?
Kyle Glaser: He was not, but if he keeps hitting like this we may need to reevaluate for the midseason Top 100

Jeff (Idaho): Is Devers a candidate for a callup this year? Given his proven ability to rake, Sox willingness in the past of calling the young guys up and the lack of current strength at 3B, do we see him in Boston in 2017?
Kyle Glaser: I think we do. Dave Dombrowski is notorious for skipping guys over Triple-A. Very likely Devers is there in September

Yeardley (NorthSide): Do you think we’ll see Nick Gordon winning AL ROY for the Twinkees in 2018? I do!
Kyle Glaser: Haha trying to predict ROY winners two years out is a fool’s errand, but I get where you’re coming from. He’s a real, legit good player it seems like a lot of people have strangely forgotten about. He’s got a very bright future ahead

Steve (STL): I know he’s young and raw for the level, but if you’re the Cardinals, would you send Magneuris Sierra back down with the way he’s been playing?
Kyle Glaser: Yes, you send him back as soon as everyone is healthy. It’s been a very impressive 7 games….but it’s been 7 games. He’s got more developing to do and the minors is the place to do it

Esteban (SD): Any love for Tatis’ tincap teammate? Hudson Potts had a pretty nice week in his own right.
Kyle Glaser: Yup. I just didn’t feel right putting three Padres on the list (3 guys from any one org, for that matter). But Potts is heating up and people I think understimate just how good of a hitter he can be

Kent (Charlotte): Milwaukee seemed to fleece Boston when they got Mauricio Dubon last summer. He quietly goes about doing his job in every way. Is a position switch imminent b/c of Arcia?
Kyle Glaser: I think Boston overpaid for a middle reliever in that deal, yes. But Dubon is a nice player who is more a quality utility guy than everyday player. He’ll be Arcia’s backup and see some time around the diamond

Jeff (Idaho): Braves veteran starting pitchers aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. Which of their young minor league pitchers will get first crack at a rotation spot? Sims? Newcomb? Allard? Soroka? Or will they go with someone like Blair or Wisler – who also aren’t faring that well in the minors?
Kyle Glaser: Sims and Newcomb should be up some point this year, sooner rather than later if the Braves are being honest with themselves about what they actually have in their ML rotation. Allard and Soroka are young’ns I wouldn’t expect to see them in ATL until 2018, when they’d be 20

brad (NJ): Brandon Rodgers batting .476 with 3HR in last 10 days not enough to make the hot sheet? Come on…..
Kyle Glaser: The Hot Sheet dates eligible were May 12-18. In that time Rodgers hit .385 with one homer. Still had a great week and was worthy, but the guys ahead of him were a little better in that limited time window we’re talking about

Jason L. (Pleasant Hill, CA): I see Jaycub Brugman ranked 18th today. What kind of athlete is he? Can he play Center field on a daily basis? The A’s should could use a future center fielder, that also gets on base.
Kyle Glaser: He’s a solid athlete, not crazy exceptional but plenty good, more of a 4th OF profile but he deserves the shot to show what he can do, and maybe be more.

Joe (NYC): Who is the best prospect no one is talking about?
Kyle Glaser: Trevor Oaks, sinkerballer who pounds the strike zone. He’s going to have a lot better, longer career in the majors than a lot of these high velo guys in LoA everyone gets in a tizzy about.

Ian (Fargo, ND): What’s likelihood of Chris Shaw getting brought up to AAA soon? He’s doing great in Richmond!
Kyle Glaser: I’d expect him to be there by the All-Star break. He’s ready

JJ (Cleveland, OH): Do you see any of these second generation studs (Bichette, Guerrero, Tatis) replicating or topping their father’s big league careers?
Kyle Glaser: Oooo fun question. Vladimir Guerrero is one of the best players of his generation and I’m not comfortable projecting anyone to top that, same bloodline or not. Dante Bichette was a much better player than people remember, even taking Coors into account. I might have to go Tatis, just because I think his kid definitely has a shot to do what his father did (.265/.344/.442) and do it while playing SS.

