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Prep Pitching Risers & The Difficulty Of Lining Up The Top Of The MLB Draft Class

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Image credit: Ryan Waldschmidt (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Carlos and Peter hop on the draft podcast to talk about impact performers in the first few days of conference tournament action and also discuss the most recent news about ECU righthander Trey Yesavage’s health situation.

After that, the two talk through a trio of prep pitchers who have stormed up draft boards this spring and debate those profiles vs. some of the college pitchers who could go off the board in a similar range.

Next, the two talk about the flaws of the prospects in the middle of the first round and beyond and then pick out a few players who could go in the 10-25 range they feel most confident in—if they feel confident about any.

The show closes with a discussion about how challenging it has been to line up the top college players in the class beyond Charlie Condon and Travis Bazzana. Seemingly every scout we talk to has a different order for lining up Chase Burns, Hagen Smith, Braden Montgomery, Nick Kurtz, JJ Wetherholt and Jac Caglianone. How do Carlos and Peter line them up? Depends on the day.

Time Stamps

(2:20) Ryan Waldschmidt
(3:30) Gage Jump
(5:20) Luke Holman
(7:50) Trey Yesavage health situation
(14:00) Three prep pitchers storming up boards
(22:00) College arms vs. high school arms at the back of the first
(27:00) Everyone in the back of the first has flaws
(30:30) Profiles we’re most convicted on in the 10-20 range
(35:30) How difficult lining up players 3-8 on the board is

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