Old Hickory And PROXR Launch XR High-Performance Baseball Bats

SAINT LOUIS, MO (March 6, 2019) – Old Hickory Bat Company and ProXR, LLC announced today the launch of the XR line of premium high-performance baseball bats. The new innovative product combines Old Hickory’s premium baseball bat craftsmanship with ProXR’s pioneering sports grip technology that results in greatly enhanced hitting potential.

“The knob on the Old Hickory XR line of bats is designed to improve a batter’s grip while reducing resistance in the batter’s hands,” said Grady Phelan, founder and designer of ProXR. “It’s ergonomically designed to transfer more power and precision to the bat, which results in increased bat speed and performance at the plate.”

“We’re vigilant about watching new bat designs and innovations that make their way around baseball,” said Chad Lamberth, cofounder of Old Hickory. “The feedback from players is clear: they want a bat that gives them the best performance. We chose ProXR because it delivers tangible, tactile improvements in how the player grips the bat, which results in real, verifiable performance gains.”

Hanley Ramirez demonstrated this improved performance on April 11, 2018, using the Old Hickory XR bat to set the record for the hardest ball ever hit by a Red Sox player at Fenway Park–117.5 MPH exit velocity, as reported by MLB Statcast – https://twitter.com/statcast/status/984216318219079682

ABOUT ProXR, LLC – www.proxr.com

ProXR, LLC is a St. Louis-based grip technology company specializing in improving athletic performance through ergonomic innovation. ProXR’s knob works with the batter’s hands to increase plate coverage, protection, precision and power. Its patented ProXR ergonomic knob design is in The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, as the first angled knob bat ever used in regular season MLB games. ProXR also markets the TORCH hockey knob for hockey sticks.

ABOUT OLD HICKORY BAT COMPANY – https://oldhickorybats.com/pages/pro-xr-angled-knob-technology

Established in 1999, Old Hickory Bat Company has become one of the top baseball bat manufacturers in the world. Old Hickory Bat Company is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this season. After starting in a one-car garage with a handful of dedicated local ball players, Old Hickory has grown to over 16,500 square feet of manufacturing and showroom space. Many of the best hitters in baseball swing Old Hickory Bats, including Paul Goldschmidt, JD Martinez, Mike Trout, Juan Soto, Matt Adams, Nolan Arenado and many more. Old Hickory’s team consists of extensive experience within both the wood bat manufacturing business
and on the professional playing field. Old Hickory’s combined knowledge and playing experience gives it the ability to produce the finest custom maple, birch and ash baseball bats in the game.

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