Aristides Aquino (Not on the hot sheet): I thought I had a pretty good week…
Kyle Glaser: You did and were right there. It’s tough only having 20 guys. You were worthy. Just ran out of space

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): Any change in the perception of Lauer’s ceiling? For his minor league career it’s 1.94 ERA, 10.91 K’s and 1.12 whip?
Kyle Glaser: Some. Before the year I was getting fringe No. 4, probable No. 5 from scouts who saw him after he signed, but they acknowledged it was after he pitched a long college season and was tired. If this is who he is, you’re looking at a quality No. 3

@Jaypers413 (IL): I’d like to get your thoughts on Cody Reed’s week (the AZ one). Do you think he’s ready for another attempt in the Cali League? Was he considered for your list? (I know Top 30 guys get the nod, but still.)
Kyle Glaser: Yes, he should get put back in the Cal League. He already mastered Kane County before, it’s time to see what he can do in round 2 in Visalia

Edwin Rios (Texas): Have I done enough this year to warrant a better prospect ranking? Left out of my own orgs top 30 after belting 28 homers last year. What else do I need to do?
Kyle Glaser: I think you have. The scouts who saw you in the Cal League were skeptical because they weren’t sure how your swing and power would play against better pitching, and that was justified with an uninspiring Double-A line after last year’s promotion. Clearly, the adjustment has been made and a Top 30 ranking is deserved

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): Your latest mock draft has the Padres taking Hunter Greene, do you see the Padres keeping him exclusively as a pitcher, or experiment with him at SS on his days off?
Kyle Glaser: He’s going to be a pitcher exclusively in pro ball. You don’t mess around with potential No. 1 starters

Jon (Sacramento): What else does Andrew Pullin need to do?
Kyle Glaser: Not much. The guy just hits and hits and hits. Honestly should get moved up to Lehigh soon

Colton Welker (Colorado): Is it looking like a might have a plus bat with more power projection coming down the road?
Kyle Glaser: It’s always wise to be wary of offensive numbers in Grand Junction and Asheville, but above-average bat and power are definitely in the cards

Ilya (New York): How was Fowler/Frazier’s performances for you recently? Also is Fowler/Andujar close to cracking the top 100 in you opinion?
Kyle Glaser: Both have been excellent in May. Love what both of them are doing. Fowler has a chance to crack the back end, Andujar is nowhere close. Some holes in his swing path got exposes in the Fall League and they’re being exploited at Double-A. I wouldn’t count on him

Larry (Long Island, New York): Do you think prospects shouldn’t be brought up to a slumping team? I’m asking because I wonder if the reason Rosario and Smith aren’t up is it would be too much pressure on them
Kyle Glaser: No, it’s better to bring them up on a slumping team. Less pressure, don’t have to worry about wins and losses, just let them come up and learn and do their thing. It’s still relatively early. I think if and when the Mets truly fall out of it in June or July is when you’ll see them up (barring injury, of course)

Keith (Nashville): Thanks for chatting. Raul Mondesi has really hit well and showed great skills in the minors over the past two seasons (smallish sample, of course), but has floundered in the bigs. He’s still only about as old as Amed Rosario. If he was still minor league eligible, would scouts still be talking about him as an elite talent?
Kyle Glaser: Yeah, he was a Top 100 prospect even when he wasn’t hitting in the minors, so now that he is you’d imagine he’d still be there. But the Royals rushed him for no reason. It was downright foolish. He needs actual time and seasoning in Triple-A, preferably the full season, and then see what he can do in 2018

Handrich (Wauwatosa, WI): Brett Phillips seems to have overcome a disappointing 2016 with quality numbers at a higher level. Has he regained his status within the Brewers organization?
Kyle Glaser: It’s interesting. Always be wary of Colorado Springs numbers, but I had a pro scouting director the other day tell me he values Phillips as a Top 100 prospect (toward the back). So clearly he is showing some of the same skills that made him attractive in the first place, there is still the potential for a good future there

John (Wilmington NC): Do you think Triston McKenzie will be at Lynchburg all year given his age?
Kyle Glaser: It’s going to depend how strong he looks around the All-Star Break. Durability is the big thing with him, so if he’s still going strong at the end of June I think they move him up. If he’s visibly wearing down, they keep him down. Very much going to be a play it by ear thing.

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): Any news on Luis Robert it seems that most of the talk comes from the White Sox, Cardinals & Padres?
Kyle Glaser: Ben Badler gave an update here

Rich (NJ): Due to both injury and performance (MAJOR contact issues) Courtney Hawkins has thus far been a bust for the White Sox. Do you see any hope for him, assuming he can stay on the field? Thanks
Kyle Glaser: No. He’s a minor leaguer. That was clear to scouts as soon as they saw him in 2013. It was apparent pretty quickly the White Sox messed up

Dan (Texas): Luis Urias vs Rosario. Who has the better OPS in the show?
Kyle Glaser: Rosario because he’s going to have a huge slugging edge. Think .310 with a .360 OBP for both, but Rosario slugs .450-.460 and Urias is more .410

Sarah (Springfield, Mo.): Hi, KG. I know he isn’t in his team’s top 30 (but I also realize that doesn’t *necessarily* preclude his appearing on the Hot Sheet), but did Andrew Knizner receive consideration this week? The catcher slugged .917 including three homers, while striking out just once. In fact, he’s striking out less than 8% of the time on the year, while slugging over .550 — don’t see that every day. Thanks for your time!
Kyle Glaser: Hey Sarah, interesting you mention Knizner. His numbers definitely caught my eye. He’s still learning to catch as a converted third baseman, and he had really good offensive performance in college before and then dropped off a cliff. I think based off his time at NC State there is going to be some skepticism until he shows he can this over more than a 30-game sample size in LoA, but he is definitely worthy of keeping an eye on

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): What is the status of Joey Lucchesi as a prospect, he has put up numbers since he has arrived to the minors?
Kyle Glaser: He’s a big-time sleeper in the Padres system. Scouts raved about him when I got their reports last year, and now that he’s doing it at a more age appropriate level more people are buying in. He’s rising, big time

Colin (DC): Not on the Hot Sheet, but where does Willie Calhoun factor into LAD’s future plans?
Kyle Glaser: As a trade candidate to an American League team that can DH him

Rich (NJ): Nicky Delmonico had a very strong spring training for the white Sox and started out well this year. Do you see him being a future major league regular and if so what kind of numbers do you feel he will put up? Thanks,
Kyle Glaser: No. He’s not a regular. Infield corner bat off the bench perhaps. But you won’t find a pro evaluator out there who thinks he’s a regular in the bigs

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): Has Josh Naylor rehabilitated his status as a prospect, or is repeating a year taken sheen off the prospect label?
Kyle Glaser: We had him as the No. 10 prospect in one of baseball’s best systems. There was nothing to rehabilitate. He was a good prospect entering the year and remains one

Ben (Washington DC): Looks like JP Crawford is starting to hit, just a little. Are your concerns starting to ease up, or is it still panic time for his future?
Kyle Glaser: His ceiling hasn’t changed. He’s still a bottom of the order, light-hitting good OBP defensively gifted shortstop. Thats who he was at Lakewood HS and who he’s always been except when he showed a little power in A-ball and everyone freaked out. He’s just more likely to reach that modest but still valuable ceiling if he keeps his improvement moving forward. But don’t go crazy and expect the moon on him

Jimmy (Worcester): In a 30 team fantasy league, would you trade Nick Senzel for Mitch White, Dakota Hudson, and Ryan Castellani? I have Bregman at 3rd for the next 5 years (rules mimic MLB arbitration system), so I’m debating moving Senzel while his value is probably at the highest it will ever be
Kyle Glaser: Yes. I make that trade knowing you have Bregman at 3B

Slim Jim (Indiana): Where does Jorge Mateo fit in for Yanks with Castro, Gregorius and likely Torres next season?
Kyle Glaser: He doesn’t. He’s been passed over by a lot of guys who are better than him. The best thing the Yankees can hope for is Mateo stays hot to rebuild his value and they can put him in a package for a starting pitcher

Alex (CT): With Duda do for a new contract, what can we expect from Dom Smith at the ML level? He consistently hits 300+ and has seen increase in slugging every year.
Kyle Glaser: You’re probably looking at a sold .290, 12-14 HR type of guy with really good glovework. Not a superstar but he’ll get on base and give you value on both sides of the ball. A fine player all around

Rich (NJ): Do you think the Yankees would consider trading Clint Frazier or will he be a key piece for the future? Thanks,
Kyle Glaser: Only if starter on par with a Chris Sale is made available. You’re not going to trade a key piece of your future, especially with Gardner’s contract up after 2018 (he has a buyout for 19), unless it’s for a true, frontline stud

Jim (NY): after very slow starts both Austin Meadows and JP Crawford seem to be picking it up- although Crawford only for about a week or so (although his plate discipline remained solid all year)- have you heard anything about either that gives you concern or extra optimism going forward ?
Kyle Glaser: We can talk about what we hear as much as we want. The point is this a game of production, and you either produce or you don’t, period. That’s what it will be for both of them. Nothing more, nothing less

Sergio Q (Tijuana, Mexico): What is a value appropriate trade for Profar with the Padres look like?
Kyle Glaser: I would not give up anything of value for Profar. He has shown zero ability to make impact contact. You get the same production and value as you do signing Erick Aybar to a minor league deal. If the Rangers want to take a low-level arm or mid-level OF, sure, why not. But Profar is not worth anything in that system’s top 30 prospects. What you do in the majors is what matters, not what you did in the Sally Lg five years ago, and Profar frankly has been one of the majors worst players every time he’s been up over almost 200 games now. He’s a bad player who can’t hit, period.

Max (Cleveland, Ohio): What is going on with RP Jimenez from Detroit, should we give up on him?
Kyle Glaser: Command has always been sketchy with him. That’s why Josh Norris left him off the Tigers Top 10 prospect list. Don’t give up, but understand that velocity without command doesn’t mean squat in the big leagues. Don’t get excited when you hear he throws 100. Get excited when you hear he spotted it on the outside corner at the knees, whether thats at 93 or 96 or 100.

Irod (New mexico): Hi do you see either Sean Newcomb of the Braves or Jake Thompson of the Phillies taking a rotation spot by the or right after the trade deadline ? Thompson started slow, but has been very good in his last 4 starts
Kyle Glaser: I think Newcomb has the better chance because the Braves have even more holes in their rotation than the Phillies (who are struggling but are at least some young guys with some promise). But Im sure we’ll see Thompson back up at some point

Rich (NJ): Did the Phillies overreach for Cornelius Randolph as a # 1 pick – he is really struggling thus far in HiA; and thanks for answering my questions !!
Kyle Glaser: HS athleticism without hitting polish or skill. It’s a dangerous mix teams fall for way to often. Randolph is just the latest in a long line (Anthony Hewitt, anyone?). He checks all the boxes of a busted first rounder. If he rebounds great, but don’t expect anything until he does

Steve (Denver): Haven’t heard much about Jose Almonte before him making this hot sheet. What is his potential and is his prospect status rising?
Kyle Glaser: He probably ends up a power-armed reliever because his control is inconsistent, but there are some things there to like. He’ll likely climb in the Dbacks system rankings up from No. 18 preseason

Dan (NY): Nick Senzel vs. Rafael Devers, who do we see in big leagues first? who has the higher ceiling?
Kyle Glaser: Devers and Devers

Kyle Glaser: All right folks. That will do it for me. Thanks so much for chatting and have a great weekend

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